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Moksh Events Pvt. Ltd

Moksh Events Pvt. Ltd: Enriching Events Industry for the Past Two Decades

Events hold a strong presence in the corporate culture. It is a platform to showcase one’s achievement and connect with people in the industry. An Event Management company oversees the construction and development of large scale events, which includes conferences, conventions, trade shows, festivals, and ceremonies. Hence, it’s imperative that professionals handle such significant events. With new companies emerging in every few years, one company has held its ground for 19 years – Moksh Events Pvt. Ltd., which was established in the year 1999. Since then has scaled many momentous events for reputed companies as well as MNC’s.


Moksh Events is a full-fledged event company diversified and specialized into Wedding Planning, Destination Wedding Management, Permanent and Temporary Illuminations, and Celebrity & Sports Management. The professional team has enriched experience in the field; therefore, they can visualize and plan out events of any scale or proportion. The company has grown in several years on its existence, with offices available in Kolkata, Mumbai, and Thailand. Moksh Events serves a plethora of customers related to various industries in B2B and B2C milieu. These long term relationships with clients undeniably represent the diligence of the firm.


Vijay Bokadia, Founder Director at Moksh Events, understands the importance of trust in the industry. The nature of the business makes the ‘word of mouth’ a prominent commodity. “There are only ideas and painting in the air before the actual day of the event,” says Vijay, “Hence, it is vital that our client relies on our ability to execute the event according to the devised plan.”


Moksh Events understands the ever-changing face of the industry. Thus they have consistently evolved over the past two decades. Started as an event management firm, they slowly shifted their avenue towards Artist Management & Wedding Planning, where they handle all the events from pre-wedding to sangeet, etc.  coupled with

in-house production. Moksh Events had as well ventured in the F&B space and launched 1000 B.C, which is a unique resto-bar in Kolkata. The company started another venture called BOOKMYSPEAKER WORLDWIDE, wherein they provide well-known celebrities from all avenues, for motivational talks.


A company’s culture shouldn’t be sacrificed as this leads to the venture’s downfall. Vijay Bokadia, the company director, feels it is imperative to trust an employee with diverse projects. This will provide the individual with a sense of pride and responsibility in his capabilities. The ownership of events will elevate the employee’s skills like- problem-solving, risk-taking, and time management, which cannot be taught under the constant guidance.


Competition is an integral segment of all industries. Moksh Events extract inspiration from their fellow beings and practice healthy competition. “Founders of Fountainhead, Encompass, and Wizcraft have always encouraged me through their toil,” says Vijay.


The Company is currently working on BOOKMYSPEAKER WORLDWIDE, a venture that promotes motivational speaking. Moksh Events acknowledges the fondness towards sports in India. Hence, Moksh Sports focuses on the ever-developing sports industries.

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