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Digital Marketing is certainly, the foremost choice for good brand presence in the market. The whole world is connected via digital platforms, making it easy for brands to capture the eye of its consumers. Digital marketing utilizes the internet and online-based platforms to create brand awareness to the extent that people recognize its significance. A content marketing survey in India has indicated that 89% of B2B marketers are investing in digital marketing to increase their brand’s reach and sales.
MOBLOG Media is a digital marketing firm built under Shaurya Enterprises Solutions to provide their clients with a marketing framework that increases their sales, audience engagement and customer retention eventually creating the desired brand presence. The company commenced its operations in the year 2016 at Pune, India has become a trending name with a coveted client base.


Media is integrated with all the marketing tools that individualise the marketing algorithm with quality and success for each of its clients. They analyze the voids and opportunities in their client’s business and propose a comprehensive report that includes a project plan with timelines and cost analysis. By working parallelly with their clients, whether they are at the initial level or wish to redevelop their framework they help them sail to their desired success. Their wide array of marketing solutions include social media marketing (Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube), Search Engine Marketing, White Hat SEO, Content Marketing, Brand Creation, Brand Promotion, Responsive Web Designing and Hosting, Leads Generation, Leads Nurturing and E-commerce Marketing.


MOBLOG Media was brought to the spotlight by Mr. Dharmendra Singh. His drive to devise a digital marketing agency started, during his period of employment. Working as a Sales Person in the B2B marketplace, he found that agencies were providing businesses with the same marketing strategies that weren’t helpful and often led the business off its desired track. These were some of the loopholes, which laid down the foundation of MOBLOG Media.

Over the years, they have worked with a single focus – “Help business to achieve their marketing goals”. They have incorporated all key ingredients such as Knowledge, Technologies, Market trends, Customization, ROI, Transparency and Trust that helps them cater to clients from all over the world and has helped 100+ clients in achieving their digital marketing goals. The company works with firms of all size and shapes and has categorized its solutions into weekly, monthly, quarterly and half-yearly, concerning budget and trust issues.


Today, MOBLOG Media is termed as a noteworthy Digital Brander, Customer Experience Designer, Demand Generator and Product Innovator. They are nurturing a multilingual client base that includes Startups, SMEs, Schools, Individual Innovators, Spa & Wellness Centre, Builders & Real Estate Agents, E-commerce, Export Oriented Companies, Finance Management, Manufacturers, and Travel management.
However, the journey to the current stature was quite uneven. During the first six months of its inception, it was difficult for the company to make clients realize the benefits of social media marketing, as people believed it to be an arena of leisure and not business prospects. Hence, the company initiated free ‘Facebook marketing’, for a week and the success brought further business opportunities, from the same sphere. Another challenge they had to face was gaining trust. For a good brand presence, every organization aims to look for agencies with good experience and market presence. Since they were new, it was difficult for them to gain people’s trust; but, with qualified merchandise and successful business outcomes, MOBLOG Media has become a one-stop-shop of complete marketing solutions.


MOBLOG Media has been growing and evolving as a successful business model for the last few years. The prime factor behind this is the quality and standard of products and services. To maintain this standard, MOBLOG Media has focused on ensuring the alignment between departmental objectives and company to churn out good results. By monitoring its annual, quarterly and monthly objectives during Management Review meetings they have ensured the uncompromising standards in every unit of service. Further, by staying abreast of the market trends, MOBLOG Media has provided cutting-edge services to clients, helping it widen its client base.


At MOBLOG MEDIA we are constantly trying to adapt with the latest trends and patterns, as it directly relates to how the clients and other firms respond in the market.” – Mr. Singh

The age of digitization has brought the whole world to our doorstep and with a simple press of a button, typing a few keystrokes, or by swiping a touchpad people can have access to anything and everything. On the organisational level, technology is a prime benefactor for growth and is essential to keep pace with. MOBLOG Media has comprehended to this by designing an in-house tool which oversees operations and deadlines along with customer relations through monthly reports. In addition to this, the company has devised an e-suit package that ushers solution to the academic arena, with respect to research and innovation.


MOBLOG Media is sustaining with 4 years of efficient business in the industry. The cornerstone of this progress has been a team of dedicated associates and ardent leadership. From the beginning, MOBLOG Media has incorporated strong leaders, who have devised a path for its subordinates to succeed to leadership levels. Their workplace culture revolves around leadership–both existing and rising. The departmental leaders monitor their employees and ideal candidates are put on a fast track for leadership positions of their own. This strong and efficient corporate structure has proved to be their USP for employees’ stability.

Apart from this, the company accommodates their employees with contemporary tech-advancements, helping them reduce stress factors. Moreover, they have trained their employes about the internet and appropriate vocabulary to ensure efficiency and smooth internal and external communication. Further, to maintain enthusiasm, they quarterly perform recreational activities.


“We aspire to become a trustworthy organization for Our existing and expected clients as well as our employees” – Says Mr. Singh

MOBLOG Media has completed 4 years of successful business and nourished a huge clientele. Ahead in the road, MOBLOG Media aims to sustain as the preferable choice for digital marketing solutions, and an advisable career choice. With its discrete marketing framework, it is aiming to handhold avant-garde solutions and grow roots in semi-urban cities of India and offshore markets. Their e-Suite package research power play service has contributed to revenue and portrays a progressive growth in the future.


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