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Transforming The Sports Infrastructure With Innovation

The sports industry is expanding at a brisk pace in India and throughout the world, and in this transformation, the sports infrastructure plays a crucial role in achieving excellence in the global arena of sports. Along with creating exceptional sports personalities with international competence, an efficient infrastructure in sports also encourages young minds to bloom in the realm. The sports industry in India is gradually booming, and the pace of growth can be accelerated by efficiently investing in sports infrastructure. There are varied business organizations and corporations throughout the country providing sports infrastructure to the best of their abilities but, Maverick Corporation is a well-established name in the respective realm.

Maverick Corporation is a leading name in the arena of construction and execution of sports infrastructure in India by providing expertized and innovative products since 2010. It is one of the most popular and exemplary companies in the market which efficiently deals in every sports arena, including Cricket, Football, Badminton, Golf, and every possible name one can think of. The company has completed more than 10,000 projects in providing artificial landscapes for both residential and commercial sectors and has made itself a unique brand in the realm.

The technology-driven approach of the company has relentlessly helped it in manufacturing innovative and specialized tools and machines for the maintenance of landscapes, which the company exports in the US market. In addition, it engaged in manufacturing sports floorings for outdoor applications and creating portable cricket pitches, which are exceptional in India.

Maverick Corporation has the perception to not fear cut-throat competition but overcome it with excellent performance. Under the leadership of Mr. Sandeep Lengade, Business Head, the company is differentiating itself from competitors by relentlessly providing high-end sports infrastructure products and tremendous maintenance services to its clientele. It has kept itself firm and flourished in the extremely competitive market by emphasizing manufacturing the products instead of importing from others which is the major factor of its success in the arena.

Henry Ford has quoted, “The competitor to be feared is one who never bothers about you at all but goes on making his own business better all the time.”

Also, it is striving best to create highly efficient and innovative products in the field of sports infrastructure and training by addressing the major issues of the sports market and tries to develop the existing set of products with innovative ideas to serve the arena more efficiently and effectively.

Maverick has its paramount focus on acquiring great quality raw materials and inputs to manufacture the products with an efficiently skilled workforce to execute the process in the best possible manner.

All these factors combine to help the company in climbing the ladder of success at a brisk pace and in sustaining its brand value in the market along with keeping itself stand away from the crowd.

The fundamental formula of excelling in a particular market is to focus on product improvement rather than striving for aggressive sales techniques. Maverick Corporation has memorized this success mantra and is relentlessly working on providing the best possible products and services throughout the sports infra market with its expertized machines and tremendous products.

Among the varied efficient products offered by the company, the turf brushing machines for artificial grass is a one-stop solution for all the issues related to the same. The machine is entirely operated through electricity and has numerous key features, including its portable body, long durability, and high efficiency. Also, it has a single phase with a 1 HP motor, which can deliver the best service even without any maintenance cost.

The company manufactures Interlocking Sports floorings which are tested by global laboratories for quality and performance. In addition, the company also manufactures floorings for residential and commercial use.

Maverick Corporation has its major focus on the sports industry as it has completed numerous projects in the respective arena. A few of its exclusive products in the realm are:

  • Portable Cricket pitch: A unique product developed by Maverick which is roll in and roll out Cricket pitch useful for Professional Cricketers to improve their batting skills. The Pitch can be laid on any flat surface and played with excellent bounce, swing and spin properties. Moreover, it can be placed on just a flat mud surface and used without any need for concrete surface.
  • Interlocking Basketball courts: Specialized Basketball court, manufactured by Maverick for Outdoor and indoor applications are made of high-quality interlocking modular tiles, which offers excellent performance, anti-skid effect and very good aesthetics. Moreover, they are portable and 100% recyclable.
  • Modular Tennis court: Maverick Modular Tennis Court is a Certified Tennis Court by International Tennis Federation (ITF) and the Court is Classified as Fast Court Category 5. Maverick Tennis Court offers good bounce and speed, ideal for professional and beginner Tennis Players, along with anti-skid properties. Maverick Tennis Court is gentle on the players back, knees and joints and can also help players play for longer hours.

Maverick Corporation proves itself a one-stop solution for all problems related to sports infrastructure by its dedication and passion for the job.

Maverick has consistently been a fortune in earning the best of the clientele in the sports infra market with its extraordinary performance. It is transmitting its expertise and knowledge with a varied number of clients, including schools, builders, sports academies, etc., by majorly dealing in pre-integrated projects in sports infrastructure. It has numerous well-established organizations in its clientele, including the Indian Navy, Indian Air Force, Reliance Industries, Sports Authority of India and Star Sports, along with other giants in the market.

The company, with its tremendous products and efficient workforce, has diversified its product niche to create a new client segment apart from the existing ones to explore the arena in a more diversified manner. Also, it has a dedicated team in the organization to address the immediate requirements of the clientele, be it domestic or overseas, which keeps it stands in the market like a sore thumb.

In addition, the company takes care of customers’ feedback on the completion of the installation or delivery of the product to ensure a satisfactory clientele as it has the belief to accept the negative and unsatisfied feedbacks happily and work on the areas of improvement to acquire the best possible results.

“Customer’s good feedback motivates us, while the unsatisfied ones give a scope for improvement as we are constantly striving for 100% customer satisfaction,” Mr. Sandeep affirms

With its office and production units based in Bangalore, the company exports its high quality and long durable products in varied countries, including United States of America, Thailand, Australia, Sri Lanka, and UAE, along with other Asian countries. Despite being a multinational corporation and a leading name in the sports arena, Maverick is continuously working on gaining more experience and brand value in the market.

“Strength does not come from what you can do, but it comes from overcoming the things you once thought you could not.” Challenges more often improve and encourage an individual and an organization as a whole to make itself more competitive in the respective market. Maverick Corporation has always taken the challenges and hardships as an opportunity for improvement. There has been a tremendous change in the artificial grass industry in the past decade as from the dominance of the European manufacturers, the market has completely shifted to Chinese manufactures globally.

And the main reason for this scenario is the low price from the Chinese industry as clients across the globe change their preferences from quality to price during the selection of a particular set of products and services. The manufacturers, especially in India, are unable to cope up with the price competition with the Chinese market, and the major reason for this is the non-availability of raw materials in the domestic market.

Moreover, the clientele is shifting from artificial grass to other emerging products such as modular tiles, which are becoming popular in all sports infrastructure recently, and making the competition more complex for the manufacturers in the sports arena.

Another major challenge is the tremendous growth of demand for the maintenance equipment to complete sports infra projects as the investment is large on each project, and maintenance of the sports surface is of utmost crucial for better performance and longer durability.

Maverick Corporation is one of the only and foremost companies in India to overcome this challenge by catering to this demand of the sports industry in the country as well as overseas market. The company faces many challenges in its operations on daily basis to meet the expectations of clientele and ensuring their satisfaction, including delivering high-quality products at the customer’s budget. And the company always tries to provide the best possible products at the most efficient price to keep its clients satisfied and engaged.

The team of the company has a firm perception that the Indian sports manufacturing business will reach the peak of success shortly and will exceed the international market as well. “In the sports equipment and the plastic flooring segment, Indian manufacturers will emerge and compete globally, and we expect this segment to grow tremendously,” Mr. Sandeep adds further.

The success and accomplishments of a particular company can be observed by its client base and by its brand value in the market. Maverick Corporation is leading the sports infra industry with its exceptional product line and with the tremendous workforce that has helped it in attaining numerous accolades and status symbols. The company has completed the project of the Indian Navy to construct, supply, and install multi-sports ground in the housing society, which includes an integrated sports complex.

Also, it has been awarded a project from Ashwini Sports Foundation through a global tender, and the project was inaugurated by the Union Sports Minister, Mr. Vijay Goel. The company has overcome the majority of obstacles on its way and is climbing the ladder of success at a brisk pace and making itself one of the best sports infra companies in India, along with globally. It has the vision to be the most preferred manufacturer in the sports infra industry throughout India with a mission to expand its brand globally with tremendous and innovative products and services.

It has completed numerous exemplary landmark projects during its journey, including Synthetic Athletic Track at Nehru Stadium Shimoga along with Ponnampete Hockey Stadium and others. Maverick Corporation also intends to build high-quality training machines for all sports players to compete in the international market, and it is developing its existing products, which will help in creating new opportunities in the industry of flooring as well sports training.

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