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Mykare Health

Mykare Health

Steering Top Notch patient care and Building India’s largest asset light affordable Hospital Network

We are working for a larger vision to build India’s most trustworthy and affordable asset-light hospital network in order to make the healthcare journey affordable, reliable, accessible, and stress-free for every common individual and to empower and utilize small and medium hospitals. –Senu Sam.

The pandemic has exposed the value of India’s small and medium-sized hospitals. More than 80% of the institutions in the country are small and medium-sized, and most of these hospitals have highly skilled surgeons and are accredited. At present, they are underutilized as a result of their low visibility, difficulty in establishing trust with the public, and lack of technological advancement to meet modern patient demands.

As a result, they are unable to draw both domestic and foreign patients. Patients’ treatment journeys at small and medium hospitals are currently unorganized and extremely fragmented. Mykare Health, India’s fastest-growing asset light hospital network offers 30% lesser cost with standardized surgical/treatment care for domestic and international patients, ensuring maximum utilization of small and medium hospital facilities.

Ensuring the highest quality treatment to all its patients in minimally invasive elective and cosmetic surgeries, including lasik, hernia, piles, hair transplant, liposuction, Knee Replacement, Hip Replacement, and IVF etc., Mykare Health emerged as a pioneer among the healthcare solutions provider companies on the global stage. Conceptualized in 2021, Mykare Health has been successful in gaining trust and building its brand loyalty while serving more than 70,000+ national and international patents in the last 10 months.

Mykare Health is the brainchild of Senu Sam, an enthusiastic professional with strong healthcare operational, managerial, and marketing skills with more than 12 years of working experience. Under the guidance and strong leadership of Senu Sam, Mykare Health has already created its presence in 11 + cities in India with a network of 55+ Hospitals while building India’s asset-light hospital chain by utilising under-utilised hospitals and surgeons.

He is highly energetic and dedicated with a creative mind and calm attitude. He is open to adapting to changes while dealing with every involved project to the highest possible standards. One of the youngest AVP in an Indian Hospital for Sales and International Marketing (Apollo Hospitals, MGM Healthcare, Westminster Healthcare, Gleneagles Global Etc.), Senu played a key role in earning 100 Cr business in one year from both India and abroad.

Senu Sam, a first-time founder who hails from a tier 3 town, had his venture included in a YC interview on his initial attempt. He and his team were chosen to represent India in the OnDeck ODX-US accelerator programme as the first batch. The company was selected by Inc42 as the top startup to watch in 2022, Best Startup by Tie Kerala and Kerala Grand Winner 2022.

On being asked about the major challenges and failures of his journey, Senu Sam said, “I failed in my first and second years of college. When looking for investment, our proposal was rejected by the first 80 Investors we pitched to. Then, I failed in my first StartUp. Still, I decided to stay back in India to build my company even after getting an opportunity to move to the UK. Here I am today successfully building India’s first one of the largest affordable networks of hospitals.”


• The value propositions of the company include 24×7 quality care, complete price transparency, zero-cost financing options, and administrative support- solving the problem of information, accessibility, and financing in the industry.
• The team’s commitment to patients inspires it to consistently raise the bar for itself. To ensure that patients receive the finest care possible, there is a strong adherence to innovation and a persistent focus on the adoption of new technologies.
• Mykare Health uses an asset-light business strategy to offer elective procedures at a 20–30% discount by utilising underutilised hospital and surgeon infrastructure capacity.

The Inception – How Mykare Was Born

Senu Sam, Co-founder and CEO of Mykare Health underwent the ordeal of the healthcare challenges in India when his father was admitted to the hospital, and Senu flew down to his hometown to organise his treatment. Long waiting times at the hospitals, patients being clueless about what to do and how to get connected with the doctors, lack of adequate health information, and poor patient-to-hospital and patient-to-doctor ratio were the stark realities that Senu faced stepping into the shoes of a typical patient.

This made him realise that his father was just one among millions of patients in the country who were in long waiting queues in the hospital without any clue on what they were going through. This is what inspired him and a young and zealous team to build Mykare Health, a bootstrapped, asset-light startup addressing the pain points in healthcare and meeting the needs of the patients seeking out economical surgical treatment needed an end-to-end tech platform experience with individualised and standardised care.

What’s Next?

Mykare has organically grown in response to the tremendous demand on both the supply and demand sides. Its team size has grown from 2 to 62 in the same period, and it has tied up with several companies that hold the capacity of 2500+ beds and manpower of 65+ Team members.

In the next 6 to 8 months, Mykare plans to open another 100+ facilities. Mykare plans to expand its operations by the end of the next year throughout North and Northeastern India as well as the SAARC nations in response to the high demand for affordable healthcare services.

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