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Moi Commodities India Pvt. Ltd

Moi Commodities India Pvt. Ltd: A Fast-Emerging Frontrunner In The Basmati Rice Industry!

Moi Commodities India Pvt. Ltd. was established in 2012 as a subsidiary of Moi International (Singapore) Pte. Ltd. (A part of the Mewah Group) and is engaged in the export and domestic sale of Basmati & Non-Basmati Rice.

The Mewah Group is an integrated global agri-business focused on edible oils and fats with over 60 years of history. It is headquartered in Singapore and boasts a worldwide marketing network. One of the largest palm oil processors in the world by capacity, Mewah produces a wide range of refined and fractionated vegetable oils and fats principally from palm oil. To support its strategic vision and growth plans, after remaining privately controlled business for over 50 years, Mewah went public in 2010 and got listed on the mainboard of the Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited. Since going public, Mewah has invested in a new palm-oil refinery, a palm-oil based dairy manufacturing facility and a biodiesel plant in Malaysia. It has also added rice, dairy and palm-based soap to its product portfolio and the addition of rice and dairy products helped them to offer a wider range of consumer products to the customers worldwide.


Moi Commodities India Pvt. Ltd boasts of a rich experienced team of professionals, and proud to be part of the Mewah Group, headquartered in Singapore, which is an integrated global agri-business focused on edible oils and fats with over 60 years’ history.

In 2017, when Mr. Rajesh Khera, Vice President, Moi International (Singapore) Pte Ltd, Singapore, who heads the rice desk for the group encouraged the group to add another feather in the cap by including Basmati Rice to its rice portfolio, he knew that it would not be an easy expedition to compete in an industry which is not only highly cluttered by the mid and small-size mills, brokers, traders, merchant exporters but also dominated for years by the traditional large-size mills who could turn out as strong contenders on the price point due to their capability to take large positions not only for time arbitrage, but for speculation as well. He had a clear mindset from the start to set themselves apart from the other players in the rice industry, and as numerous stories show that the people with unique minds and strong personalities attract, there came in Mr. Brijmeet A Singh, Country Head & Director, to head the Indian subsidiary of the group, Moi Commodities India Pvt. Ltd, who has over two decades of in-depth knowledge & experience in the Basmati Rice industry with a proven record for managing a business with high held ethics to shape organizational performance and responsiveness to business needs with a customer-first approach.

The duo decided to take the group’s vision to become a leading, integrated and diversified global agribusiness providing quality and value-added products to customers worldwide to the next level by adding the most savored variety of rice “Basmati”. Their dedication and commitment to their clients, as well as the values of integrity and fair-mindedness, which are the legacy of the Mewah Group, have helped them to become a supplier of choice to some of the most reputed names in the world.

They combine the rich legacy and history of Mewah along with a professional and experienced team having adequate experience in handling Basmati rice and its related challenges/solutions, who can take care of the entire supply chain thereby ensuring that every shipment surpasses the expectations of their elite group of customers. Their aim is to, therefore develop long-term business relationships; so that their clients can rely on them to set their brands apart from other commonplace players.


Within just 2.5 years, their commitment to quality and timely supplies has enabled them to boast of supplying Basmati Rice to over 30 of the best, most reliable & reputed international clients in over 20 countries. They are proud to have become the preferred suppliers to a few of the largest retail chains and food importers in countries like the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Oman, UAE, Malaysia, South Africa, Mauritius, etc.


Moi Commodities has emerged as one of the most trusted suppliers of Basmati Rice over the last two years. Consumers in different countries perceive quality differently and they because of their in-depth understanding of the Basmati rice as a commodity, have been able to create a niche for themselves by ensuring that they offer a product/quality, which suits end consumer’s perception of cooked rice quality, irrespective of whether it is their brand or customers private label brand, as this is what the consumers are looking for in a plate of cooked rice. So, it is not just the rice, the post-cooking quality became the first measure of quality at Moi Commodities, and they push themselves relentlessly to deliver quality that not only suits the requirements of the market but also surpasses end consumer expectations.


As mentioned, their team comprises of professionals, what they call ‘The Ricesmiths’ who understand Basmati as Goldsmiths understand Gold. Their highly experienced & trained quality assurance team ensures the quality that reaches to their clients is the same as that they promise them. They are completely transparent in their dealings, and always welcome the appointment of independent surveyors should their buyers require so.


The market for rice, especially Basmati, like any other market for agricultural products, is a highly dynamic and volatile market that faces the fluctuations of both supply and demand. While on the one hand, supplies tend to be uncertain due to weather patterns, demand is also changing owing to changing food habits the world over.

In a scenario like this, it is imperative that they, as a company, must stay on their toes and anticipate the market moves before they occur. They keep carefully analyzing the market on a macro & micro levels to study the supply and demand patterns to be able to make informed decisions for not only themselves but guide their clients to make the correct purchase decisions as well. Timely crop positions against accurate sales projections, their capability to buy the crop on upfront payment, strong commitment to honor contracts in all situations, strict compliance to agreed specifications, and no speculations policy set them apart from the other players in the industry.

They are ISO 22000 and Halal certified suppliers of premium quality rice.


They have set in motion the process to enter the domestic market, with their flagship branded rice range comprising of 4 brands, AROME Champion Choice, AROME Fine Dine; AROME Buffet Magic, and AROME Ala Carte.

Brand packaging is designed after in-depth market research and competition mapping. The packaging stands out on the shelves & is being liked by customers in the developed world due to the following reasons:

  • A unique name that represents Aroma
  • Self-explanatory subtitles that denote target consumers/usage perspective/brand class (Champion Choice Exotic, Fine Dine Elite, Buffet Magic Classic & Ala Carte Special)
  • Attractive design
  • Vibrant colors


Moi Commodities India is growing steadily but solidly, and most of the established, reputed customers with a longterm vision are preferring to partner with them for consistent shipments of premium quality Basmati Rice. Within a span of just 2.5 years, they are supplying Basmati Rice in 20+ countries to some 30+ customers through HQ or directly, which includes some of the most reputed importers & retail chains.


They aim to become a strong contender in the branded rice segment over the next five years while continuing to remain a preferred supplier for the private label customers. They have been able to successfully ensure that they pack the same premium quality for their private label customers as they would like to pack in their brand.

If you are looking for a partner who you can trust to provide you with quality products, let Mewah be your choice to add value to your rice business.


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