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There is a famous saying, “Recruiting is not just about hiring people; you are also sowing the seeds of your reputation.” Good employees lay the foundation of a thriving organization, and effective recruitment is vital to its DNA. End-toend recruitment practices enhance a company’s reputation from both the market and candidate’s perspectives, ensuring the best talent is found. But because of the world’s swirl of fast-moving changes, driving time and cost constraints, the absence of a bespoke talent framework, and demanding pressures from other areas of the company, hiring managers are frequently confined by drawn-out and tedious procedures.

To steer away from this minefield, companies need experts who not only ease the stress but also ensure a seamless and effective recruitment process to uphold a distinguished employer image in terms of efficiency and the overall candidate experience. Recognizing the prominence of “Best recruitment practices” and how a trusted recruitment consultant can be a game changer to any business, our magazine recently got in touch with Saurabh Jaiswal, a recruitment maven and MD of Prominent Staffing Pvt. Ltd.

In the ensuing discussion, the luminary shed light on the dynamisms of Indian recruitment industry, how his company is making a mark in it and the height it seeks to reach. The synopsis of the discussion is as follows.

Experience and enthusiasm are two attributes of a business rarely found together in an individual. Saurabh is one such rare breed. While he is an engineer by trade, he has always been fond of recruitment methodologies. In 2009, he began his career as an IT recruiter, and with time, he expanded the horizons of his experience.

He has solid expertise in IT consulting, with an emphasis on strategic sourcing, skill mapping, competition analysis, project recruitment, vendor management, and people management, alongside management consulting, investment banking, highfrequency trading, and telecom domain hiring. In 2013, he joined Signature Staff as its business head, and over the next six years, he became an expert in management and the technical side of hiring.

With the accumulated knowledge, Saurabh sought to explore new horizons in the recruitment space, but on his own. The thought process created a path that led to the inception of Prominent Staffing. His passion and determination have put the firm on an upward trajectory. Starting in 2019, Prominent Staffing has already onboarded multiple billiondollar clients, becoming a trusted name to its clients. It has a strength of 50 individuals that keep the firm linked to ideals of growth, self-esteem, transparency, and diversity to become the employer of choice in their industry.

Recruitment is among the most complex and cutthroat industries right now. The pandemic sent shockwaves across the industry, disrupting the prevalent methods and forcing companies to resort to “New” ways. On the other hand, it sent the labor market into a frenzy. While things have improved over the past two years, rivalry for positions still exists, making it challenging for recruitment consultants to do their jobs. But for someone with adequate experience, it’s more of an exciting adventure. Experience is an arch.

The more you travel, the more the margins of the untraveled world recede. Saurabh has spent over a decade exploring the “nitty-gritty” of the recruitment space. During his stint at Signature Staff, he was the top performer, handling P&L, recruitment, mentoring, business development & acquisition, team building, and actively engaging in creating a people-centric setting.

The acquired expertise helped him create a portfolio of bespoke services and form a young, dynamic team with diverse skills. Prominent Staffing has particular expertise in recruiter-on-demand, executive search, mass hiring, and foreign, temporary, and permanent employment.

With a demanding portfolio, the firm eventually forayed into a multitude of sectors, namely automobile, information technology, logistics, consumer services & retail, advertising & media, telecom, engineering & manufacturing, pharmaceutical, power & infrastructure, BFSI, tourism & hospitality, and ITES. With a focus on meeting commitments, it eventually flourished across India, the GCC, Asia-Pacific, Africa, Europe, and the US market. Although it has only been 3 years, the firm has earned loyalty by consistently addressing clients’ core needs with the most cost-effective services, even during rough times.

Be it in India or abroad, digitalization has significantly revolutionized the recruitment space. The rise of AI has been a critical boom to analyze candidate patterns that can miss the human eye. It can run simulations on how a firm will expand in response to a recruiting decision, analyze large amounts of data to identify potentially successful applicants, and even screen out people who don’t fit the basic requirements.

The industry now has cloud-driven technology that not only curtails the time to hire but also helps create a repository of candidates. There are pre-employment assessments that help find the right candidate for the right job. Furthermore, video conferencing and digital marketing tools have been critical to an employer’s growth. Prominent Staffing has all the accessories necessary to fulfill its ambition of being the “Ace of Spades.” This is a true testament to Saurabh’s flair for technology and ingenuity.

He uses his abilities to forecast how the market will move, potential challenges, and so on, to position his firm ahead of its peers. In contrast to many of our peers, he continues, “my exceptional forecasting has let me sail through recessions, demonetization, and COVID-19.” This ability has translated into the firm’s R&D practices to adopt trends and technology. The team on board is constantly scouring the market to introduce innovations, map prudent trajectories, and forecast uncertainties to always have the upper hand.

Prominent Staffing is inventive and well-equipped, and the driving force behind it is a brilliant team of vibrant women. “Women are visionaries and have a reputation in the recruitment field for elevating business and research,” says the MD. The recruitment sector has always provided opportunities for diversity, and Prominent Staffing continues this tradition. 90% of its population comprises women, signifying his ideals of diversity.

The team strongly affirms Saurabh’s vision and works collaboratively to keep Prominent Staffing true to its name. The management organizes half-year tours, celebrates birthdays and anniversaries, and so on to keep them engaged. They have a “zero” attrition rate, whether it’s staff or clients. People talk about their issues here, preserving a familial atmosphere and serenity on the floor.

Saurabh goes above and beyond to keep the team inspired. He aspires to be a role model to them, given it is one of his most valued treasures. He gives the team practical examples of tactics and tasks to complete. He declares, “I believe in strengthening my team with duties I am efficiently executing.” By doing this, he raises the bar for the team’s performances and helps them become more adaptable and resilient in the face of setbacks.

From what we’ve seen so far, Prominent Staffing is progressing very well. Saurabh is extremely proud of himself for having founded a thriving business as the lone B. Tech graduate in his cohort. One of its clients has hailed it as a top recruiter, and it also has several Fortune 500 firms and magnates as clients. Saurabh seeks to be in the unicorn club and turn Prominent Staffing into a 100 Cr firm in the near future. He also seeks to create a team of 200-500 recruiters who are dynamic and visionaries like himself.

“Never give up or dwell on past errors. Learn from them and continue moving until you reach the pinnacle”.

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