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Healthcare Industry in India continues to be on a high growth trajectory. The industry is projected to grow to $372 Billion by 2022, fuelled by rising income levels, increasing lifestyle diseases, greater health awareness, improving access to healthcare services and insurance and government policies promoting healthcare for all. The sector is expected to generate 40 million jobs in India by 2030. The government’s expenditure on the health sector has grown to 1.4 % in FY18 from 1.2 % in FY14 and is further planned to reach 2.5 % of the country’s GDP by 2025.

Pharmaceutical Industry has been a main pillar supporting growth of the healthcare industry in India while also servicing global demand. The pharmaceutical sector in India was valued at US$ 33 billion in 2017. India’s domestic pharmaceutical market turnover reached $18.12 billion in 2018, growing 9.4% year-onyear. In addition to fulfilling the domestic market demand at affordable prices, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is also one of the largest suppliers of generic drugs globally, exporting to more than 200 countries.

India contributes the second-largest share of pharmaceutical and biotech workforce in the world. The pharmaceutical industry has thus played a key role in lowering the disease burden in India and enabling better health outcomes across the world through its affordable and high-quality generics drugs. This has been made possible through the entrepreneurial spirit, high-quality talent base for the research-based industry, cost-optimized operations and above all a service mindset to contribute to the noble cause of alleviating human suffering.


Alniche Life Sciences, headquartered in Delhi, is a young, dynamic Pharmaceutical company that provides specialized, high quality, effective, affordable and value-for-money medicines and wellness products in India.

Alniche’s path of success commenced a decade ago, when Mr. Girish Arora, the Founder & Managing Director with his three decades of rich experience in the healthcare industry realized a therapy gap for a Nephrology focused organization which could cover all Nephrologists across India.

With deep knowledge of the disease area and complete devotion towards his goal, Girish invested all his reserves and years of experience to lay the foundation stone of Alniche Life Sciences. The support of medical fraternity on the quality and marketing acumen of Alniche encouraged the organization to follow a steady growth path. Within one decade of its operations, Alniche gained a respectable position in Indian Pharma Market.

Today, Alniche has 700+ employees with 1500+ distribution points both for prescription and OTx brands, covering 70,000 doctors and 30,000 hospitals. This worked-out primarily because of the Alniche team’s dedication and putting back all earnings and profit back into the organization for introducing new therapy areas and field expansion.


With a strong product portfolio, both domestic manufactured and licensed from global pharma, Alniche fulfills the unmet needs of patients in the areas of nephrology, critical care, gastroenterology, dermatology, advanced wound care, and neuropsychiatry.
Alniche has emerged as a fierce competitor in the Nephrology and Critical Care segment and is continuing the success story in newly expanded therapy segments. The company is ranked among the top three in Nephrology and top ten in Critical care, pioneering in bringing novel molecules/formulations in Renal Care & Critical care.

Quality is of paramount importance for Alniche, hence all the manufacturers are certified with ISO, WHO-GMP, and c-GMP certifications. Each product undergoes stringent testing during the manufacturing process, leaving no room for quality grievance. Alniche has its own Medical and Pharmacovigilance department that is engaged in PMS and coordination with manufacturers to ensure quality compliance.

For a Life Sciences organization, R&D is a fundamental aspect. 10% of its profits is spent on new formulation development & R&D initiatives. Their key objective is to develop effective formulations for patients, thus contributing towards the creation of a healthier India and a healthier world.


Like every new venture, there was a fair share of ups and downs along the way and quite many learning experiences, success was ensured on the back of strong fundamentals, clear vision, patient-centric approach, hand-picked portfolio, and above all a dedicated team. A young team of board of Directors (Ms. Ritu Hasija, Mr. Sumit Arora, Ms. Mehak Arora, and Mr. Karan Arora) has been the pillar of strength who has been successfully chairing their independent responsibilities for the collective achievement of organizational goal. Rich professional experience of Mr. Girish Arora guides members of the board to steer the organization to the next level of growth.


Alniche is achieving success milestones because of its strong and proficient senior leadership team. This expert team comprises of cohesive and capable professionals with an exceptional combination of talent, skills, knowledge, and business acumen. The board is well supported by a strong and proficient BU Heads – Mr. Jayan C.P., Mr. Mumtaz Siddique, Mr. Praveen Gautam, Mr. Pravin Naik, and Mr. Bishwa Sahoo. This team is backed up by Mr. Anil Verma, Mr. Puneet Kapoor, Mr Sunil Mehra and Mr. Vijay Chauhan in Head office. These astute professionals have remained with the organization in all thick and thin, their loyalty and dedication being the driving force for Alniche’s sales and marketing teams.


Innovative formulations are one of the major success factors for Alniche Life Science as they aim to cover the entire spectrum of therapy from preventive, curative, & maintenance aspects. In the words of Mr. Girish Arora, “Our value systems inspire our teams to deliver Best in all activities keeping “Customer First” as their motto while our vision is to bring products across various therapies and being the preferred partner of the global life science organizations.”

Following this philosophy, Girish and his business development team keep on looking for new avenues of growth and opportunities to collaborate with global pharma companies. Strengthening Product Portfolio is one of the key strategies that sails an organization ahead of its competitors. The prime focus is to enrich each therapy area with unique products that have a scientific backup and can augment the philosophy of end-to-end treatment.

Some examples where Alniche is a pioneer in launching such novel products include Ketoalfa sachet- aimed at improving patient compliance, Auxisoda and Auxisoda DS – enteric-coated tablets, Entasafe – Prevents PPI induced gastritis & Diarrhoea, Ultrawyte MD – Mouth dissolving oral glutathione, Wetfast Lozenges and Glutaup MD tablets. For chronic kidney disease, Alniche has introduced medicines for all the five stages, from pre-dialysis to post-transplant stage.

Ms. Ritu Hasija (Director – Corporate Affairs) shared marketing Philosophy of the company “Implementing Right marketing strategy for Right set of portfolios with Right target audience is the focus for Alniche. A well-designed scientific marketing strategy to repetitively engage with the doctors keeps the company ahead of competitors.

This involves various programs like organizing CMEs, Symposia, Web hosting, Teleconsultations, Disease info & management, Advocacy development, Newsrooms, Latest in Therapeutic regimen- Book Release, Practice support & decision enhancement tools & few others. Each therapy is promoted by different team thus bringing required Positioning Focus with minimal overlap”

“Our distribution networks are operational across India,” informs Mr. Sumit Arora, Director, Logistics and Sales. He briefly shared credentials of Alniche that are instrumental in the company achieving success and beating the competition:

  • Top 20 brands contribute 65% of sales
  • Pioneers in launching molecules/formulations in nephrology
  • Complete range for all stages of renal care
  • Largest range of antibiotics for critical care
  • Good reputation with Key Opinion Leaders
  • New therapy verticals – Advance wound care and Neuropsychiatry
  • Total commitment to customer satisfaction


Alniche has recently launched ready-to-use high protein oral supplements, Complipro and Ezepro for patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) and critically ill patients. Complipro and Ezepro are ready-to-drink patented protein formula, which is available in 150 ml in “Can” packaging, priced at Rs 195. Currently, in India, no ready-to-drink protein formula is available at such an economical price range targeted to deliver the right quantity of slow assimilating protein.

These products have been developed by Alniche in collaboration with Delhi Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research University (DPSRU) and exemplify one of the first successful products from industry-academia collaboration in India setting a trend for the Industry. The launch of these unique products was made more special by the presence of Shri Anil Baijal Honourable, Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, Government of N.C.T. at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi.

Complipro/Ezepro are being manufactured in a specially designed nutraceutical facility which is equipped to handle the manufacturing of milk-based supplement. Alniche has invested to set up the facility with state-of-the-art equipment specially designed for manufacturing, pasteurization and sterile packaging.

Alniche and DPSRU collaboration is engaged in developing another product in the critical care segment and planning to commercialize before end of next year. Additionally, to reward the young talent, Alniche has instituted lifetime awards “Vijayin” and “Jwalant” in DPSRU. These awards are given to research scholars who would come up with innovative products/ dosage forms, addressing therapy gaps and ideas on new start-ups.

These initiatives are not only a way to interact with academicians but also a way to encourage larger participation by young researchers. This is their humble contribution in creating a nurturing environment where the industry and academia can work together. “This initiative will put our organization in a different league and in-line with “Make in India” concept of Government of India’s initiative” shares Ms. Mehak Arora (Director- Planning & Procurement)


Alniche is a name to reckon with as the organization soars high with big strides and achieving three to four folds growth in comparison to the Indian pharma industry. Alniche has been recognized as one the fastest growing pharma company in India (Source: MAT August 2019, AIOCD AWACS).

Not only have our renowned clients recognized us, but our efforts have been appreciated by various esteemed business publications Like USA (Silicon Review), UK (B2B Tycoon), India (Asia One, Pharma Review, Business Sphere, India Med Today, Business APAC). Alniche’s efforts have been recognized through various awards it has been receiving, including the

  • Best Organization in Nephrology drugs & Novel Formulations Award by Business Sphere, New Delhi, India
  • Fastest growing brands & Leaders Award by Asia One, Dubai, UAE
  • Healthcare Elite Award by Business APAC, India
  • Super 30 Companies Award by Silicon Review, New jersey, USA

Noteworthy Biotech & Pharma company by Business APAC, India
Additionally, Alniche has applied for its first Patent for Complipro and Ezepro. The company continues to publish a plethora of Patient awareness articles in various Pharma and Nutrition magazines like Express Pharma, Pharma Review, Business Apac, IndiaMed Today, Nuffoods Spectrum.


Leveraging on the opportunity presented by fast-growing, Alniche is working on the following five key areas to propel the growth in the next decade of its operation:

  • Building a strong portfolio by in-licensing global brands and novel domestic products
  • Strengthening specialty-focused marketing activities
  • Internal capability building to efficiently handle expansion
  • Improving operational efficiencies to ensure better ROI
  • Adopting and practicing compliance based on SOPs

Alniche is committed to making available innovative pharmaceutical products in the Indian market in their pursuit to support medical fraternity in making patients’ lives healthier. They strive to cover the entire spectrum of therapy from preventive, curative & maintenance aspects. Additionally, the firm is ready to mark its presence in the complementary market of Medical Devices and Consumables in the selected therapy areas that align well with the pharma range and one such initiative is to have entered the advanced wound care and Neuro-psychiatry segment.

Mr Karan Arora (Director – International Business) shares “Alniche continuously looks for opportunities to partner with global pharma companies as we firmly believe that strategic focus and a differentiated approach empower the organization”. To strengthen new specialty divisions for addressing the therapy gaps, the in-licensing of novel products in future growth areas is a critical piece of the overall strategy of the company.

With this philosophy to the portfolio enrichment, Alniche has partnered with global pharma organizations to bring novel global brands in India from various companies including J.W. Life Sciences (Korea), Adhezion Biomedical Inc. (USA), FzioMed (USA), Advancis Medical (UK), PT Dermozone Pratama (Indonesia), Biovite (Australia), and Mastix (USA). In addition, the firm is also collaborating with various global companies that focus on therapy differentiation and ground-breaking product concepts.As Alniche takes new strides into expanded presence in the Indian market, continue to live the company philosophy of “Inspired By Value, Driven By Vision”

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