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Quintesstial Media & Marketing (OPC) Private Limited.

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Written by: Kriti Anand

Go Digital: Maximizing Marketing With Quintesstial
Entrepreneurship is a challenging endeavour. It does not differentiate between men and women. But women, typically, play multiple roles in life, where entrepreneurship adds to those roles. At the same time, women have to establish their credibility to people. For the Founder of Quintesstial Media & Marketing (OPC) Private Limited, this journey was made a little easier with the support of people around her who were positive and professional and did not let gender biases interfere with their work relationships.

In our society, we have a set mindset that only certain jobs are suitable for women and while women might be as ambitious as their male counterparts, they have to work harder to prove themselves.

Farheen Shaikh, the Founder and Creative Director of Quintesstial Media and Marketing, has conquered these challenges and risen above them. She establishes that it is just as important to give credence to the fact that women, despite additional challenges, have been keeping up with the pace of the industry. Shifting the narrative from challenges women face, she intends to give them more credit for standing against the overwhelming opposition at every step of the entrepreneurial life cycle, from fighting cultural perceptions, juggling personal and professional responsibilities, to securing funding and leading their initiatives.

These days the number of women entrepreneurs is increasing considerably. They tend to be more successful, too, because of their trusted status in the community. There is no doubt that there is always an initial struggle, with the majority of the high-level business world still being dominated by men. However, everything is possible, provided one has the determination to take on these challenges.

 The Entrepreneurial Journey
Artists and designers are creative people who touch our hearts through their imagination and creativity which is why visually playing with colours came very natural to Farheen.

Farheen’s journey towards entrepreneurship has been for her an amazing learning experience. It has, in many ways, shaped and defined her as a person. It demanded tremendous courage and perseverance. Her struggle as an entrepreneur has been as easy and as difficult as any other person’s. When achieving a dream of owning a startup regardless of gender bias, Farheen believes that the most difficult part is getting started.

While the gender biases never disturbed Farheen, she did face a few challenges while starting up the business. Within days after setting up her first office space and spending about a major part of her savings, she had to move out of the space overnight since the landlady was not happy with the office interiors. Left with a complete setup of office furniture and no space to move in immediately, she had to keep all her furniture in her building’s basement for over a month. In spite of this, she found herself lucky enough: work kept coming in and the ball started rolling once again. Thus, after forty-five days, she shifted to a new premise.

Farheen remarks that she has been fortunate to have worked with people who believed in her abilities irrespective of her gender. She believes that everything is possible regardless of a person’s gender if one is ready to face the challenge: “When you do something so deliberately & with conviction, you are bound to achieve it!”

When a woman starts a business in our country, it is mostly taken as a hobby of hers. Here is the real struggle–in having to prove themselves to overcome this bias. According to the Founder of Quintesstial, women do not need any special status or attention. Working women are as capable and as normal as any other working person. Instead of bringing an agenda of helping women, entrepreneurship should be made ‘normal’ for everyone. For her, it has always been about making things ‘Gender Neutral’. A woman can work as efficiently as anyone else. Opportunities are everywhere, there are no different or special doors for women. “All we need is a clear vision and a strong will to grab it,” states Farheen Shaikh.

There are ups and downs but the joy of attempting something on your own is unparalleled. Each time you struggle and overcome a crisis, you will have beautiful memories to look back and celebrate. Challenges give Farheen reason to work harder than before. She says, “We learn from our own experience in life and that becomes our ideology.”

About Quintesstial
Quintesstial Media & Marketing is a Digital Marketing Agency based in Pune. As a front-line digital marketing agency, it offers a wide range of services starting from website designing to social media marketing, brand development, graphic designing and much more.

Based on the client requirements and keeping up with the market’s pace, the company offers varied creative solutions like video magazines, brand campaigns, motion posters, and videos that have proved a great way for customer retention & engagement. Each of their engagements is tailored to suit every individual client’s needs and goals.

Quintesstial believes in connecting with the clients, understanding their ideas and transforming their brand as they have imagined it to be. Every relationship the company builds with a client is markedly different. The company works as their digital marketing partner that only succeeds when they succeed.

Things have changed drastically post the pandemic, and most businesses have realized that the conventional way of marketing their product or services are not enough anymore. Because people are indoors and consuming information online, this is the right time to go all out with digital branding. In the current scenario, Digital Marketing is the ‘only’ most important thing for businesses to reach out to the right audience at the right time. With its client-specific approach, Quintesstial is one of the most-suited and valuable digital marketing agencies in these times.

Quintesstial’s Milestones
Under the determined leadership of Farheen, Quintesstial has achieved several milestones in its journey so far. From being nominated for India 500 Startup Awards 2019 to being recognised as one of the most stylish leaders in business by Business View Magazine, the agency has established itself as a trusted and sophisticated digital partner in the industry. It has designed exclusive Magazine & Lookbook Design for celebrities and fashion brands, promotional campaigns for fashion brands in Dubai, London & Germany, editorials for international fashion magazines (London Fashion Week), and been a digital partner for films promotion, among a number of other marked successes.

Parting Words from Farheen Shaikh, Founder and Creative Director:
Do what makes you happy, regardless of what others think, or the fear that might come from trying things out. Success is a long and continuous journey and may be measured in many ways (not just the monetary reward) so don’t loose your values in the process.

If you have decided what you exactly want from yourself, then all the hurdles turned out to be the stepping stone towards success. You simply need to be confident and determined towards your goal and above all, you must enjoy your work for only that can keep you going and bring out the best in you.


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