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Amidst the chaos of our day-to-day regime, we literally have forgotten the true meaning of our existence on this planet. Running after materialistic gains, swirling in the cycles of complaints and blame games, we end up creating suffering for ourselves and others. Consequently, this creates a negative impact on humans’ physical functioning and mental health. Thereby, affecting performance on the professional front and deteriorating their personal lives. Mind Matrix Wellness Studio is extensively working towards Personal Development and Creating Awareness through a multitude of transformational techniques.

The Mind Matrix Wellness Studio focuses on providing training, certification and licensing in the area of personal development through aptitude testing, certified NLP Training and Holistic Wellness. Aptitude testing encompasses the entire gamut of services such as measuring biometric aptitude testing, psychometric aptitude test, and counseling sessions.

The NLP training programs conducted by Mind Matrix Wellness Studio are accredited by the International Coach & Trainer Association (ICTA), which has its presence in Russia, Europe and now Asia as well. Their professional NLP Training programs are based on the Coach-Approach using NLP techniques to bring transformation. This integrated approach facilitates the clients to walk through their inner processes which are pragmatic, experiential, and aligned with personal and professional aspects.

They also certify participants as NLP Coach Practitioners supervised by the International NLP Master Trainer: Jack Makani with 30 years of experience in the NLP world. Their Holistic Wellness programs focus on Access Bar Practitioner Training and Akasha Holistic Mind-Body Wellness Retreats.

Also a ‘Train the Trainer’ institute, Mind Matrix Wellness Studio provides various NLP Training programs starting with the Certified NLP Coach Practitioner Training followed by NLP Coaching Master Practitioner with eight weeks of Externship in Coaching, a 3-day TimeLine Transformational Workshop for Wellness Professionals and 500 hours of NLP Coaching experience, which is the prerequisite to attend the ICTA Professional NLP Trainers Training.

After 5 years of Training and Coaching experience, you can get certified as an NLP Master Trainer and start your own institute affiliated to ICTA. Apart from these certification courses, Mind Matrix Wellness Studio also offers personalized NLP Programs for Educational Institutes and the Corporate Sector.

They have recently designed a unique NLP module on Coach Approach to Positive Parenting Workshop emphasizing Parents as NLP Coach Practitioners to work towards the Holistic Development of children and for spectacular family relationships. The unique benefits are defined by an inside-out approach of self-awareness to peak performance and productivity. These benefits add immense value to the lives of humans.


Catering to clients from all walks of life – from students setting goals to those seeking more clarity with respect to career choices, Mind Matrix Wellness Studio covers a variety of domains. In a nutshell, they are empowering people to cope with their challenges and come out stronger.

They have been creating ongoing learning platforms for Trainers, Coaches, HR Professionals and people in Helping Professions. They believe in building compassionate leadership amongst corporate professionals so as to foster effective communication for team leaders and develop behavioral skills for Marketing and Sales Executives, Entrepreneurs, and Consultants.

They also ensure a ten times growth for Business Heads, in addition to ensuring holistic well-being and work-life balance for management professionals. They have been connecting and building relationships and rapport with lawyers, doctors, performing artists. They also help couples to communicate in more meaningful ways, and parents for positive parenting based on the Coach Approach.

Maintaining the confidentiality of clients who join to deal with their internal challenges, and of course, for personal development and professional excellence, the organization is creating a bountiful influence. The potential clientele includes cardiologists and orthopedic surgeons, HR professionals, and Learning and Development Directors from multi-national companies, leading management institutes, and personnel from the Armed forces.


The team at Mind Matrix Wellness Studio consists of Master Coaches, which is an extended arm to their ideologies and beliefs. They personify their core values and play an indispensable role in the growth story from one city to today, catering to five cities and on their way to reach 20 cities across India (by the end of this financial year), before they foray in the South-East Asian countries.

Mind Matrix Wellness Studio has grown from strength to strength and is supported by Internationally Certified Trainers and Coaches from Europe and Russia and a strong team of ICTA Certified NLP Trainers and Master Coaches in India. All of them together bring to the table their own unique skills and with them comes a more remarkable alignment of life experiences to which their techniques have been applied.

A clear vision and values drive the culture at Mind Matrix and they have evolved over a period of time in the NLP field with a collective experience of over 100+ years of training professionals to function at peak performance.


Mind Matrix Wellness Studio has recently been recognized as the ’Top 10 Best NLP Consultants and Training Institutes in 2019’ by CEO Insights. Founder and Chairperson, Kusum Vig has been the recipient of Good Karma Award by Speaking Tree (Times Internet Limited) at New Delhi in 2017, Life Coaching Award by All Ladies League and Women Economic Forum in May 2016, and the Iconic Woman Award by Bhoomika Eastern on International Women’s Day.

She has also been involved in the launch of a forum for Women Wellness Entrepreneurs to strengthen women to be emotionally resilient and economically independent. She continues to work tirelessly towards the vision of creating holistic minds and cosmic citizens.


Presently, they are in the process of expansion which has been possible with the help of their Chapter Directors in various cities like Hyderabad, Pune, Chandigarh, Delhi, Bangalore, and Kochi. The Chapters are organizing awareness campaigns in their respective cities and their Onboard Trainers and Coaches travel to conduct seminars and training. They are looking forward to inducting 20 Chapters in this financial year, which gradually makes their presence potent in every city before they launch themselves in the South-East Asian countries.

They foresee a huge potential in techniques where one can discover the best version of himself or herself when it matters the most. As the world becomes digital, so has the medium for consumption of information. Their move to online programs, webinars, and automated feedback mechanisms as well as approaching an app-based ‘small bytes of information’ to bring about positive self-change approaches, are all either implemented or the work is already in progress. They seek to provide useful insights to their clients on how to be in control of situations rather than letting the situation take control over them.


Mind Matrix Wellness Studio has grown from strength to strength. Kusum Gandhi Vig leads the team from the front as the Founder and CEO and is supported by Sulogna Gupta who leads the Operations team. Kusum Vig is involved as a Counseling Psychologist and an NLP Trainer, and her core expertise lies in Aptitude Testing and Personality Assessment integrated with NLP Coaching for Holistic Transformation.

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