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OFLIV.COM – Venturing into organic food terrain

OFLIV.COM – Venturing into organic food terrain

Written by – Mehak Malhotra

With each passing day, people are becoming well-aware of the aftereffects of consuming food prepared using unfavourable chemicals. Accordingly, there has been a volatile shift in the rise of the organic food industry. There is an immense increase observed in the understanding of organic food methods. The progressing growth of the e-commerce sector has accelerated the organic food industry to expand its horizon and reach out to a vast consumer base. Natural and healthy food is available to people with just a tap on their smartphones. Many startup ventures have entered the industry with their exclusively innovative ideas to serve society with a desirable lifestyle.

In this edition, we are going to throw light on OFLIV.COM, a coherent firm with a sight to become an authentic company delivering organic food.

OFLIV Agrotech is your one-stop destination for fresh and organic groceries delivered at the doorstep. It is the solution to all the daily essentials like vegetables, fruits, dairy, bakery, packaged food, and other grocery variants. The company also proffers a huge range of natural, chemical-free cosmetics and nature-friendly utility products like soaps, handbags, etc. Everything that they serve is categorically organic. This makes OFLIV stand tall against its peers in the industry. The online grocery mart provides an integrated and user-friendly platform to customers and vendors.

Founded by Rajeev Ranjan, bestowing expertise of more than 20 years in the sale and real estate industry. Hailing from a family with agricultural background, he has an impressive command of the field.

The company is commendably supported by the two key officials, the Operation Head, Sonali Sharma with an experience of over 8 years in human resource and client management, and Chief Marketing Officer, Yashveer Tomar holding his strong hand in offline and online marketing for around 12 years. The firm aspires to accomplish the name of an economical establishment that assures all the grocery needs by delivering top-grade premium quality organic products.

Exclusive line of services
The kind of services that a company renders is what makes it different from others. Likewise, OFLIV offers an exclusive range of services that are not observed elsewhere. An insight into them is highlighted below :

  • While there is an abundance of companies delivering organic food along with their regular products, OFLIV is a solitary platform that only provides organic deliverables and nothing more.
  • The platform only deals with vendors that bring veritable organic items for the firm.
  • The products are economical and reliable. Most people live with the pre-determined notion that the organic industry is excessively expensive. The company aids this issue and provides everything at prices that fall under the rational budget of a common man.

Splendid entrepreneurial journey
Upon the inception of OFLIV, many milestones were waiting at the door. There was a multitude of vendors ready to step in but the company was not content with the quality being offered. As indicated earlier, ensuring that all the products are organic and cruelty-free holds paramount importance for the firm. Consequently, there were numerous parameters in terms of quality assurance.

The entire team had a hard time finding genuine organic vendors. However, with persistent time and effort, they managed to collaborate with vendors who were certified to sell organic products. In this day and age, the business fraternity has become fairly welcoming for innovative startups. The risk-taking ability has heightened and that has led to a promising start for the aspiring entrepreneurial firms.

Vigorous marketing strategies
The firm has a unique approach to key advertising strategies. They target potential customers through various courses of action. A few of them are enlisted below :

  • Offline marketing strategy – The well-versed marketing team attempts to boost the sale outcomes by engaging in offline activities like publishing advertisements in newspapers, magazines, pamphlets and spreading the word in societies.
  • Online marketing strategy – By creating online footprints through social media search engines, article/blog sites, organic search, etc.

Building dynamic strategies to escalate the business is imperative for every organization, especially the new entrants. OFLIV has shown thoughtfulness in this matter and works efficiently to keep shaping influencing marketing strategies. Besides, the company sustains well-timed research and development, working with the utmost integrity to keep up with the changing market trends.

A cohesive work culture
The company firmly believes in nurturing a home-like environment for its employees. It incessantly encourages everyone to put forth their thoughts and ideas without any emotion of hesitance or fear. A rational leader is the one who forges ahead while taking his teammates all together. It is all about walking the company through the ethical path of success. The leaders at OFLIV, have the same outlook.

They safeguard the health and happiness of each employee working for the growth of the venture. To promote equality at work, there is no descending flow of hierarchy followed within the work premises. The decision-making is also all-embracing by considering everyone’s perspective. The prestigious firm is guiding the change in the organic food industry by focusing on a competitive online marketplace.

Flourishing future prospects
At the outset, OFLIV centralized on promoting organic groceries, dairy, fruits, vegetables, etc. As they enter phase 2, the company is eyeing to nourish the nature-friendly products in the fashion and cosmetic segment. They procure a strong set of vendors and partners for the same. In like manner, the team has a vision and plan prepared till the fifth phase that will be engrossed to widen the vendor base, customer base, and market share.

With the tremendous effort and diligence of the employees, the venture has managed to acquire more than 500 organic farmers and 60 certified vendors of natural products in collaboration. For such a short span of time, this is nothing less than an accomplishment in itself. Likewise, the company strives to grow and effectuate all its future endeavors.

Attracting the readers
“Live life organically” is the key mantra quoted by Rajeev Ranjan for the readers of the magazine. He further believes that going entirely chemical-free is the finest choice that we can make today. We have no idea how dreadfully a contaminated food can affect our immune system. The foremost thing that the global pandemic has taught us is to keep up good health and immunity to withstand any disease. To that concern, refining the standard of living by adapting the organic way is the only means that can help us and our future generations.


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