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Noida Twin-Towers demolition on Aug 28: Know everything about the biggest demolition operation

Noida Twin-Towers demolition on Aug 28: Know everything about the biggest demolition operation

By Sanjay Maurya

Edifice CEO has informed that the demolition of Supertech Twin Towers will take place on Sunday (August 28) at 2:30 PM and within 9 seconds the demolition of the building will start. Mumbai-based Edifice Engineering is working closely with its South African partner firm Jet Demolition, which is sure to make it one of the world’s civil engineering feats.

Edifice CEO Utkarsh Mehta said, “The demolition button will be pressed at 2:30 pm. We are fully prepared. Impact cushions have been made to control the vibrations. It will take 3 months to clear the debris of the building.”

Noida DCP Traffic Ganesh Shah said that traffic planning is in the final stages. A few days ago the road in front of the Twin Towers was closed. All roads connected to it will be closed on the day of demolition.


The twin towers were ordered to be demolished by the Supreme Court after noting that they were constructed improperly. A petition was earlier filed by the Residents’ Welfare Association of Emerald Court Group Housing Society, alleging that the development violated the 2010 UP Apartments Act. According to News 18, it was also claimed that their building violated the minimum distance requirement.

Last year, the Supreme Court ordered the demolition of the towers. Reports said that they were built illegally without the consent of the individual flat owners as required under the UP Apartments Act, News18 quoted the court as saying.


The twin 40-storey towers (Apex and Ceyane) is located in Sector 93A of Noida, near the Noida-Greater Noida Expressway. These two towers include over 900 flats. They are part of Supertech’s Emerald Court project in Noida, Uttar Pradesh. Together, the two towers have a total size of about 7.5 lakh square feet.

Noida Twin-Towers demolition:

A combination of dynamite, emulsion and plastic explosive was delivered from Palwal (Haryana) for use in demolition. The towers would be brought down using the waterfall transplant method, and the buildings would fall inward. The detonation of the explosives would result in a sudden burst of external pressure that would spread like a shockwave throughout the building, breaking the concrete and causing the building to collapse. The buildings are wrapped in black and white geotextile fibers as they would produce a dust balloon.

About 1,400 residents will be evacuated before the demolition takes place. They will either leave a day before the demolition or a few hours before the start of the exercise. According to reports, around 50 beds have been reserved for residents in case they fall ill, including beds for 12 bedridden residents of Emerald Court at Felix Hospital in Sector 137. An ambulance has also been arranged to deal with any kind of emergency.

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