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Recherché India Advisors LLP

Recherché India Advisors LLP

Being a consultant is like flying in the first-class airplane. The food is terrific with taste, the drinks are cold as breeze. But all you can do is walk up to the management and say your needs. If you’re in management, you have the controls. A revolutionary passion and yearning for any career knowledge is something that makes the best management consultant.

One of the magnificent business leaders Mr. Vivek Srivastava, the Managing Partner of Recherché India Advisors LLP spans across the diverse spaces in Management Consulting, Advisory and Research

Incorporated in May 2013 in its current avatar at New Delhi, India, Recherché India Advisors is a leading knowledge management company that has developed capabilities in delivering customized high-value Consulting, Advisory and Research

They provide insightful research, advisory and outsourcing services and solutions that cater to the requirements of international clients and quality. Recherché craft bespoke services and solutions for the clients and partners leverage on the pooled intellectual capital of their team.


Recherché India Advisors LLP works alongside its two divisions. The research and advisory and the support service outsourcing functions are housed within Recherché India Advisors LLP. While they undertake real estate advisory under the Recherché Realty division and data entry and management services under the DataXpertz division.

Their core area of specialization is financial, business and market research wherein their services include bespoke equity and credit research, blockchain and cryptocurrency research.

Under their advisory services, they provide transaction advisory, business due diligence, financial feasibility studies, exit strategy evaluations, etc.

Recherche realty division provides a broad range of services including acquisition, disposal and consolidation, funding and structuring, land and building valuations, legal and compliance due diligence, accounting, and financial modeling, market studies and consumer surveys, etc.


Recherché India serves both domestic and international customers. They have served a broad array of customers that included Large, Medium and Small Corporate entities, fortune 500 multinationals, investment banks, hedge funds, investment, and private equity funds, etc.

Most of their clients are from the U.S., U.K., the eurozone and middle east region. On the domestic front, their clientele has been a mix of blue-chip companies as well as start-ups and first-generation entrepreneurs.

Although a major proportion of their customers are from the investing and financial services sector. They serve customers across industry sectors, including manufacturing, consumer goods, technology, services, real estate, renewable energy, etc.


“Don’t limit your challenges, Challenge your limits”. They are always ready for upcoming challenges as a boutique knowledge management services company. Their services are more customized and tailor-made to the requirements of their customers.

When life gets harder, challenge yourself to be stronger. They make efforts to make themselves an extension for customers rather than offering pure and simple ‘off-the-shelf’ solutions and services. At the same time, they ensure that the right skill set is used to suit the requirement of each individual project and assignment so that the customers get the best quality final output.


According to Mr. Vivek, “as an owner of a business, you are responsible for anything and everything connected with the business”. As a co-owner of a niche and small business, he has greater responsibilities towards the business and all stakeholders.

Most decision making tasks and responsibilities regarding business growth, stability, direction, growth and execution strategies, and client engagement, etc. are part of his very own responsibilities.

In the field of work, mapping out the client’s requirements of a project or research engagement is the most critical part. A lot of his time is thus spent on creating project outlines, project transition and then supervising its execution.


In today’s competitive business environment, winning and retaining customers has importance more than ever and yet it has also become harder than ever. They at Recherché have been transparent in the dealings with their customers in terms of their deliverables, delivery timelines, capabilities, and pricing.

“Everyone faces challenges in life. It’s a matter of how you learn to overcome them and use them to your advantage “ ~Celestine Chua

One aspect that they are particularly focussed on, is their commitments. They only follow the road of challenges to commit what they can do and deliver. It is important that their client has absolute faith in their promise and commitments. This is their success mantra as both the clients and the team are confident that once committed, their work will certainly be delivered on time, every time.


Recherché strives towards a passion for results and are completely aligned with the clients for their success. They commit themselves to the highest quality, professionalism and ethical standards in everything they do.

Their value system follows the 4-Cs:


This is the foremost principle that guides our style of working. Every piece of information that their clients share with them is treated as sensitive and is kept confidential.


Taking a genuine interest in the clients’ business and giving their best to achieve the desired results is how they stay committed through the life of projects and assignments.


Working as partners to the clients rather than just consultants, they aim to use a collaborative approach to problem-solving.


Each business problem is unique in its own way and requires genuine, creative and innovative solutions. They leverage this experience to bring forth an innovative approach to problem-solving.


when Mr. Vivek had quit from a senior management position, he was working with, and was scouting the job market, his friend-cum-former colleague started the idea of making something big. His friend is now co-founder and partner and they started their own venture wherein they can make a difference to other people’s life by engaging them in meaningful employment.

In their initial days, they faced challenges in all aspects of the business. From business origination to client management, and project execution they typically underwent with the challenges that any start-up would face.

However, the ace entrepreneur Mr. Vivek is proud to say that since then they have been able to establish the name of Recherché as a reliable knowledge management partner in the market and amongst customer base.

Guiding the path seeker: TEAM

Success is not a destination but a journey. Success cannot be viewed as an achievement or accomplishment of anyone’s feet, but it has to be a combination of a multitude of factors. He does not believe success to be mere financial gains or wealth accumulation. For him, the real success in business endeavor means Client Satisfaction and Employee Growth.

Success simply means creating a business that empowers customers, employees, and the community. It is his true living purpose and having a positive impact on the lives of people.


Lord Byron said, “Men think highly of those who rise rapidly in the world; whereas nothing rises quicker than dust, straw, and feathers.” Today’s generation lacks patience and wants everything delivered to them, instantly.

His advice to young people who wish to enter the entrepreneurial world is that “Patience and Perseverance” are key to any entrepreneurial journey. Rome was not built in a day and it takes a lot of hard work and a team to build your dreams into reality too

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