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The growth of startups reaches to avalanche because people with paramount innovation and creative ideas are entering the entrepreneurial space. This encourages creators and thinkers to step forward and walk on their independent routes. Focusing on one of the most promising startups of the year 2019 that is PRORX CONSULTANTS LLP, Business Connect is delighted to share the insights of the respective company, and how it has magnificently impacted the lives of people associated with it.


Under the supervision and leadership of Sandeep Tathe, the founder and CEO of PRORX CONSULTANTS LLP, it has left an inerasable mark in the world of Pharmacy.

Sandeep Tathe has a phenomenal experience of the entire spectrum of the healthcare sector in India. His vast and profound enriching experience of 16 years comes in handy whilst implementing the critical strategies and obtaining the desired results.

The entrepreneur had worked with Elan Pharma (I) Pvt. Ltd., where he gathered an enriching experience of 8 years in Pharmaceutical Company and handled Planning-Business Development, Sales/Marketing, Institutional sales, and also  Managed Distribution & Trade.

The maestro had also worked with Apollo hospitals groups and gained 9 years of profound experience in Pharmacy Management Retail & Hospital Based Pharmacies, profile included, Regulatory compliance, Accreditation & Audit trails, Marketing initiative, Corporate Sales & Overall Pharmacy Operations Management.

He was associated with Israel based Teva Pharma’s Healthcare Division and acquired an overall experience of 2 years in Market Research & analytics on Generic Medicine, Digital HealthCare, eHealth & mhealth.


ProRx Consultants is a Pharmacy auditing and business consulting or advisory firm that provides business services to healthcare institutes, hospitals and individuals. The company’s core expertise is to offer end to end solutions to pharmacies for generating a quick profit in the competitive market scenario of contemporary times. Commitment to Excellence is the prominent factor around which the company swirls, and it is quintessential for winning the faith of clients. Thereby, they always try to deliver impeccable strategies to attain desirable and exemplary results.

Being one of the Exclusive Pharmacy auditing firms in the nation, the graph of success and excellence is directly linked to the growth and advancement they are providing to their clients. The vast experience gathered comes in handy to make specific targets and then achieving them through the implementation of a goal-oriented set of changes.

ProRx – ‘We prescribe productivity’ is their tagline, and they are quite committed towards it. Productivity is the core mantra, and the organization propagates it through stupefying services.

The company’s Pharmacy 360 Service Model covers all the requirements of Pharmacy. Along with the Audit & advisory, they deploy their experienced and qualified team on site to execute or implement the solutions effectively.

The major clients are KEM Hospital in Pune, Swasthya Hospital in A’Nagar, and United CIIGMA Group of Hospitals in Aurangabad.

Clients are regarded as their ‘brand ambassadors’; new Clients are referred and recommended by their initial clients. Renewal of the service contract is the acknowledgment of the finest services.  Customized solutions & understanding of the unit is their expertise.


Highly skilled and vivacious professionals of the company focus on delivering its vision implicitly while meeting the customer’s needs in a competitive environment. Their Pharmacy specific systems help you to build profits by increasing your understanding of category by benchmarking against industry KPI’s. And if your concern lies in optimizing the financial performance of your business then yo can avail advantage of their regular periodic Audit & Business advisory services, supplemented with more detailed analysis.

By partnering with them, their clients are able to keep abreast of industry developments so that they can adapt themselves as per the present industry standards. They utilize their industry experience and rely on in-depth retail knowledge to assist with strategy information and every day’s decision making.


The connoisseur started his career quite early that’s why he did not complete his graduation. He passed Diploma in Pharmacy in the Year 2000 and from the next day he started his job. ‘Experience with expertise’ weighs more in his eyes. Skills developed in the last 19 years comprehend the tycoon’s success.

People, at PRORX CONSULTANTS LLP, are more focused on Pharmacy 360 services; their operational audit is robust and realistic. The customization strategy & solution for every client is their USP. Investing plenty of time on data analytics, they have developed Mystery Customer Network for every department to collect evident information on a certain process.

Sandeep Tathe says, “Extension of all service contracts from all clients is the best assessment of your work and services.”

They have robust data of industry; they are also developing the customized software for Audit trails/ MIS. They closely monitor the monthly statistics of the Pharmaceutical Industry and remain updated with all the latest trends.


“When your client refers or recommends your startup, it is the biggest reward.”~ Sandeep Tathe

Leading Hospitals renewed service contracts, which is the achievement to celebrate for ProRx.

Working with Mckinsey, LEK, Bain & Company, High Beam Global Knowledge, Insight alfa as an external consultant, is a matter of immense pride.

A few of their clients have awarded them with the operational management service after their effective Audit & advisory services.


The company is expanding its dimensions in terms of Strength & Revenue. They have set a goal of 1 Cr revenue for FY 2019-2020.

The existing team of 30 professionals will be increased to 100.

Additionally, they have 2-3 new clients in discussion for Contract, surely they will grab that.


As a successful and ace entrepreneur, Sandeep has some inspiring words to encourage the upcoming startups in the row. He says,

“I am into Healthcare Domain since inception so I sincerely feel that there is a huge opportunity in this segment to provide better access, affordable healthcare services with the help of latest technology. “

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