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A responsible funding and business consulting platform and an ecosystem of business network who will be with you from nadir to zenith

There is nothing more divine than seeing your ideas, concepts, and visions taking shape. Entrepreneur or not, it’s a perspective that everyone will accept. Entrepreneurs are the heralds of change. Their amplitude to identify opportunities and gather resources to see their efforts payoff is unmatched. However, a serious barrier to an entrepreneur’s ascent to the top is lack of funding. Even though there are many successful examples of bootstrapped startups, having a strong investor reinforces the venture’s backbone.

They offer seed financing, assist in business planning, and accurately manage finances. They work to build the company’s image in the market with an eye toward sustainability and draw more investors, thus boosting capital inflow. Furthermore, they aid in risk management and building strategic alliances that open new revenue pipelines. However, entrepreneurship is a less-trodden path. With an avalanche of challenges on their back, locating a prudent investment firm can be a tiring task—one that helps the business stay ahead of perils and impediments.

Our magazine has always had a niche for inspiring entrepreneurs. Considering how essential it is to have an avid investment partner, our latest edition features Probackers. Based out of Hyderabad, Probackers acts as a one-stop solution for investments and funding for any size of business.

Probackers was founded in 2021 by Jahnavi Reddy, a talented marketing and business development specialist, with the goal of linking emerging businesses with a vast network of mentors and investors who could help them achieve prosperity. Finding good investors has always been difficult for business owners, but since the pandemic, things have gotten considerably more difficult. For a change, Probackers is here to assist firms seeking their first investment. It provides startups and SMEs from urban and rural areas with an online platform to connect with reliablesources.

The firm is well-established in the market and has ties to some of the top incubators, as well as a sizable network of venture capitalists, investment banks, and angel investors. To put it briefly, Probackers offers a bank of investors who can support ideas and help them become the top companies with incredible returns on investment.

The firm houses a team of deft advisors and mentors who are always ready to help businesses build their highway to glory. They work cohesively, tying various pieces together and leading an idea from conception to execution. The firm is outfitted with the latest insights and trends to provide the most viable investment solutions in the simplest and most transparent way possible.

India, like every other country, felt the cumulative impact of the pandemic, resulting in the worst lockdowns. The entire industrial sphere felt its brutal hand. Startups began downsizing, cutting down on their expenditures to minimize their cash burns wherever possible. Even so, many had to shut down. Around 40% of startups were inflicted, and 15% of them discontinued operations because of the black swan event.

Nevertheless, it has also been a catalyst to reimagine, reengineer, and refocus. It goes without saying that Probackers have been a blessing to many in this matter. It understands how the whole startup ecosystem is undergoing a paradigm shift since the pandemic. More importantly, how the world is eyeing the Indian startup ecosystem as a viable opportunity for growth and sustainability.

The firm has extensive experience in the business world, which enables it to guide businesses in various ways through a changing landscape. Besides connecting firms with their ideal investors, Probackers can assist in:

  • sanctioning loans from financial institutes
  • raise funds for big projects from private and public lenders
  • bill discounting, line of credit, SBLC and bank guarantee
  • restructuring debt by raising fresh funds
  • mentoring and advising the organization
  • branding and lead generation
  • business networking through their exclusive knit of investors, advisors, and mentors
  • restructuring of finances and organization structure

The firm also assists in choosing strategic partners to increase brand value, identifying new income opportunities, creating their GTM (Go-to-market) strategy, developing new networks, and nurturing them. The firm has worked with and accomplished deals with many industrial masterminds and enthusiastic entrepreneurs, which makes them a trusted name in the startup ecosystem.

For a VC firm, the value of “Research” goes beyond words. It’s how it keeps up with the market and the predicaments of entrepreneurs. Given the uncertainty of the business world, it’s no surprise that VC firms are making high-stakes bets. While they are focused on making money, the ultimate aim is to promote job creation, economic progress, and technological innovation by providing entrepreneurs a “boost” and assisting them in turning their innovative ideas into merchandise that impacts people’s daily lives.

As a funding network, Probackers invests heavily in R&D. This assists in developing a more straightforward approach to investing for both investors and business owners. Practical R&D strategies offer clear market survey and trend analysis, which substantially helps to raise the bar in a competitive market and improve business. They are consistently strategizing unique tactics to better address market issues and demands.

Success is no magic or overnight achievement. It comes from commitment, hard work, choices and persistence. Jahnavi’s journey to where she is today wasn’t out of sheer luck. She has spent over 15 years creating impactful strategies to see businesses thrive. This has helped her create a bastion of a dynamic marketer. Her niche lies in bringing in high ROI through tailored tactics. Her efforts have earned her several noteworthy awards over the
course of her career.

Her zeal and experience as a marketer also taught her that, even having the best product on the market, the leanest operational model, and long-term prospects, a business’s grand success ultimately depends on financial leverage. In the end, solid financial backing enables businesses to flourish and establish a foothold in the business world. Her thinking resulted in the development of a resource that helps investors and companies, laying the foundation for Probackers. Her visionary leadership won her a spot in the Times of India’s “Times Women Icons 2022” edition in the field of the investment and funding industry.

Along with her, Probackers is honored to have Sameer Azad Mahendra (Director) on its panel. The eminent dental clinician and visionary has a pragmatic philosophy that classroom instruction makes up only 10% of learning. With over 26 years of experience and his own clinic, Mahendra Dental Clinic, he has perfected the art of painless dentistry.

He has a history of performing great reconstruction work and has spent many years inspiring young minds in a dentistry college as a teacher. Over 300 dentists have received his guidance and training to date. He is also an ardent golfer and traveller, having visited over 50 nations and cultures and winning numerous renowned golf events. He lives by the motto, “One life to live it to the fullest!”

The firm now has all the best industrialists, financiers, and legal advisors under one roof. It is putting together an
ecosystem of savvy leaders by inspiring new businesses to make a significant contribution to the entrepreneurial
world. While many entrepreneurs struggle to keep their ideas alive, only a small fraction of persistent, ingenious
entrepreneurs create a legacy to look up to. Jahnavi is one of them. Her platform is continually raising its bar as a
support system for funds and investments for startups that aim to excel in the business world.

While Jahnavi is the core chieftain overseeing the growth, she has the support of a seasoned panel that further leads a compact yet dynamic team. From leaders to associates, they imbibe the philosophy of “Ideas to Action.” Each of them is known to be energetic and forward-thinking, driven to touch and empower as many lives as possible. They have a team of 12 employees who are constantly nurturing their expertise and adding new dimensions to their horizons.

Their tenacity and never-say-die attitude permeate the firm with positive energy. And Jahnavi and her panelists show up to assist the squad when they need a boost of inspiration. Her idea of leadership centers on unity with the group, both in victory and defeat. She adheres to the principle of leading by example, which ensures that everything is in place for the benefit of the company and that everyone is guided by the same vision.

Probackers began with a vision to be the preferred financial backbone for every startup. And in this mission, the firm has successfully cracked many laudable revenue deals with big players across the industry, creating a larger scope of work. Its commitment to fostering the growth of businesses has attracted notable media houses. Few of its notable achievements include:

  • “Top 20 Most promising startups to watch 2022” by Business Connect
  • “Emerging brand of the year” & “One Stop Solution for Enterprises and Startups” at ET Excellence Awards 2022

The firm is constantly pushing forward to gain more plaudits and expand its clientele with its effective digital advertising plans and direct marketing techniques. Simultaneously, Probackers is aiming to expand into a team of 125 members. It has already started its operations in Coimbatore, Bangalore, and Cochin apart from Hyderabad and is looking to launch operations in Mangalore, Chennai, Visakhapatnam, Trivandrum, Goa, Pune, Indore, and Bhubaneswar.

To conclude, Probackers has set its sights on becoming a torchbearer in the market and is growing at a fast pace.
With the entrepreneurial community expanding and bringing new innovators, the firm seeks to become a promising partner in their journey to glory by providing best-in-the-market services.

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