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Mountain Herbs

Mountain Herbs

Homemade and Handmade Natural Skincare Products from Mountain Herbs

Our sacred nature has countless benefits which we are all aware of. For thousands of years, human beings have used plant, flower and root extracts to cleanse, heal and beautify the skin.  Along with material progress came along the growth of chemical-based skin care products that are harmful to the skin and toxic to the body in the long term.

In the recent past, due to higher awareness, people have taken a renewed interest in understanding the chemical ingredients in their skincare products and have turned back to nature and are shifting to natural and herbal products.

Regi Abraham’s passion for natural products, led him to research to make his soap and other body washes products, both free from harsh chemicals and animal products. He along with his wife Susanna Abraham, a teacher by profession, founded  ‘Mountain Herbs’  to manufacture 100%  natural and pure skincare products, which are ‘Toxin-free’ and beneficial to health.

Mountain Herbs was established in 2015, with the launch of natural handmade body soaps. The initial customers’ response was very encouraging and hence the couple launched a few more products. Presently, they have nine successful and high-quality toxin-free products. All their products are made from high-quality vegetable oils such as coconut oil, rice bran oil, Palm oil, etc. All essential raw materials are extracted from natural sources and that’s the reason all their products are natural, pure and free from toxins.

The Origin of Mountain Herbs

Skin is the largest and most delicate organ of the human body, and Dermal Absorption is the reason for the absorption of toxic substances through the skin.  Regi realized that the frequently used products such as dish wash, laundry wash, hair wash, body wash, and body moisturizer, etc. are the main source of toxins in our body. To find a natural solution, Regi and Susanna worked hard for many months and years to experiment and make the right formulas for making skincare products with raw materials extracted from nature, and this led to the founding of Mountain Herbs.

Standing Apart from the competitors: The Company stands out from the crowd in various aspects. The products they manufacture are made from carefully selected natural herbs and pure vegetable oils. Each product is crafted in small batches to guarantee freshness and dyed with natural herbs, and the products contain no animal-derived ingredients, harsh ingredients, chemical preservatives, and chemical fragrance.

The manufacturing process retains vital nutrients and allows the natural benefits to remain in their products. Freshness, quality ingredients, and gentle processing, all contribute to an exceptional product that is appreciated by the customers.

The skincare products are guaranteed to be free from toxins, which are harmful to the body and cause allergy to the skin. The Company has a strict ‘policy against using chemical ingredients such as  Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLES), Chemical Fragrances, Chemical Preservatives, Polysorbate 20, Polyethylene Glycol (PEG), Potassium Sorbate, Dimethicone, and Parabens.

The Unbreakable Faith

The policy of total disclosure of ingredients helps customers to trust them. Mountain Herbs encourages their customers to make an informed decision after studying the ingredients of their skincare products. Consistent process to manufacture high-quality products has resulted in 100% customer satisfaction and repeat purchases.

Overcoming Adversity

After being laid off from his corporate job in a software firm, Regi joined an NGO which was run by a friend. But after some time due to financial constraints in the NGO, his job was reduced to a part-time gig. This turned out to be an opportunity in disguise as the spare time allowed Regi to consider other pursuits.  This was an epiphany for him when he decided to follow his entrepreneurship call and started a home-based small business with a purpose to make a difference.

The entrepreneur’s passion for natural products led him to do in-depth research to make his soap and other body wash products, which were free from harsh chemicals and animal products.

Along with  Susanna, they started making soap in their kitchen on a small scale.  The initial capital available was just enough for buying a stainless steel mixing kettle, few large plastic jars, and the two basic ingredients needed for soap making–oils and sodium hydroxide.

For manufacturing their products and designing products’ packaging, they had to design and built their sealing and cutting machines along with jigs to automate part of the soap making and packaging process.

The low initial start-up cost was counterbalanced by a considerable amount of time, labor, and love that went into creating a truly natural body-care product line. They spent three years in testing various soap recipes and fine-tuning the formula for the soap with the right consistency in quality with the right design and packaging.

Giving Back to Society

Mountain Herbs is committed to supporting the underprivileged and giving back to society. They supply free soaps to students of a tribal school in Himachal Pradesh and educate them to create awareness of natural products among the next generation. They also plan to conduct a seminar for children on natural soap making.

Talking about its achievements, Mountain Herbs was featured on the cover page of “Silicon India Magazine” as one of the 10 most promising organic/ natural skincare product companies in 2019.

Products Availability

Mountain Herb’s products are available on its website  with discounts and free shipping. Products can also be purchased from e-Commerce platforms like Amazon, Qtrove, The Better India, Vvegano, etc.

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