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Palc Networks: Expertise in Networking and Cloud Development Services

Palc Networks: Expertise in Networking and Cloud Development Services

Kingston Smiler: CEO and Co-founder
With a team of highly skilled professionals, PalCNetworks has an area of expertise in Networking and Cloud Computing. Incepted 4 years back, their key focus is on Network-oriented services; cloud computing, IoT, and Analytics. At PalCNetworks, highly enthusiastic experts and technically advanced employees achieve common organizational goals and objectives in the arena of networking with passion and perseverance. Going into the intricacies of services, the Company offers network and cloud development services that include SDN, NFV, WhiteBox Networking, Data & Network Analytics, IoT Cloud App Development, etc. Specialized in White Box Market, Palc Network renders a great contribution to it with in-depth research and development. It runs completely against the traditional networking model where you buy switches and routers from a single vendor and then you run the network. However, in White Box Market, you purchase switches and routers from the vendors and software by Network Operating System Provider. They help several Network Operating System Providers in the open-source community (SONiC, DANOS, FRR etc.)  as well as commercial vendors. Besides this, they provide a lot of services in the field of Analytics as well.

How it all started.
A story of infinite struggles is involved behind the inception of any business or company. An idea needs to be nurtured and all the possible efforts are directed towards it.

S.KingstonSmiler started a career as a developer, and then he gradually started shifting his focus towards Pre-sales and Product Management side. Meanwhile, he met the cofounders, Santosh Danegoudar & Parul Agrawal of the Company, who are also from the Engineering background. Thinking deeply about the customers’ requirements and services, they started working on the consultant mode. They gathered confidence from the customers’ side because the number of customers was increased from a few to 10 in a span of two years. On the same notion, they were focusing more on building products and elongating the list of clientele. After giving a deep thought, they incepted the PalCNetworks.

How are they different?
In contemporary times, if you look at the network service provider companies, then they are only limited to provide you services like switching, routing, etc. And, the application service provider companies only focus on launching new applications with the help of newer and advanced technologies. Possessing an enriching experience in the Networking zone, Palc Networks provides you a blend of networking and application services that provide an upper hand in the competition with its peers.

Take on Research and Development
The Company develops products for its customers. For which, it undertakes a crucial process that is R&D to know the intricacies of their services. A highly proficient team of Research is there in the Company to learn, relearn and unlearn the things in the market. Illuminating innovative ideas and experiment with them on several processes to bring dynamism in the services. In this way only, the Company progresses towards the acme of excellence and success.

The Clientele
Tailoring to the needs of a wide range of clientele, PalCNetworks provides services to startups and multi-billion companies. Customers want to use their core strength that is the white box market to scale up their operations and applications. Using the latest technology, they are working with the existing customers very closely in bringing the product and services to multiple ranges of clientele that include software companies, hardware companies, e-commerce, and diverse segments.

Values and Ethics
Kingston Smiler believes in truth and transparency. He says, “If you are truthful to the customers and when you fail at times, then they will trust and respect you. Be transparent with them, even if you are not on the right path, they may not understand at that point, but later they will realize this.”

In the internal organization also, they encourage taking feedback from the employees. At PalCNetworks, everyone needs to be technologically-oriented. They believe in the transfer of knowledge, whatever is happening in the market, employees need to be updated. Aligning with the latest technology also seems so essential. Connecting to the dots is important.

Switching from the values and ethics to the challenges faced by the Company. The most prominent obstacle was finding the right set of people to work in the organization.  They do not face any challenge to identify the right customer but to find the appropriate people with the correct skillset is far more challenging in this technologically-driven era.

Future Plans
Working relentlessly for the Company, they envision coming up with the product in the white box market and Network Analytics. Santosh, the co-founder of PalC Networks says, “We want to be known as Product and High-end Services Company. We want to be the enabler of innovative ideas of the Company”.

As an entrepreneur, S. Kingston Smiler has a powerful message to deliver to the readers. He says, “You have to be watchful what’s happening in the market. Be aligned with your intuition and you ought to be more calculative in taking risks. Whether or not you are an entrepreneur, but you need to rely on your gut whilst taking decisions. This is the ultimate success mantra.”


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