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Nexus Billing Private Limited

Nexus Billing Private Limited: Makes the job easier

For a physician, it is important to remember their vision, their passion for medicine and not let the challenges of the day—from a busy waiting room to lots of paperwork, gradually drag them down. Physicians are and need to always be the “empowered givers,” focusing not on themselves, but rather on their patients first.

In this evolving age of technology and new government policies, physicians are stuck spending too much time on paperwork and not enough on their patients. Patients don’t want to keep sitting in the waiting room only to have their problems dismissed by an overloaded physician. Some exceptional clinicians may be able to manage the task for the time being without needing an expert to take care of administrative chores, but it won’t be easy.

The top four challenges for physicians are : 

  1. The constant drain on time and energy by managing paperwork and reporting requirements
  2. Inefficient Electronic health record data entry:
  3. Managing Quality Measures
  4. Remaining independent

Here’s a silver lining. Nexus Billing private limited healthcare help physicians build profitable practices through revenue growth. To create a flourishing medical practice, you need an X factor that distinguishes your practice from others and helps you be organized and a better service provider. Nexus Billing provides an enhanced vision to be proactive in your work, considerate hands to carry the extra load, and brains to analyze your data, so you can stop relying on your gut. The Nexus Billing team gives you that x-factor.

Nexus Billing manages physicians the way sports agents manage athletes: with the passion and thrive to help them up to their game and make them shine. It’s not just about handling bills and paperwork; nexus takes care of you, your patients, and your practice”.

Nexus Billing does everything, be it processing the paperwork, holding the patient’s hands, and providing data that makes sense. This can save your lot of money and more importantly time.

How choosing Nexus can be a giant leap:

With 30 years of experience in providing the best business services to physicians, Nexus Billing has all the acquired skills and expertise to help you build the most profitable, most efficient practice possible.

Verifies patient benefits: To make sure smoother processes, the team of Nexus Billing verifies patient benefits and eligibility, and requests all pre-certifications and pre-authorisations.

Meeting your unique needs: Insurance companies, government regulations, and industry changes affect your business differently. Nexus Billing crafts a custom-tailored strategy that gives you exactly what you need.

Reminders and Follow up: Manages your schedule and sends out timely appointment reminders and follows up. This saves you time and keeps you organized.

Reports: Gives customized reports so you can keep your finger on the pulse of your practice.

Eases up the journey: Makes the process painless for everyone: patients, office staff, and physicians.

Up to date: Is updated with the current regulations—and what’s coming—so you can collect with confidence.

Customised support and fresh ideas: With a personal, analytical approach, the company helps you find fresh ideas, finesse your plans, and connect with the business movers and shakers who can help make it happen.

Vigilance on the quality: Nexus billing team of experts maintain vigilance on the quality of service Every single service has quality assurance. The use of modern technology, timely and quality deliveries, industry standards, skillful and experienced workforce are its USPs.

A better network: Nexus billing works with physicians from all corners of the healthcare sector, so it has unique expertise and insights to help you build a stronger practice.

Round the clock service:  They know that you start before 9 and end after 5. With Nexus round-the-clock service, if you need them, they’re there.

Data-driven approach: Whether you need to expand, re-haul your process, or refine what you’re doing, Nexus Billing takes a data-driven approach to help make your practice as profitable and efficient as possible.

What clients say

A company is known for its clients’ experience. A happy and satisfying experience creates a lasting impact besides speaking a volume of involved professionalism. This is what the service users have to say:

“Nexus Billing makes my job easier. They are my go-to whenever I don’t understand anything financial or billing related…It’s as easy as getting on the phone, sending an email or a text message saying I need help… and it’s done.” : Leo Treyzon, MD, Gastroenterologist


“I switched to Nexus Billing because of their many years of experience with billing, their amazing reputation with the community and their availability and efficiency…Somebody will get back to our office very quickly, whether it’s with an email or a text or a phone call, within seconds or minutes they will go out of their way at any time of the day, evening or weekend to answer our questions.” : Susan Baker, MD, Rheumatologist

“The best part about working with Nexus Billing is that we don’t hear back from our patients very much regarding their interactions with the billing company because they are very satisfied…Where they helped our practice the most was consulting us through the transition from an in-network doctor to an out of network doctor”: ~Jonathan Ellis, MD, Gastroenterologist

It’s very difficult to keep up with the ever-increasing requirements for materials and keeping records.  but when you have professional services from Nexus Billing dedicated to meeting all your extra requirements, so that you are free to concentrate on what you do best: treat patients you have chosen the right track. Besides providing excellent clinical service, physicians today are also expected to save money and make sure that the paperwork and entries are all notes timely. This creates a better relationship with patients.

Any practice can expand, but sometimes you need a little boost to bring your big ideas to life. Nexus Billing will help your practice revenue grow. With the billing and coding services, you’ll get the standard stuff, plus that extra Nexus touch

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