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Whether the gathering is small or big, without luscious food, it lacks the vibrancy. Occasions become more happening and delightful if the food served in them is palatable. With the flavors of taste and distinct style of food presentation, MK Caterers provides exemplary catering services, serving tempting and lavish food in celebrations.

Meenakshi Kesarwani, a woman of today with exceptional leadership and management qualities, is the director of MK Caterers. Meenakshi Kesarwani (M K), a qualified catering professional curator is the brain behind the entire process and holds the reins of ensuring a smooth management process. Food Styling & buffet designing by Meenakshi Kesarwani which comes into the presentation is the key to food design today.


MK Caterers, Lucknow based Caterers, are full-fledged catering service providers, who keep introducing fresh and new vegetarian menu ideas to accomplish the needs of its diverse range of customers. The company occupies a pivotal stature of being one of the most popular vegetarian catering services in the city of Nawabs.

It is also popular for its unique presentation, remarkable taste, and innovative ideas in services. They provide quality food & services with a blend of personal touch at the modest pricing, using high quality of ingredients in the entire process of preparation with their trained and qualified chefs in their team. By offering a special menu for destination weddings after food planning, MK Caterers are expanding their horizons.

With the help of a proficient workforce and unique approaches, MK Caterers served Bollywood celebrities such as Legendary Amitabh Bacchan, Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwarya Rai Bacchan in Lucknow. Their incredible multicultural teams of chefs facilitate the firm to serve a large variety of selection, all gourmet and tasty to corporate like Orange Castle (Lucknow’s biggest real estate company), SLMG Beverages and coca-cola Plant, Eiffel and Infra developers Eldeco Green. The food tasting is done before the buffet is laid out, on all actual event days, to ensure the food is served hot as per the decided taste.

MK Caterers stands in a distinguished light for the catering service. Besides vegetarian cuisines, the venture bestows typical Asian, Middle East, Italian French and Continental cuisines, and always planned and customized menu with the foremost possible presentation, food planning for its extension selection of service.

It employs a mixed team of chefs and food experts who give ideas to maintain the nutritional value of food. Expert food carves and sales personals present the Haute Indian & International cuisines with subtle simplicity, fine ingredients and cultural heritage with an authentic flair.

Providing end to end services, MK Caterers undertake certain important elements of events, as they also offer their personal stalls to manage host efficiently. They design customized food stations exclusively for each wedding with thematic food dedicated to the bride and groom or the family.

The basis of their first-class gourmet food with superior quality and commendable services is their 17 years of culinary experience. Their USP is to make clients’ events successful by offering the best catering services.

Moving toward complete customers centric and tech-savvy epoch, MK caterers have created a unique online portal that keeps uploading its social media pages frequently and even provides the upcoming updates and latest work via phones and emails to customers worldwide. A balance between social media engagement and face to face making connect THEM with new customers. Their perfect equilibrium between the organization, analytics, and marketing is the flux of their boiling success. Enriched with such features, the venture desires to hold a catering for more Bollywood celebrities and Destination catering in the coming future.


“It’s crucial to keep the workforce happy and content, but keeping employees happy in any sector is hard. Because happiness is primarily an inside job.”~ Meenakshi Kesarwani

Employees, at MK Caterers, are enthusiastic and quite motivated towards the work they do; loyal & engaged.  Performing better in a more supportive environment encourages astounding work culture. It’s a matter of elation and pride if your oldest employees work for you for the longest run. Yes, at MK Caterers, many of the oldest employees are associated with it till now.

On special occasions, they organize parties or feasts for the workforce to charge their spirits and also plans out to greet their team members personally on a timely basis.

My team is young passionate & bubbling with creative ideas on the food, bringing a fresh perspective to your plate with the team of professional chefs and food stylists. I bring in the midas touch to your wedding spread with tempting food, tantalizing aromas, and unforgettable taste & remarkable taste.


A woman is a full circle. Within her, there is a power to create, nurture and transform lies.~ Diane Mariechild

Taking the route of professionalism along with efficiently managing the chores of household, women are impeccably and fiercely propelling in areas they decided to explore.

According to Meenakshi, females, nowadays, are entering the business planes in great numbers, which in turn making them professionally experienced to a great extent. Patience, managerial skills and empathy are abstract values, which are embedded in women’s persona since birth. Because of these valuable traits, the participation of female folks in the entrepreneurial world has quadrupled.

The empowerment of women is central to achieving the objective of inclusive, equitable and sustainable development and it is not only a national goal but also a globe agenda.

Meenakshi Kesarwani, with boldness and pride in her voice on the subject of women participation, says,

“I feel women today face equal competition than facing its okay’ attitude towards entrepreneurship, it’s just because when we come up with women empowerment it includes the action of raising the status of women through education, raising awareness, literacy, and training. Hence, now women know her right to fight for her right and to achieve her goals in the competitive market nowadays.”


A nation where festivals and rituals are celebrated frequently, thereby organizing delicious food for numerous festivals and ceremonies is in great demand. Hence, the scope of the catering industry in such a country is worth taking a note. The catering industries in the country are finally extending its reach beyond marriages and catering companies are enjoying a good time. The good thing about the catering industry is that it does not undergo any major negative effects during the period of recession.

There is a drastic transformation that is happening in the catering industry that is quite distinct in comparison to the time when MK Caterers entered this specific domain. The catering industry based on service that too improved in the country in the post few years. People who are looking for an organized way to set their wedding & festive ceremonies, they prefer to choose outdoor service with a professional industry. Therefore, they keep updating themselves in every season.


Meenakshi, the virtuoso, with her indomitable and warrior spirits is rocking in her endeavors. A truly independent and confident woman she is! She says, “We are living in a day when we refuse to let gender block the progress of a woman.” Unfortunately, various stereotypes prevailing in our country for women have imprisoned the liberty with countless taboos and preconceived orthodox beliefs.

This is a saddening truth. Women just give up on their dreams. On this, the maestro states, “I am a woman born with a dream to make myself a person who is self-dependent and confident. As a woman, I have an unstoppable force to be reckoned with a good rise and when opportunities are created.”

For an independent and professional woman with family and kids, life definitely has its own roller coaster. Meenakshi Kesarwani has also experienced or is experiencing the same. She underwent a series of crosses during the start of her career.

The catering industry, a few years back, was a male-dominated one, and when the ace entrepreneur started her professional excursion, she was quite shocked that there was no woman in the industry.


I am a game-changer who always learn every day to keep a distinguished stature in the changing market.”~ Meenakshi Kesarwani

For spreading wings and extending limits, learning is essential. Meenakshi is a firm believer in this mantra. Thereby, she travels and attends a multitude of events and seminars to learn more about industries and events. She flew to many countries to know more about the gourmet industry. This upsurges her dimensions of growth and achievements.

And surely this is the reason that she pays great heed to the process of Research and Development. The magnate says, “I believe that it has a prominent role in the success of a business. Every failure in R&D increases the pressure of performance on the company. R&D helps a business to have a competitive edge over its competitors.” 

For inspiration, she always looks up to herself because she carved her own benchmark in the expedition of business by establishing her own Brand that is MK Caterers Pvt. Ltd. The connoisseur, with inspiring instincts, has a message to deliver, which states, ”I convey a message to those who look up to me that they should keep going ahead, create their own and push themselves to learn every day in their project, work space, and industry.”


Meenakshi’s role is not limited to catering services. She always takes care of the maintenance of food quality and its wastage control. She cannot see the wastage of food in front of her eyes as post events there is a huge amount of leftover, which is a matter of deep concern. Thereby, she gets along with multifarious NGO’s for which she cooks fresh food in venues and supplies it to the needy ones. The entrepreneur always looks upto the catering and hotel industries for these types of small contributions to society.


The Company is in the process of knitting its clients’ dreams. This year, MK Caterers is planning to step ahead for the destination Food Catering. Meenakshi creates the topmost food plan with regional flavors & International cuisine, which includes typical Asian Middle Eastern, Italian, Continental and more.

Apart from this cuisine, she tries to add new spicy flavors to the Chaat Menu whilst maintaining authenticity. This year they are trying their hands on global cuisine designing Avant-garde Menu adding and innovating progressive menu, with complete food planning & menu designing.  This all sets to destination weddings in Thai land Dubai, Sri Lanka & Colombo.

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