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Tejas Detective Agency – An endeavour to create a difference

Tejas Detective Agency– An endeavour to create a difference

Breaking the stereotypes and making the name in the game to emerge as the torch bearer, instigating disruption and difference, women are revamping every industry by building some exemplary businesses. With a steady increase in women entrepreneurship, the world has witness the matchless prowess of female leaders in past in 2 decades. Moreover, leading some major industry giants at some reputed positions in the ‘male-dominated’ industry,  female entrepreneurs have created a wave of change and carved a path to be followed by other ambitious and dedicated women entrepreneurs.

With its brand-new edition of print publication, Business Connect brings its adored readers with some fascinating success stories in which women-led enterprises have outplayed the rest. Starting her very first business venture from scratch, Bhavna Paliwal, the Director of Tejas Detective Agency has created a company that has become a reliable choice to deliver high-quality solutions. At present, it is being managed, owned and conducted by her only. Owing to her years of enriched experience in this space, Bhavna laid the foundation stone with the endeavour to establish herself as an independent women leader amidst the male-prominent space.

Bhavna’s years of experience and expertise have allowed her to become a prominent player in the respective industrial space. She says that her road to success had its own fair share of ups and downs but her indomitable spirit always kept her forging ahead.

In India, the detective agency space is a the male dominated  world where as a women she established herself with sheer hard work and adamant efforts. She has become a leading face as a ‘Lady Detective’ in the country for those seeking marital investigation, personal & individual investigation, detection of missing people, financial investigation, employment investigation, corporate investigation, etc,.

Inspiration to get started
The Director always looks up to her mentor— Pradeep Sharma— who always encouraged her talent and also inspired her to start her own venture in this direction. She is grateful to the unfaltering guidance of Mr Pradeep who identified her talent and motivated her to create her own identity in this arena.

So far, Bhavna has envisioned to promote women empowerment while encouraging the career prospects for women in this space. Even her targeted clientele are women in distress and are seeking relatable, affordable and relieving solutions. Her endeavours and efforts to bring a wave of change for women have been well-received and appreciated by numerous other businesses too. Namaste Detectives India, New Delhi Detectives, The Indian Detectives are some of the programs commenced under her guidance. These programs are to thrive and nurture the aspiring Detectives-especially women.

A glance at the key feature
Bhavna believes in offering the best in class solutions to the clients. “We offer private inquiries and investigations for Businesses, Insurers and Individuals too. What gives us a competitive edge is our unique qualifications that ensure the clients with maximum results in timely and cost efficient manner. Our investigations utilizes only the most qualified investigators and the advanced equipment to assist the process in multiple ways,” asserts the Director. Her team of industry experts also resonate with the same notion and has played significant role in the success of a few major investigations performed by the company so far.

Crossing the milestones effectively
Sometimes, there are horrendous incidents that impact lives disastrously and such mishaps shatter families and causes immense mental trauma to victims. Recognizing the pain of the commonalities, Tejas Agency assists  people to investigate the incidents and help them get appropriate justice. No doubt, the society has the sheer presence of anti-social activities and elements across the world that are adamant to trap innocent people and harm them in numerous ways.

Tejas is adamant to fight off such evils existent in society by helping common populace in best possible ways. So far, several cases have been solved first-handed by the agency where numerous of the survivors have been rescue, who were lured and trapped in numerous evils traps set up by pernicious groups of people.

Under the stewardship of Bhavna, her team has solved numerous complicated cases where common people were benefitted the most. Bhavna states that her team of skilled professionals has successfully brought home a 16- year- old girl, who went missing, within a month. “This case was thought to be almost   impossible to crack but team Tejas solved it in no time. The family members and peers lost all hopes of the well being or return of the poor girl, but we rescued her and brought her home safe and sound,” conveys the Founder. She adds that it gives her immense joy and satisfaction when her actions are transforming and touching lives in the best possible manner.

In numerous other cases like the one stated in the above premise, they have helped several women/children to reach their home safely, by pulling them out from the vicious human-trafficking networks and other diabolical pitfalls. Apart from this, a number of cases in terms of foul play in marital space have been unveiled by team Tejas with sheer dedication and determination to make a difference in people’s lives. 

Encouragement is must
Bhavna elucidates that the Government of India should encourage the women’s contribution in the space. Parents are always doubtful to allow their daughters enter the sphere due to the lack of acknowledgement. Thereby, women with immense competencies and talent give up on their dream to become Detectives. Bhavna aspires the government authorities and the peers organisations to encourage more and more women’s engagement in this sphere to change the norms and create a difference.

For all the women striving to be successful Detectives, she conveys an inspiring message, “One must have a determined zeal to prove oneself. Then only one can reach the envisioned goals and break the stereotypes. Being women ourselves, we should promote women empowerment and help each other in the pursuit of our aspired goals. The road to success is not a piece of cake for sure, but never hesitate to ensure 100% dedication from your side and witness the miracles around you! ”



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