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Energy saved is energy generated. What happens when the consumption rate is higher than the rate of production? Then comes a time when only a few , who could pay a higher price gets to use it. Others are denied. Industrial fuels like , Oil, coal and other forms of natural gas take millions of years for formation. If we keep using energy faster than the rate at which it can be produced, we end up finishing all of it. The rate at which we are using the non-renewable sources of energy, it is said that these would last for 40 odd years. Can you imagine life after that? The mere imagination gives goosebumps.

Here’s a story of a company that has successfully executed more than 250 projects helping industries to save a huge amount of energy costs by way of saving precious fuel being used in industry , Being awarded as the best technology provider in energy conservation field from CII in 2019, Opel Energy Systems has helped many Big Industrial houses and helped them to save huge amount of energy with maintenance-friendly and smooth operating Waste Heat Recovery Systems, and in turn, every customer that Opel has worked with has given Opel a repeat business, which is a testimony to the complete customer satisfaction.

Opel Energy Systems Pvt. Ltd. was established to do Business through improving customer’s business, by way of providing simple and cost-effective solutions for energy savings through Waste Heat Recovery and Energy Conservation projects which are simple to implement, quick to execute and have the lowest payback periods. In this process, Opel has successfully installed Waste Heat Recovery Systems on virtually all applications and saved a Huge amount of Energy/Fuel collectively; to date.

Opel’s expertise has taken the company beyond the boundaries of our nation and has successfully executed many projects away from the home soil.

What makes Opel different, is in its approach of offering “Free of cost” walk-through an energy audit, which helps the customer to identify the area where energy conservation can be implemented, with simple workable solutions.


Mr. YD CHAVAN, the managing Director at Opel recalls the journey. It was in 1996, when I worked as a project engineer, Back then, I had to go for the commissioning of the baby boilers required for the process heating requirements. One day, the owner of a company came to take us from our office to start the boiler supplied by us in his latest car. I thought he must be highly educated with a very high profile business background. After I fixed all the problems and gave all the trials, besides satisfying him about the equipment, I prepared the commissioning report about all the parameters. When I requested the owner to sign the report which I needed to show my Boss for proper handing over the equipment. I was shocked to hear him.

He asked me to read whatever I had written and then sign it off myself, revealing that he had only studied till grade 3. This opened my eyes & thought process started I am an engineering graduate & he is 3rd std pass non-qualified person running an industry & having Honda City car with him & I was having 6-year-old Bajaj M80?? , something was wrong . Thought process started same day i& Finally, it took another 4 years to start my own activities due to family responsibilities & in Nov 2000 I started my own proprietary company named Opel Engineers and two years later converted into Opel Energy Systems Pvt Ltd.

During the initial years, I provided services & spares supply to Boiler users. I used to carry all the heavy spares on my shoulders & used to walk from the bus stop to the company around 2- 3 kms. 3 months later I purchased a second-hand premier fiat car that operated on LPG. My wife and I both used to wake up early to finish kitchen activities so that I could use the LPG cylinder in my car for my material delivery purpose .

We sold all our gold ornaments for business start-ups and used to stay in a small single room to avoid expenses. My turn over in the first year was Rs 60000. The first order I received was for Rs. 7500 & today we handle a single order of Rs 750 Lacs with my team of engineers.”


Opel has been into the market delighting its clients through its refined services. The company is into thermal energy conservation & waste heat recovery projects in process industries that are using Fuel in large amounts for their process heating requirements. The company provides projects from concept to commissioning to save their fuel costs & reduce overall energy costs for productions

The main client’s are Automobile & auto ancillaries, . These industries are using a huge amount of fuels for their paint shops & die casting & other furnaces. The company installs heat recovery systems & recover waste heat to use the same in the same plant to save fuel costs


The world is changing. The ones who work to grow have to learn. Learn to adapt. If they don’t, they perish. The fact that Opel has been around for 16+ years is the testimony of its adaptability. The company keeps finding out new and innovative concepts/ projects for saving fuel costs. One of the projects is- waste heat recovery system on engine test beds installed in TATA MOTORS LTD. For this project,Opel received first prize as an innovative heat recovery system from CII Delhi in 2018, Opel had received 5 times first prize as a energy service company from MEDA . The MD believes in the practice of giving something more to the clients for which they have not paid you. This he says, will increase your credentials about you & will help in future business.


The venture was started with a mission to offer simple and workable solutions for conserving thermal energy, with cost economic propositions, which will help industries save precious fuel energy, which is cash saving and in turn, helps Nation to save energy. Opel has currently 250+ projects operating in the industry. With these projects in operation industry is saving fuel of worth Rs 20 + crore approx every year The target is to save Rs 100 crores per year for the Nation from all the opel projects in future.


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