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Pinnacle Teleservices is Spearheading & Marketing Spectrum with its Expertise and Excellent Solutions

The post-pandemic world is witness to several long-term changes such as the popularity of ‘work from home’, digital-first preferences and changing customer behaviour. The enterprise communication industry has first hand experienced these massive behavioural shifts that acted as catalysts to the progress of Conversational AI among others. As one of the industry leaders, Pinnacle Teleservices not only acted swiftly to accommodate the changing needs but also presented a new approach to create hybrid solutions that are easy to deploy and scale.

Since its inception in 2003, Pinnacle has been smooth sailing on its business journey and is ranked amongst India’s leading enterprise communication company with a grown family of 220+ team members, over 100 channel partners, and 6000+ clients. Bringing over 100s of years of combined team experience in the industry, Pinnacle has worked with the most recognised brands in India. It has grown as a renowned name in digital mobile solutions.

Service Offerings: Pioneering in the Sector-agnostic Solutions

Pinnacle is a pioneer in catering to the B2B and B2C segments with a wide array of service offerings. Their core offering majorly includes WhatsApp Business APIs, Google RCS, TrueCaller Services, Business Messaging Services, AI/ML-NLP based ChatBots, Customized Intelligent IVR Services, Toll-Free Solutions, Missed Call Applications, DTMF, 10 Digit Solutions, Audio Call Conferencing, Tele-voting, In-bound and Out-bound call solutions, Robust Email services, and high hybrid Digital marketing solutions.

Since the text and voice-based services are used across all industries, albeit for distinct use cases, Pinnacle’s solutions and services are often cross-industry. This has really made their canvas big, throwing both the challenge and opportunity to serve this huge space. Serving over 60,000+ customers coming in all shapes and sizes and from across the sector led to an opportunity for Pinnacle to understand the working and user behaviour and ultimately use cases from industries such as agriculture, government, emergency, banking, oil & gas, retail, e commerce, hospitality, healthcare and the list grows on.

Emerging as a Differentiator in the Enterprise Communications Domain

Pinnacle is proud of its substantial market share in the enterprise communications sector. This is not possible without cutting-edge technology, state-ofthe-infrastructure, a solid sales and support team, and the ability to customise around the client use cases. Here is a brief explanation of the USPs –:

• They assure last-mile delivery of messages by the virtue of having their own indigenous SMEs at telecom operators like BSNL, and MTNL, among others.
• This provides them enormous leverage, and thus, they serve the needs of most of the competitors with their infra.
• The company’s high-end infrastructure, which includes messaging, voice, and email and is intended to handle big volumes, is one of its key competitive advantages, as they have repeatedly shown.
• They are global business partners for giant digital firms like TrueCaller, Google RCS, and WhatsApp Business API with global business services.
• WhatsApp Business API is a fast-growing business around the globe wherein the partners also nicknamed them ‘the North Star’ among their BSPs.

The Genesis of Pinnacle Teleservices: How it all started

When the globe was ideally using one-way communication for broadcasts, the concept of two-way communication served as sort of the cornerstone for Pinnacle. Rajesh Banerjee, the man behind the idea, was intrigued by the potential and viability of a two-way communication medium that would completely change the approach and tactics used by marketers around the world. He came up with the idea while observing the shortcomings in the implementation and performance of standard marketing channels and techniques.

One-way broadcasting is still permitted in conventional ways today through media like newspapers, outdoor radio and television, print, and other channels. This would result in a spread of the message, significant marketing expenses, a poor return on investment, and no user engagement indicator, among other drawbacks. This is where the introduction of text messaging provided marketers with a distinctive method for delivering highly targeted and tailored messages throughout the world.

However, steep challenges were ahead of them in terms of starting with a new domain, virtually nonexistent technology, pitching against traditional marketing channels, and a nascent market. All these made the journey even more exciting for Rajesh Banerjee, and his team set out to tackle these issues and leave an excellent mark.

Ushering in the World of Enterprise Communications

It was text messaging that introduced 2-way messaging to the world. Pinnacle jumped into the foray of enterprise communication with a vision and mission to be one of the leading players in India as well as globally. With text messaging services as its first step, Pinnacle later introduced the world of business communications. It was the start of something that, even after 20 years, continues to develop and adapt, keeping the challenge of change and adaptation alive for all participants in the market.

“We at Pinnacle feel the pace of changing times and are really excited about Pinnacle 2.0, which dictates changes in time, technology, and approach to serving our customers better. I am confident that Pinnacle 2.0 will play a significant role in shifting the industry from messaging to conversations, which is again how the industry will change”, the visionary leader further apprised.

An Overview of the Current Enterprise Communications

The enterprise communication sector in India is still at a nascent stage, with little over 5% market coverage in India. Indian unorganised industries, including the retail sector, among others, are gradually embracing digital methods, of which messaging is one. For the ensuing ten or more years, this offers a tremendous chance for growth for the entire sector in India.

With the government entities, one of the primary consumers of digital services, pushing toward digitisation, Pinnacle will experience more growth. On the other hand, the TRAI and DOT are doing an incredible job for the sector as a whole. In the last few decades, these organisations have revised their policies on a number of occasions to keep up with changing dynamics and the unethical behaviours of spammers and scammers.

With the grey routes of messaging under control and the pricing regulated, the sector has seen unprecedented overall growth. The communication industry has been accelerated by internet titans like Amazon, Meta, and Google, as well as by engaging conversational channels like WhatsApp, Facebook & Instagram Messengers, as well as rich communication formats like RCS.

All of these together are enormous growth accelerators for the industry. The pandemic COVID 19 also played a critical role in the change in user habits of a digitalfirst approach that has accelerated the adoption of automated conversations with the aid of chatbots.

A Glimpse of Rajesh Banerjee’s Distinctive Leadership Approach

Since the company’s inception, Mr Rajesh has been leading the firm in the key position of Director. Throughout his journey, he had the opportunity to work with over 400+ team members and 6,000+ clients in the last two decades and the 200+ present team. He has learned a lot from this experience, and these are some characteristics of his leadership style: –

• Being helpful and supportive of teammates in bringing out their best work and inventions.
• Developing the next generation of leaders
• Working on continuous innovations in the area of new products and services
• Pursuing innovations in the area of retailing and service offering
• Enhancing the capabilities to bring out sharp and holistic business communication solutions.

The Inspiring Work Culture

The people at Pinnacle are an integral part of the organisation. All the board of directors put emphasis on developing leaders of tomorrow, and hence the team keep the happiness index at Pinnacle as the highest priority. Recently, Pinnacle Teleservices has been recognised as ‘India’s Greatest Workplace’ by BrandStroy.

Still, the most significant recognition comes from the team members, more than half of whom have stayed with Pinnacle for 8+ years or more, maintaining the lowest attrition rate. The Emerging Trends in the Telecommunication Domain The business communication sector is constantly changing. Government policies differ from one nation to the next, and it must also take into account end-user preferences like shifting from plain text to WhatsApp to automated conversational AI.

As recipients’ preferences change, so do the ways in which companies and other entities desire to target them and provide a high return on investment. Additionally, the COVID-19 pandemic permanently changed user behaviour and how entities interacted with them. With constant R&D efforts, the Pinnacle team tries to keep up with new trends and often holds the lead position. In order to aggregate services on the omnichannel well ahead of the competition, their most recent PaaS offerings are packed with superior capabilities that stem from the 2 decade of learnings.

Significance of R&D: The Key Driving Force

From simple structured FAQs to the next-gen AI-driven platform like Chat GPT, there have been significant evolutions in the industry till now. That is why the team at Pinnacle has a keen eye for the changing technology and its use in bringing out desired solutions.

Designing individualised solutions for the clients was the first step. The team gained a great deal of information from this regarding the need for a solution and the desired results. While continuing to meet the needs of the customer, they also put a lot of time and effort into making customisation stations into standard functionality.

Tech Inclusivity and its Implementation

Tech inclusivity is very essential when it comes to addressing a large global market. The leading man, Rajesh Banerjee, strongly advocates designing and implementing technology and tech-based systems and making them accessible and usable by people with a wide range of abilities, backgrounds, and characteristics. Technology is fundamental to many facets of modern life, making tech inclusivity a significant concern.

For social and economic inclusion, it is essential to give everyone a chance to participate in and gain from the digital world. “It is not just about the entities that will use our system, but it is the end user that is highly impacted by the solutions we build. We implemented an automated bot in local languages for residents of a state that is a shining example of inclusivity as an illustration of the same thing, as it will not only allow access to the programmes and other important information with ease and without technology literacy but it will also bring transparency, reduce corruption, and save the exchequer’s money”, he further apprised.

Mr Rajesh’s Perception of the Definition of Success Personally, success for me is all about being happy. At Pinnacle, we have utmost importance on the ‘Team Pinnacle Happiness Index’, which I believe is essential for the team member and the company and translates into a great customer experience. Success is also reflected in the making of the second line of leadership. Only a leader shapes up the leaders of tomorrow.

The biggest milestone was when we did send the first message using our homegrown application. I treat that as a milestone, as it was the foundation for our creating more complex and powerful applications, and that point was the confidence that we needed to do so. As a major accomplishment, I will remember our first client payment. That was all that was needed to get our ball rolling.

The Future Plans – Marching Ahead

For Pinnacle, the next 5 years are crucial for the expected success of Pinnacle 2.0. The team is dedicated to doing this while maintaining its focus on client success and scale through improvements in technology and infrastructure. This increase is also a declaration of their long-term goals. Pinnacle will introduce three significant products over the course of the next five years, including deep-tech platforms and extremely scalable infrastructure.

With these platforms, they will foray into the global markets and aim to capture a substantial market share in the omnichannel and conversational AI segment. In the coming years, they are focused on a no-code, low-code platform with cognitive capabilities. This application will simplify the process for companies from various backgrounds to use sophisticated CPaaS, conversational AI, and workflow automation tools with a good return on investment. Of course, without the appropriate expertise, none of these efforts would be possible, and in the upcoming years, the company wants to increase its global team.

Giving back to the community

CSR initiatives at Pinnacle are closely related to and support the vision and goal. They put a lot of emphasis on participating in and lending support to initiatives that advance the education of girls. In addition, they sponsor a number of initiatives centred on providing care for senior residents. They also make sure that all the efforts are inclusive and make sure to reach out to remote geographies such as remote villages in Gadchiroli, Maharashtra.

According to Rajesh Banerjee, “It is very important for the C-suites to lead such initiatives from the very front to set up the right tone and also for the programs to be effective and reach the desired outcome.”

Inspirational Thoughts for Readers & Aspiring Industry Leaders

Mr Rajesh Banerjee, in a candid chat, shares his experience, which can come in handy for readers and fellow leaders. He says, “One should always pursue their passion and carry out their heart’s desire. Being inventive has been shown to be a crucial component of success. Innovative people will always have an advantage over copycats.”

A stagnant life will not reward us. Changes are uncomfortable, but then we need to move forward. Moving toward greater heights, one has to climb, and while you might slip and fall, there is always an opportunity for you to get back up and start over. If you give up, you might not fall anymore, but you won’t reach anywhere either. The satisfaction of working together to attain a goal is significantly higher than the satisfaction of doing it alone.

It’s crucial to surround yourself with great people. It is crucial to establish a tradition that fosters in our teammates the right mindset and a positive attitude. We must cherish our Team, support their growth, and recognise their accomplishments as leaders. In addition, we must cultivate a culture that values honesty and integrity above all else.

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