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TERRA BRUSH: Eco-Friendly Tooth Brush for Excellent Oral Care

At an alarming rate, the environment is facing a serious threat from humans. Directly or indirectly, the activities of human beings are disturbing the pendulum of balance in the nature. There are a plethora of industries those on the constant basis manufacturing the plastic products, which are the potent sources of environmental degradation, and prove to be highly hazardous to other life forms.

Despite this fact, unconsciously humans are using products of plastic such as polythene, plastic containers, etc. in day to day regime, as they think they don’t have any alternative. But, it’s not true, there are a number of industries entering the market, and producing products devoid of plastic to safeguard the beauteous nature.

One such company is Terrabrush, with the objective to reduce the usage of plastic toothbrushes, which like other plastic stuff gets dumped into the water bodies, thereby killing a multitude of water species.

The founders of TERRABRUSH are Karthick Solai and Arjun, and the company was incepted in the year 2018. The product of the company is Toothbrush, which is made up of biodegradable material called ‘bamboo’. As the property of biodegradable substance is that it can be decomposed quite easily, thus creating no harm to the environment.

In this way, the toothbrush is bringing a radical change for the elimination of plastic brushes, so that a small replacement of plastic commodity by billions of people can lead to a massive impact globally. Under the supervision of expert and specialized dentists, the product is manufactured to provide an exemplary oral care. The bristles of the tooth brush are soft. The Bamboo toothbrush is light in weight, and it does not cause trouble whilst using.

The Company serves all types of clients, who wish to choose eco-friendly products over the conventional plastic ones and who possess a trust on the company. Henceforth, these customers place orders for the respective product. For maintaining the credibility and ensuring the unbreakable faith of clients, Terrabrush ensures timely delivery and quality of products. The company seeks the customer satisfaction for the money they pay.

Standing apart from peers in the market, the ace company only provides eco-friendly toothbrush, at a cost which can be easily afforded by a majority of people. In this way, the superlative organization is creating an astounding difference.

Without a proper synchronization, this is a harsh truth that a company can no longer exist in the entrepreneurial arena. During the time of Terrabrush‘s inception, they found it quite challenging to keep a pace with the latest trend. Then, they have planned to launch a variety of eco-friendly products, which were made by visualizing the market trend. So, company believes in experimenting, and always tries to resonate with the market for letting the customers enjoy innovative eco-friendly products. Henceforth, the Company is thriving and keeping abreast of the latest market trends.

The company also believes in the process of Research and Development that create innovative products which keeps the customers interested and satisfied.

The Workforce

Workforce is the axis around which expansion and growth of the company rotates. Without it, the existence of the organization can never happen. Therefore, it becomes indispensable to take care of the customers by giving them incredible attention and care. Walking on the same grounds, Terrabrush ensures the happiness and growth of the customers.

They believe in the individualistic growth of the customers, which results in the overall progress of the company. According to magnate, the focus should not only in earning profits, but also to care about the needs of the customers.

Additionally, it focusses on ‘Open Communication Strategy’, where customers can freely discuss anything with the management or even the CEO of the company. Henceforth, the customers of formidable organization experience exhilaration and contentment.

Giving Back to Societ

The emerging brand is incredibly working towards the environment protection by manufacturing eco-friendly products. Since inception, they are putting strenuous efforts in minimizing the plastic use. It’s such a noble cause for which the company is working day and night. If more people are going to use bamboo toothbrushes instead of plastic then there will be a radical change visible on the periphery of planet.

By producing plastic toothbrushes, Terrabrush is protecting beaucoup of life forms in the water bodies. Henceforth, the company is doing a phenomenal job for the society by safeguarding the environment.

The government has also taken stupendous steps for prohibiting the use of plastic or banning the plastic made products. This has given a mammoth support to the company, and also influenced people to avoid plastic made products. The company avoids stringently the use of any kind of plastic in the product and also in the packaging.

Great Achievements

It is in itself a great achievement that the company has not used a trace of plastic in the manufacturing of its products. Selling bamboo toothbrush acts as the driving force for a multitude of people in the nation to avoid plastic toothbrush from their morning rituals. This smallest change in our daily lives is continually bringing an imperative change.

Ascending on the graph of achievements, the formidable company has already sold more than fifty thousand pieces of terrabrushes within a time span of one year in India. The company envisions to take its products to the newer heights, so that it can be helpful for the consumers, and also safeguards our environment.

For rejuvenating the spirits and refreshing souls, they love to spend their time in farming and with their cattle. This gives them a feeling of contentment, and also makes them more passionate towards work by bringing new energies into it.

The entrepreneur merrily shares an indispensable message to the readers of Business Connect- “Go Green, Avoid the Usage of Plastic to Save Our Beauteous Oceans.”

“If product is the left eye then the customers are the right eye for any organization”.

Karthick Solai, Co-Founder Terrabrush

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