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Prosafe Biologicals LLP: A promise to grant you a healthier future

Prosafe Biologicals LLP: A promise to grant you a healthier future

Good health is a key contributor in determining the well-being and happiness of a human being. A healthy person lives a longer and more productive life. There are numerous means to ensure good health and today, populations across the globe are acknowledging the out of the box methods for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Probiotics supplements have allured the health-conscious masses to dose themselves with beneficial bacteria. Today, researchers have agreed to the significant role played by different bacteria in bestowing humans with ‘a disease-deficient life’. The bacterial culture present in such supplements keeps a check on the pathogens, aids digestion and boosts the immunity. Such benefits have allured large masses to include these supplements along with their diets, heightening the demand for reliable probiotic supplements. Keeping a track on the demand of people across the globe in search of credible probiotic-laced comestibles, ‘Prosafe Biologicals’ has carved its own way in this domain. Started its entrepreneurial voyage three years ago, the Company navigated through enormous adversities and has emerged out as a foremost player in the respective domain.

An Overlay of the Company
Prosafe Biologicals LLP is a budding enterprise, offering exclusive probiotic supplements to its valued consumers to stay fit and agile in the hectic pace of the modern lifestyle. The manufacturing unit of Prosafe Biologicals offers the probiotics dosages in all-round forms- oral liquids (drugs), syrup, dry syrup, sachets, capsules and tablets as per the standards of FSSAI. They are striving to carve the avenues in this domain by offering high-quality products that will surpass the global standards. Additionally, their horizons are extended to the third party goods manufacturing for the enterprises like Veritaz (Aurobindo group company), Medopharm, Medmanor and Leeoford . Under the auspices of Dr Anil Babu Korrapati, Prosafe is excelling the domain gradually.

Addressing the vision of this entrepreneurial venture, Dr Anil asserts that his goals for the company are predefined and well-planned to meet the objective. He possesses years of experience in the domain of Research and Development while serving at Indian Immunological Ltd(Hyderabad). Being associated with ICGEB (New Delhi), he developed innovative technologies and allowed him to scale up new heights in the commercial business.

Dr Anil started this company from the scratch. Three years ago, they pioneered the domain with a single formulation. Gradually, enhancing and expanding the offerings, Team Prosafe excelled in the domain. Today, they are offering 35+~ formulations and have emerged out as the frontrunner in conformations of the Probiotic supplements. The three years of journey in the entrepreneurial space has bestowed him with enormous experiences and lessons. His dream venture faced adversities at the time of the inception, owing to multiple factors, but his indomitable spirit kept him forging ahead adamantly. He believes that the other aspiring ventures in the respective domain will be inspired by the success story of Prosafe Biologicals, as it was not a cakewalk to establish a significant contributor in the relevant field, on their own.

The innovative instincts of the visionary business leader allowed him to incorporate Prosafe in November 2016, so that, people could be benefitted from the ingenious probiotic products that are quite advantageous to fight several diseases. According to Dr Anil, all of the offered products are forged dexterously, be it the propounded multivitamins, minerals, Bacillus subtilis, or the probiotic enriched ORS that confer multiple health benefits to the consumer.

He firmly believes that R&D plays a significant role in the development of unique formulations. And to ensure this, their skilful team work diligently to develop exceptional formulations. In the past three years, the team has come up with 35+ exclusive formulations that have bestowed the company with noteworthy recognition in the domain.

A brief about the key officials
Mr Srikanth Peddy and Mr. Bhuvan have been the persons behind conformation of the exclusive formulations. Dr Anil states that whatever formulations are requested from his end, Mr Srikanth and Mr. Bhuvan ensures the development of the desired concoction in the shortest span of time.

Dr Anil accentuates that the company is prospering with a good pace with the significant support of the key persons only.

This project was possible because of the collaboration with Microbax India Limited., One of the largest producers of probiotics in bulk.

 What is their differentiating factor?
Dr Anil states that their endeavours are strictly focussed on the maintenance of quality. Management firmly follows the standard operating procedures and quality policies in every phase of the product development and production, until the final delivery of the product to the customers. The team also pays intense heed on customer satisfaction and keeps a track of the valuable feedback to enhance the quality of the products. They constantly strive to adopt the latest industry standards that can improve their offerings. The ingenious formulations are safe for consumption as no added preservatives are involved in the manufacturing process. The concoctions prepared by them are quite stable and can effortlessly withstand the room temperatures which eradicate the need of using any artificial preservatives. For the last three years, this exemplary enterprise has ensured to build a vast customer base through the words of mouth and referrals only. But now, Prosafe has started advertising the targeted market via product branding, email marketing, LinkedIn promotions, Facebook and other social media, conferences, Pharma expos, etc.

A glimpse of the exceptional work culture
At Prosafe, the Human Resource Team is quite organized and it bestows the employees with numerous perks. Management ensures transparency in the business operations and proffers equal growth opportunity to each individual. To keep the workforce motivated and elevate their spirits, Prosafe conducts annual parties and events. Dr Anil acknowledges the significance of the satisfied and motivated workforce in an organisation. In this context, he asserts that employees are the biggest asset and serve as the backbone of any organisation. He has always been considerate about his workforce as the family only and empathised with them in any type of adversity. His optimism and generosity have always inspired the employees to render their wholehearted efforts for the betterment of the organisation.

Future outlooks at a glance
The future prospects of the company are focussed on launching the functional probiotics that will be disease-specific. Such supplements will target a particular disease such as obesity, gastro, urology and cancer. For the development of such formulations, the ground work has been commenced by them. Furthermore, the Team is striving to reach new customers via thorough market research. They have also inclined their efforts towards serving the society by conducting some free health check-up campaigns, in the near future. Additionally, Prosafe is striving to extend its horizons by seeking fresh opportunities in the respective domain and emerge out as the Mega player in the upcoming years.





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