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Suite Homes Pvt Ltd

Suite Homes : O​ffer​ing​​ exclusive co-living solutions by adding value to the Community

Aiming​ to fill the ​gap in the market ​for high-quality ​rental accommodation​, ​Suite Homes ​ offers a co-living solution combining sophisticated European design with a truly enjoyable ​customer ​experience. With the objective of ​tackling​ the shortage of affordable ​high-quality ​accommodation, the Company ​ ensure​s​​to make their customers’ lives effortless.

Suite Homes​’ rental offering comes with​​transparent ​pricing ​and all-inclusive ​bills, ​as well as ​regular cleaning and free events​​. Most of the rooms availed by them are private suites ​for​​maximum comfort and privacy. Alongside this, ​​fully ​tech-enabled platform offered by the Firm allows all bookings and payments to be managed​​online​, providing maximum convenience to customers.

Citing​  the shortage of economical accommodation, especially for professionals and ex​-​pats, the​​ Firm​’s management team ​state​s​ that tech and business hubs such as Pune and Mumbai are under a lot of pressure in the rental market. This is where Suite Homes ​comes in to fill the gap​,  “We offer mid-level to luxury living at a great value. We’re passionate about creating a real sense of community. We don’t want people to just share an apartment, we want them to enjoy the company of like-minded individuals and all the benefits of living as an enriching community.​”

Catering to international lifestyle trends

​Committed to ​catering to the ​needs of ​young professionals, ex​-​pats, creatives and freelancers with a cosmopolitan outlook, the team of ​Suite Homes ​​provides a bespoke co-living solution​​. T​hey always keep up with the latest international market  ​trends ​and all their spaces are designed with that in mind ​. “We do not offer any lower-end options to our clients as we aim to ​create brand that ​appeals to​​clients, by offering exceptional services with ​high ​quality.”

 “​We distinguish ourselves from our competitors through the quality of our offering, our technology and our community. Suite Homes provides customers with real value for money and transparent pricing.​” says ​Miguel Rodrigues, CEO of Suite Homes​.

High quality services & modern design

All the rental apartments offered by the Company are of a very high standard ​and come with ​modern designs. The ​c​​ustomers can effortlessly manage their personal information and payments via the convenient app, ​which also ​ gives them access to community events and entertainment​ offerings​. The ​Head of Expansion​​, Yash Bhakare states that they are carving a sense of community among Millenial Entrepreneurs, Tech-​​Nomads and a​mbitious​S​​elf-​​starters. ​As an international enterprise with business activities in world-class startup hubs Suite Homes is bringing the value of its  international network to the community in India.

​​The Company is committed to giving back to the local community.​ All the ​​F​urnishing and decorative elements​​ are procured from the local producers instead of ​big​,​ established players.

Staying positive in light of challenges

Being a budding entrepreneur is a challenge in itself. To make your business venture a success, one must learn ​to persevere​. ​It’s important to stay focused and to not give up​. ​A strong ​business plan ​is key to getting ​ investors​ and ​stakeholders​ onboard​. ​T​asks like attaining the​ necessary​ licenses can take longer​ than expected​, deliveries may be delayed – ​​it’s therefore important for Company founders to stay ​ flexible​​. ​You have to work around these challenges and stay positive”, stresses Miguel Rodrigues.

Defining your target group

“The Company is catering to various kinds of customers, including working Millenials and entrepreneurs, seeking professionally serviced accommodation and a community-living experience.  And as Pune is the education hub of India, we expect university students to use our services as well. Also, our high-quality luxury offerings appeal to demanding business executives, who may be in the city on short-term projects but also for longer periods​.​”​S​ays Yash Bhakare.

Keeping customers happy

The team of Suite Homes relies​​ on consistently high quality, customer’s​feedback and a hassle-free experience to retain customers and keep them happy.​Their offerings are​ planned with great attention to detail and designed to provide high value for​​money. They provide​​an outstanding European minimalist design concept in the rental accommodation, which appeals greatly to the customers in India. ​S​uite Homes brings the principles of hospitality into the shared apartment market, with great customer service being at the core of its operations. This is supported by our innovative technology, which provides its partners and customers with the tools they need to ensure a seamless customer experience and to maximize convenience. ​

Keeping abreast with the Technological advancements

 Suite Homes continuously enhances and updates their technology to make certain that they can conduct the business operations efficiently, whilst ​providing their ​customers with exclusive services. In addition to ​its ​app, ​they​​will soon launch a cutting-edge platform to support the management of all of ​its​​ properties. The new software will also include additional features for ​its​ customers and an event organization platform.

In the short-term, ​the Company​ aims to expand ​their offerings in the Pune and Mumbai region, and ​to establish​​ the Suite Homes brand in the Indian market effectively. They are on the verge ​of launching​​an annual membership model that offers access to exclusive events as well as discounts on their international properties and local coworking facilities.

Addressing the future prospects of the Company, Yash Bhakare says, “We believe that the market bears an enormous potential for us to further grow and expand our services as the demand for quality accommodation is ​growing on a​​ daily basis.”

About the Key Officials

 Miguel Rodrigues– ​The CEO Miguel has acquired more than 15 years of experience in International Hospitality and Property. Being the CEO of Suite Homes and My Berlin Property, he supervises business development, brand & design, and sales as well as managing all relationships with international investors. Miguel is a seasoned executive with extensive experience in developing businesses. He also held various management roles at major international companies.

He bore the entrepreneurial spirit from a very young age and conducted his very first business venture at the age of 18. As an astute business professional and a serial entrepreneur, Miguel attains the credit for painting the big picture that Suite Homes envisions for the betterment of society, and transforming it into​​ reality.

Yash Bhakare– ​Head of Expansion

Yash had a budding entrepreneurial aspiration to​ work in​​Real Estate ​from​​ a very young age, owing to his grandfather. His family had close connections with the respective people in the industry, and now, he takes his interest to the next level by being the Head of ​E​xpansion – India, for Suite Homes. With good industry connections, Yash specialises in obtaining the right deals with the right partners while ensuring the Company’s vision being implemented in India. He is liable for transferring the business ethos of Suite Homes across continents and bringing the same values, from continental Europe, all the way to India.

With a strong entrepreneurial spirit, Yash envisions a thriving community of motivated individuals and partners, throughout India that takes knowledge and experience sharing to the next level alongside bringing a wave of joyfulness and convenience to the city-living experience


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