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As any business grows, they hit Ceilings of Complexity, which is a natural part of any business’s journey. In a copy-cat world of imitating, full products and services that sound and feel like each one another, you just need to separate yourself from your competition. Toolxprez (DIgitze Technologies Pvt. Ltd.) is approaching your market in a way that plays up your strengths in order to stand out.

Toolxprez is a B2B procurement platform making procuring industrial products fast & easy for manufacturing companies in urban & rural areas. They are building a digitally enabled experience in procuring industrial products. Indian Manufacturing companies still follow the traditional way of procuring industrial products which is a time-consuming and long manual process. Toolxprez is digitizing the traditional procurement process in manufacturing companies by using technology.

They are one store for various brands and different categories of industrial products. They are not like offline stores or online marketplaces that sell industrial products. They are one of the kind procurement company, which educates the customers and then sell products.

They understand the customer requirements, find products that meet the exact requirements of the customers and deliver the products to them. They


also takes care of after-sales services. They work with customers to improve their process by helping them to find products which can help them to improve their productivity. And this is the reason customers come back to them repeatedly.


Sukin Shetty is the founder and CEO of Toolxprez with 10 years of experience in manufacturing industries. He has established a renowned name and worked in various departments. Working in manufacturing companies he saw a problem of delay in procuring industrial products.

This is a very traditional problem. Working in the root cause analysis team he loved solving problems. So in 2015, he did some research on this problem and realized that the Indian industrial products sector is unorganized and fragmented without any digitization and technology. Hence, he took responsibility to overcome this problem with Toolxprez.


Toolxprez always looked at various trends in this industry. They also discuss a lot with their customers, to understand what their pain points are. They also discuss with experts in the industry to get along with market trends.  Along with their regular offerings, they have also started to automate procuring consumables which manufacturing companies buy on a monthly basis.

This is something new as it will help customers to order consumables automatically without their presence. They have eliminated the repetitive tasks for the customers. They are looking at the current situation of the market and also focusing on future of this industry. They are working on something unique which will be kind of first time in Indian manufacturing sector.


Count your blessings. You are one of a kind. There’s no one in the world like you. You are amazing. They are not the same as other players in this industry. They educate their customers and then sell products. The first main differentiation is that they are omnichannel.

They have mapped the customer’s journey and saw a lot of touchpoints where they could serve customers. That is how they are both online and offline platforms. They are not forcing customers to buy products online only. They sell products through WhatsApp also. Using WhatsApp share some of the videos of the products, where they are easily educating customers about the products and decision happens in WhatsApp itself.


Mr. Shetty faced all kinds of obstacles that every new entrepreneur has to face. It can be a lack of knowledge, co-founder issues, cash flow issues, distractions in the journey, etc.

Being from a non-business middle-class family and having shop floor experience, makes it difficult to launch and run a startup for him as his story. But he took some time to launch the startup with patients and enthusiasm because he was trying to understand what he doesn’t know about the business.

“Change is the end result of all true learning.” ~Leo Buscaglia

Attending seminars, workshops & startup events helped him to gather some knowledge and true learning. There were other factors like demonetization and GST also which made him delay the launching of the startup. He himself wanted to see how the market behaves after these huge changes.

He feels it is very important to have a mentor when you are starting your journey as an entrepreneur. Mr. Shetty had a bad experience with finance; he always felt finance is a boring area. Hereby, he learned it in a hard way as he suffered a lot to get everything right in the finance area.


Their customers are the purchase or procurement departments of manufacturing companies. These are the buyers. Their customer spends 50% of their time in finding products, talking to vendors, following up with them, arranging delivery, etc. They take care of all this for them.

They are working on implementing the latest technologies. And they will be launching soon various services using the latest technologies. The trial is going on; he doesn’t want to reveal it now. But they are using technology only to make their customer’s jobs easier. They are always open with customers’ feedback and then work on it by implement technology.


According to the apex entrepreneur, Mr. Sukin Shetty, he is the founder of the company and all his team members are their co-founders. The team is a combination of domain experts, entrepreneurs, tech experts and passionate people who are working on one goal that is to make the company successful.

They urge the team to share their ideas and contribute to continuous improvement. They have one day a week to discuss what new they can introduce. All of them list out ideas and work on it together. If they are at this position and survived on this journey it is because of the team. The credit of success goes to their team.


“The harder you work for your goals, the greater you’ll feel when you have accomplished”. Their vision is to be the go-to platform for procuring best MSME award. It provides the best compelling buying experience for customers in India. They are working on bringing new innovations to improve the buying experience for the customers.

They are looking to expand geographically to all south and west parts of India in 3 years. They already have more than 1 lakh products. Toolxprez will continue to add more and more products. Very soon their customers will see a lot of products getting launched from them. It will totally change the way manufacturing companies procure industrial products.


They have grown 10X in 1 year. This year is also going to be bigger than the last year. He was the only person when he launched this startup, now they are 12 members and also looking to expand their team. They are all over Karnataka & Goa. They also have started in Tamil Nadu and slowly starting in Kerala. Their team has received the best MSME award in Quality & customer Satisfaction in 2018 and they are going to win the title of Emerging company award.

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