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UNITED ART LOGISTICS INDIA PRIVATE LIMITED: Offering the clients an unrivalled mixture of services – assisting the future outlooks of your business

United Art Logistics India Private Limited (UAPL) has pioneered in the domain by offering exclusive Logistics Solutions to Art galleries, Auction Houses, Collectors, Art Fairs & Events from the pickup to installation services. The Organisation aims to offer hassle-free and customized flow of goods. Being a trustworthy name and a reputed organization, it offers Warehouses Services, Packaging Services, Movement and Unpacking of the Goods in a fastidious manner. With the safe, economical, and convenient packaging and moving services, the Company is successfully carving a niche for itself in national as well as international domain.

Headquartered in New Delhi, the Indian staff of UAPL possesses over 20 years of experience in highly-valued and time-sensitive fragile logistics. The activities are managed by experienced Logistics Management that ensures a seamless global solution for all -Art events and Fairs, TV broadcasting and International Events activities as well as Cargo movement. The Company is effectively redefining each phase in the logistic processes and exclusively synchronized transport-network that ensures a decisive ambitious head start.

Excursion of the Managing Director- Annurag Sharma

When Mr Annurag Sharma became assured to continue his studies after the schooling, he always aspired to lead a self-sustained life rather than being dependent on another person for monetary needs. In the age of 18, he got his first job by being involved in the Marketing Research sphere. After some time, he approached a company Blue Dart Express, joining as  a  delivery boy at first, but ascended the hierarchical  ranks with his hardworking spirits and reached the Management level effortlessly. A wave of realization hit him when Blue Dart commenced its aircraft services. He realized the need of boosting the entrepreneurial spirit in the Logistics sector. His keen and curious personality helped him learn how to reduce time in International shipments, Custom procedure and International packing of fragile items enhancing his knowledge in the relevant domain to maximize the benefit. By extracting the knowledge from this sphere, he established his business venture as one of the leading Fragile Items Packaging Company, such as fine artwork and sensitive instrument handling service provider.

Mr Sharma states that starting from scratch is never a cakewalk for a business venture. The practical experience that one comes across while conduction of a business operation from scratch offers some exclusive insights to an entrepreneur. Owing to the past experiences of working with Blue Dart, he attained the knowledge of conducting a Courier and Cargo Shipment Company, and recognized the liabilities of this arena with full dedication.


  • Exclusive-use, direct service available with a truck- sized and equipment matched to meet your artwork’s needs – whether you are shipping paintings, sculptures, fabrics or other fine
  • Pickups and deliveries available 24/7/365 to meet your schedule or changes in your
  • Continuous shipment monitoring with two-way satellite communications.


Mr Sharma has a distinct philosophy about the conduction of a business venture. According to him, there are two ways of conducting a business venture- One is to perform the task that has been proposed on your table daily and the another way is to delve more into the depth of your job and always keep an eye on the activities of your competitors. The latter way of performing a task as per the premise given above, will add value to one’s job and will make one more productive and efficient.

“Consumers are always worried about the whole procedure- when the box would be picked up or will it be delivered on time or not. The whole Logistics Industry is striving to make a difference between these two states only. A budding start-up in this arena must make sure that customer values and delight are being fulfilled accordingly. We can customize the logistics and enhance it most beneficially. But, customer satisfaction should be the priority for ensuring success in the Logistics Industry.” says the Managing Director.

The colossal giants in the relevant field encounter a lot of lapses in this domain, as they are submerged in the system-oriented operations. The Key Official shares his personal experience of working with a megacorp that was inefficient in providing the adequate information to its consumer base. Contrary to this, small corporations simply divide the whole procedure into three divisions which is an effective way of offering a better experience to the consumer base. The Managing Director says that theoretical knowledge will not yield you with better results if you cannot imply it in your practical life.

“It is great to be a process-driven company but the management must ensure that such processes are defined or cut-down in a manner to escalate the performance of the employees. These solutions should contribute to the betterment of the Company rather than putting pressure on the employees.”says Mr Sharma.

Usually, the Company seeks financial services from in-house Accountant, Chartered Accountant and a Company Secretary who constantly strive to make the Organization flourish well from every aspect.


When questioned about the tactics ensuring the appropriate business management in the nationwide lockdown, the Managing Director states that all the team members are connected via social media platforms to each other, and it has been instructed to the adept team of the Organisation to dedicate a significant amount   of the time from their daily routine for the better conduction of  the business operations. The team considers this sort of business management better than the previous work culture,  as  now  all the operations are heavily relying upon the digital procedures saving the time and energy significantly. In terms of shipment coordination, the pressure has been lessened that has resulted in better harmony than ever before. The Company is also ensuring preventive measures regarding the safety of the forefront workers during the COVID-19 outbreak.


The activities of the Organization are self- sustainable and they do not rely upon the funds proposed by the stakeholders for running the business operations. In India, the Organisation is flourishing pretty well while depending upon the self-sustained business model that need not to be funded from the investors. The Key Official has never considered borrowing any amount of sum from the banks, as the Company has survived the odds on its own. But, pinpointing the future outlooks, Mr Sharma conveyed that if the Organization expands its reach to the international market then it is willing to seek the investors and stakeholders for global conduction of the business.

The key point is that if you conceive a financially sustainable idea,then you shouldn’t be in search of fundraising tactics. I would like to be associated with the people who would have something innovative to add to my business venture rather than adjoining the Company in regard to the monetary policy. As of now, we are quite happy with the way our venture is scaling the heights of growth. We will not be trading the shares of the Company just to earn the money, which is a strict policy constituted by us. But, we welcome the experts who are willing to offer the innovative solutions to the Organization, wholeheartedly. Says Mr Sharma.


The operational activities of the Company  deals  with  the things that need to be taken care on behalf of an individual. The colossal clientele of the Organization includes the Celebrities, Politicians, Top- Notch Blue Chip Company, Leading Indian Companies, privileged NRIs and Corporates, etc.

The secret mantra that is tossed by the Key Official for ensuring client’s contentment is ‘Good pickup and Excellent delivery.’ The Company makes it certain to perform according to the customer requirements. Each process is thoroughly customized as per their Standard Operational Products that bestow their consumer base with an exclusive experience. They render the tailor- made services that are conducted as per the customer’s aspiration. The satisfaction of their clients is a must for the management from every aspect and for this, the skilfull team members keep juggling their minds constantly.


The Company has recognized its Corporate Social Responsibility amidst the global pandemic and ensured to sanitize the buildings and premises near the workstation all by itself. They have distributed Masks, Sanitizers and Food Items to those in need. The Managing Director says that something like COVID-19 shouldn’t be the only stimulus for acknowledging the responsibility towards society. Offering help in the best possible way to the underprivileged section of the society is a usual practice that is performed from their end regularly.


In order to ensure the functioning of a business venture in a coordinated manner, one must pay immense attention to the workforce. Motivated and  joyous  workforce  is  the backbone of any successful business venture. The Organisation makes it certain that the employees are always helped at the time of need, paid well, adequately supported to make them feel secure and consider their problems on a serious note with the intention to erode such complications.


Like  any  other   major   giant,   UAPL   has   also   spent a prodigious sum of money on the technological advancements to evolve as the trendsetter in their respective domain. The adept team of the Organisation is continuously engaged in developing a self-developed and cost-efficient solution.

As per the Key Official, no organization is left with a choice but to add the latest technology in their business conduction mechanism. No matter how antique the strategies and tactics are, without the technological advancements nothing will yield to a start-up.


Mr Annurag Sharma reveals that the major achievement that has been acquired by the Company is ‘Zero Service Failure’. He claims that in his last 15 years of the entrepreneurial venture, not even a single customer could claim that the damage was made to the delivered products from the company’s end. Maintaining the same level of dedicated efforts for such  a  long  time  is  not an easy task. No legal claim in regard to the shipment procedure  has  been  filed  against  Company  by  far. The adored clients of the Company have never been disappointed concerning the pickups and deliveries of the items and absolutely trust them for their exclusive logistics services. For the team of UAPL, this is a major accomplishment on which they are gratified. The Key Official says that they have exceptionally performed better than their peers, even amidst the alarming situation put forth by the global pandemic subsequently followed by nationwide Lockdown. When other companies in the relevant domain are waiting to unlock their containers from the major ports, UAPL has assured on-time delivery to its precious clients effortlessly.


The Key Official says, “A successful business venture means a journey that leads you to immense profit, making the competition irrelevant. If a person offers such a level of products or services that are incomparable from every aspect, then a business is said to be a surging success. It is generally acquired by the mix and match of the technology, and a person must be well-versed to make good use of such opportunities.”

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