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‘Powerful people make places powerful’, and the sheer will and endeavours of certain C-Suites, portray this perfectly. History has witnessed how corporate leaders aided transformation, surpassing challenges that portrayed their might. For them, challenges were steppingstones; and with technological and economic transitions, they emerged, marking presence across the globe.

Their value in the corporate space resonates with the masses and creates new paths for a rapid ascent. Prateek Gattani, CEO, IDC Technologies, is an ideal example of strong will and dedication. His endeavour to pick IDC from a barrage of challenges and to the heights of glory is a story worth telling. His efforts have tethered diverse staffing challenges, and IDC is now a global leader for holistic workforce solutions.

From Staff Augmentation (Contract, Full Time, MSP, RPO), IT Project Managed Services to BPO Services, Payroll & HR Solutions, IDC is a one-stop for everything. Founded in 2003 in Milpitas, CA, the Company has a widespread presence across the USA, Canada, UK & Europe, Singapore, Malaysia, UAE, Australia, New Zealand, India, Brazil and Costa Rica. Its nearly two decades of experience assist it in understanding individual specifications and source a suitable workforce for a particular project location.

It possesses extensive and diverse expertise and experience in a variety of technical fields, which illuminates its customized business solutions. Its tech-enabled solutions include Infrastructure Support, Application Development & Support, Product Engineering, Emerging Technologies etc. IDC has always looked beyond the revenue volumes contributing more to its quality quotient. It constantly strives to raise the bar of solutions and standards through integrity, quality and collaboration amongst teammates.

IDC is accredited with 9001:2015, ISO 27001:2013, ISO 20000-1:2011 and CMMi Level 3 Complaint Certification. It has a colossal and multi-disciplinary team, whose constant endeavours reflects Reliability, Responsibility, Result and Work Ethics in every solution. It’s driven by ‘Service Attitude’, which helps in unveiling a wide spectrum of agile and qualified solutions at the right price.

IDC started its journey in India in 2008, and in a short time, earned a major reverence across prominent cities namely Noida with offices in Hyderabad, Bangalore, Lucknow, Gurgaon, Chennai, Pune, Mysore, Coimbatore, Trichy, Ahmedabad & Vizag. Under Prateek’s guidance, IDC has hit the stratosphere with a whopping 650 million dollars turnover (Approx.) in global operations with year on year 200—250% growth since 2010.

When Prateek took over IDC in 2007, the Company was engulfed in losses and was about to surrender itself to a $50 Mn premier technology aggregator. But, Prateek was unwilling to give up. With a straight motivation, not only did he put the Company on a prolific track, he earned several laurels in terms of revenue, outreach and career prospects.

With his advent, what was serving only the ERP domain expanded into other segments such as UI, database, infrastructure services and others. Prateek welcomed people from diverse backgrounds, forming a dynamic team with knowledge of almost every domain. With time the team size grew into a fleet, and their collaboration is keeping the competitors at bay while contriving tailored real-time solutions.

Nonetheless, the turn around wasn’t limited to this. Prateek prioritized customer satisfaction and cost advantage over margins, which paved a way for faster growth. “We are ready to push to every extent for customers, even if we have to incur losses”, remarks a confident Prateek. With time and emerging technologies, he synced IDC to the dynamic client requirements; and the commitment to quality and satisfaction became its USP. Prateek has always commended the collaboration of his people for the upscaling business. His leadership has helped IDC maintain more than a decade of global pioneership in staffing solutions. It has a 100% client retention rate, and 80% of its business are from repeat customers.

His leadership has placed IDC’s Indian counterpart amongst the cloud borders. It has a strength of 8000 – 10000 people that includes an experienced set of professional. Its client portfolio includes names from Fortune 500, Regional India, Australia, UK, Europe, Middle East, USA, Canada, Mexico and APAC brands. Its staffing solutions are particular to skill supports:

  • IT – Infrastructure & Security, Web Technologies, Mobility, Testing, ERP, Mainframes
  • BPO – IT Support, Helpdesk Support, Retail, Political Call Center Services, Collection and Receivables Management

The ultimate measure of Prateek’s leadership and the concluding success is evident from the results delivered to clients through exclusive agile services with unsurpassed quality while operating with integrity and the highest ethical standards. Their Customized solutions guarantee a hassle-free process by meeting customer requirements and SLAs within the expected TAT.

Since customer and corporate bodies are aligning themselves to digitization, IDC has invested in innovations and people who can use them to scale growth. An instance is their tech-oriented staffing process. Realizing that the prevalent methods had their challenges, it has developed a categorised Staff Augmentation Lifecycle that keeps accord with all the areas of concern. IDC’s knowledge-based business model is extremely agile and innovative, which helps it conclude Sub-contracts and client routing projects for tech giants, blue-chip multinationals to consulting firms, govt sectors and SMEs as well.

It has worked in bulk resource management for particular projects having strict turnaround time (TAT) with equal risks among shareholders; thus keeping it flexible to all kinds of projects. Lastly, the business model keeps the Company steer clear of traditional challenges in staffing & IT outsourcing. The recruiters maintain a checklist categorized in two parts, Pro-active Approach – Before Selection and Re-active Approach – After Selection, for proper tracking of candidates.

With a leader, like Prateek who believes in Participative, Delegative and Transformational leadership, it is evident the Company will grow into an engaging ecosystem. Under his supervision, IDC has nurtured a talent pool of diverse disciplines competent in developing qualified solutions in an allotted time. Prateek enjoys delegating tasks while empowering the core team to achieve the company’s vision.

He also takes lead on projects working side-by-side to keep them motivated at all times. The senior management also brings up innovative ideas for employees’ growth, be it promoting to higher designations or rewarding the top performer. The collaboration encourages an open culture, where employees are the top priority.

While everyone is like-minded to customer satisfaction, the leaders ensure everyone cherishes the essence of life. Therefore, it encourages the team to engage in volunteer services, also collaborate in annual outings and quarterly meet-ups & brainstorming sessions. IDC focuses on the holistic development of its employees; thus, promoting a feedback culture. Their ecosystem is a fine blend of discipline and enthusiasm.

Every employee can walk to the leaders and share their problems, and leaders provide a collaborative solution. While Prateek is the mentor of this milieu, the other leaders uphold his vision to empower the employees, understand their issues and build trust. The leaders also monitor individual performances closely and the best performance is recognized as well. The engaging practices propagate a high level of energy across the Company creating an ambiance of integrity and cohesiveness.

Prateek’s exclusive leadership has brought an unending fortune to IDC Technologies. And it’s not limited to technology, people or practices, but encircles recognition in the market as well. Over the years, it has homed several prestigious accolades:

  • America’s Most Honored Businesses 2016 – Top 5% • Top 100 Tech Companies Founded And Managed By Indians In The U.S.
  • 52 Fastest-Growing Private Companies In The Silicon Valley
  • Top Companies In California On The Inc. 5000 FastestGrowing Private Companies
  • Top IT Services Companies On The Inc. 5000 FastestGrowing Private Companies
  • 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies In America
  • 5000 Fastest-Growing Companies In America
  • Top Companies In California On The Inc. 5000
  • Top Companies In The San Jose Metro Area On The Inc. 5000
  • Top South Asian-Run Companies On The Inc. 5000
  • Top IT Services Companies On The Inc. 5000
  • America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies
  • Top Companies In The San Jose Metro Area On The Inc. 5000
  • 5000 Fastest-Growing Private Companies In America

IDC’s acclivity is further driven by the title “America’s Fastest-Growing Private Companies”, in 2011. Recently, IDC has been listed among the “Inc.5000 Regional California”, for its outstanding revenue growth. Sitting upon these laurels, IDC is directing its focus towards expansion and developing better solutions while laying better career prospects. It has seen rapid growth in the last five years, with a presence in several countries. Continuing this tradition, IDC is now aiming to expand in regions like APAC, MEA & Europe by strategically involving itself in key acquisitions and mergers.

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