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Redefining the overall mobile service ecosystem

As we sat down for an exclusive conversation with the PLINTRON Group’s key protagonists— Mohan Kumar Sundaram (Chairman) and Subhashree Radhakrishnan (Vice-Chairman and Co-Founder) for this inside story, our team came across some valuable nuggets that we are pleased to share with our readers. Without any further ado, let’s dive into the pool of profoundness offered by these brilliant leaders.

PLINTRON Group has attained the stature of being the world’s largest end-to-end multi-country MVNA & MVNE services, IoT and CPaaS player. It has a world-class reputation in providing Telecom SaaS Mobile Virtual Network Enabler (MVNE) solutions, Telecom as a Service (TaaS) Mobile Virtual Network Aggregator Services (MVNA) solution to Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNOs), Enterprises and IoT service providers across the globe in over 28 countries, establishing its firm presence in 6 continents so far. While powering many IoT MVNOs globally, it also renders efficient solutions to several IoT players in multiple verticals and is the fastest-growing IoT company.

Today, PLINTRON takes immense pride in have launched more than 140 MVNOs with active mobile subscribers of over 150 million in 6 continents. Owing to its global repute, the Group has an association with more than 40 mobile network operators and more than 1000 third party solution providers. It has been proving its prowess across diverse geographical localities while being headquartered in Singapore with offices in London, Dubai, New Delhi, São Paulo, and Seattle. The company’s Global Technology & Support centre located in India grants 24×7 supports the Plintron clientele. Scaling the heights of exemplary success, PLINTRON has planned to execute some major expansion strategies and is to be operational in around 50+ nations by the next 2 years.

The organisation was incorporated in 2008 when it began its functions as an integrated Cloud Services Platform provider. In the past 12 years, it has developed its own TaaS and SaaS Platform, integrated 140 MVNO brands to 40+ Mobile players. PLINTRON enabled them with innovative mobile services and managed to activate over 150 million connections across the world. Subhashree Radhakrishan, Vice-chairman and co-founder, says that in order to address the prominent challenges in the newly emerging scenario mobile players and enablers have to be in sync with rapidly evolving technologies apart from ensuring better customer engagement. Plintron has addressed these challenges effectively while coming up with 4G launches in over 15+ countries and also testing 5G technologies for launch with pilot deployments in 9 countries.

The luminary asserts that owing to their sound vision, they have been able to build a highly- efficient and future-proof platform to assist mobile innovators throughout their entrepreneurial journey for an accelerated growth mode.

Today, PLINTRON’s vision has propelled it to be the world’s largest multinational TaaS provider with a steadfast mission to incorporate a TaaS operating enterprise in each potential country that will be backed by their SaaS platform. With this exclusive mission statement, they strive to integrate with the global developer community to ensure innovative value-added solutions. Additionally, PLINTRON will also continue to spearhead IoT technology with its Cloud-based platform.

Affordability, scalability, technology adoption and flexibility — are the terms that describe the Group’s differentiating factors in the market.

The business expansion ensured by PLINTRON Group across 28 countries in a short span of time is unparalleled. It provides a one-stop shoppe complete end to end package to customers, with a choice of deployment models. They also provide integration with 4 payment gateways and more than 1000 third party solution providers, they provide wholesale air time contracts, domain-specific support in sales, marketing, GTM, Regulatory, Operations and Customer support set up, they even provide SIMSs and number ranges to their customers.

“We understand our clients’ requirements and propose an appropriate customised solution that will help them succeed in the competitive MVNO and IoT market and every new project meets our rigorous quality standards which are in line with global practices,” affirms the Chairman.

Plintron is an early starter in the IoT segment especially the telematics segment and has seen exponential growth in IoT.

R&D is the ‘mantra’ for PLINTRON Group as per its leaders. Be it IMS VoLTE, or 5G NSA or eSIM, the Group has pioneered the commercialization of these new technologies. Here, the R&D department works along with the Product management team developing innovations and adapting new technologies as per customer requirements. PLINTRON’s close collaboration with over 1000+ third-party solution partners says it all!


  • Mohan Kumar Sundaram- He is the Chairman of PLINTRON Group where his primary responsibility is to assemble the 1000+ robust- technology teams to develop and roll out its MVNA/MVNE platform, IoT solutions and network in 28 countries for 140+ MVNO businesses. At present, he has been dedicating his expertise to fulfil a vision of being operational in 50+ countries by 2023 and augmenting the international business.
  • In his Leadership role, he is responsible for enabling businesses with products / services for additional revenues and optimizing cost by network sharing and offshoring. His prowess is to bring the business focus in technology and service delivery. He has widespread international business exposure with experience working with various countries’ regulators and network service providers in formulating the full mobile virtual network operator [MVNO] model and network sharing commercialization.
  • Under his guidance, PLINTRON has acquired its own Mobile Virtual Network Operator – Telecommunication licenses from the Governments of USA, INDIA, RUSSIA, MEXICO, BRAZIL, ITALY, COLOMBIA and AUSTRIA to operate its own Public Telecom Network services for its customers. Security, IoT / M2M and Smart Devices are some domains that fall under his area of specialization. His unique stewardship and years of experience in the industry have been honoured with the Global Indian of the Year 2020-21 Award, by AsiaOne Magazine with ET Now as the Media Partner. He also serves as a key Member of the FORBES Technology Council from where he is leading the path to tech dominance as an active thought leader.
  • Subhashree Radhakrishnan- The Vice- Chairman and co-founder of PLINTRON Group, Subhashree is well recognized for developing world-class Telecom products justifying international standards. These innovative products have been commercialized in 28 countries with compliance with the local regulatory and consumer requirements. Her implementation of an exemplary business model at PLINTRON has allowed the Group to enjoy the title of being one of the top industry players. Under her guidance, PLINTRON Virtual Network services were enabled based on the radio coverage sharing in multiple countries from the leading mobile network service providers. As a tech evangelist, her intense focus is on innovation that has stimulated the PLINTRON team to come up with some ingenious solutions. Her discerning abilities and thought leadership have brought many recognitions and accolades to her favour across the business fraternity.

Beyond any doubt, PLINTRON Group has grabbed attention in the MVNA, MVNE, MVNO, CPaaS and IoT space, granting it several rewards and recognitions. Out of those, a few of the worthy mentions have been enlisted as follows-

  • Bagged ‘Best IT / ITES company’ at the — Dun & Bradstreet – Axis Bank Business Gaurav SME awards 2012.
  • Included in NASSCOM’s Top 50 Emerging Growth Companies in India, 2013.
  • Rated by Silicon India as the Best Company to Work for in India, 2015.
  • Listed in GSMA’s Mobile IoT Innovators, 2017.
  • Ranked ‘India’s Best MVNO and IoT Service Provider’ 2017 by Berkshire media.
  • Rated India’s Best Company of the Year 2020 in the CPaaS category by Berkshire Media.

While receiving awards and accolades, the company has envisaged an ambitious growth plan including planning an operating company in every major market in the world. The next 2 year plan is to become operational in 50+ countries!

“Aspire to be the leader in your field and that requires a commitment to meeting customer requirements, stringent quality standards and high levels of customer service.”

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