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Rainboo Softmate Pvt. Ltd.

Rainboo Softmate Pvt. Ltd.

A Dynamic, Versatile VAS Service Provider, Dedicated to Empowering Businesses to Achieve Greater Efficiency and Growth

In recent years, the market for mobile virtual assistants, or VAS, has grown incredibly. With a 12.2% compound annual growth rate (CAGR), it increased from $875.55 billion in 2023 to $982.1 billion in 2024. By 2028, it is expected to have increased at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 13.4% to reach 1621.73 billion.

The meteoric rise in the recent past can be attributed to the increasing popularity of smartphones, a growing preference of consumers towards mobile-centric services, and the progression of mobile technologies. The demand for mobile virtual assistants (VAS) has surged with the growing popularity of 4G and 5G networks.

Despite this impressive growth, the telecom industry continues to raise concerns about issues like low user knowledge, data security, authentication requirements, copyright protection, opaque revenue-sharing agreements, and an excessive emphasis on entertainment-related virtual assistants (VAS). Within this spectrum, brimming with innovative ideas, young energy, and creativity, a few trailblazers are breaking down these barriers.

Rainboo Softmate Private Limited, a name that resonates with the pioneers in the mobile virtual network services ecosystem, has been navigating seamlessly with an expansive suite of telecom VAS, IT, and enterprise solutions. It further offers a comprehensive portfolio of IT solutions, comprising software development and advanced technology services.

Founded in 2022 by visionary leader Hanish Jindal, Rainboo Softmate has established its reputation in the telecom VAS sector as the all-in-one mobile VAS service provider in the domains of SMS, USSD, and data. These solutions combine interactive and content-based services to give users a direct, personal way to communicate with customers.

Furthermore, recognizing that telecom operators with a vast pool of VAS services often face the challenge of managing everything on a single platform, the Rainboo Service Delivery Platform (SDP) equips operators with a single platform to manage service information, billing engines, activation and deactivation features, usage analysis, etc.

The company also believes direct interaction with the client to be the key to successful engagement, and thus it has a team of committed account managers working for it. In addition to working with its partners to produce video material, Rainboo also assigns its own team of content specialists to create image and text content.

Rainboo aspired to cultivate an innovative workforce with unwavering standards of ethics, quality, and reliable and cost-effective solutions and deliverables for clients worldwide.

Headquartered in Punjab, the company has grown exponentially in the past two years, and now they have built a significant global footprint. Leveraging this position, the company intends to explore the segment of data VAS and engage in the development of apps for every service. At present, Rainbow Softmate holds a solid presence across Africa, the Middle East, and Southeast Asia.

In the intricate tapestry of Rainboo Softmate’s leadership, key executives take care of crucial responsibilities, steering the company towards unparalleled success in the realm of telecom VAS services and mobile and web development.

At the helm of this dynamic team is Mr Hanish Jindal, the visionary leader and CEO. Mr. Jindal’s leadership serves as a guide, driving the business’s dedication to the standards of ethics, excellence, and reliability. Spearheading the firm as a motivated and passionate entrepreneur, Hanish assures that the team is an extended family and leads them to grow and reach the next level.

Unlocking the Power of Mobile Value Data: Rainboo’s Innovative Service Portfolio

When looking for a comprehensive range of IT solutions and VAS services, telecom firms need look no further than Rainboo Softmate. It provides a broad range of IT solutions, including content distribution, UX/UI design, mobile app development, custom application development, and VAS services. Rainboo takes pride in accomplishing numerous innovative projects, backed up with a range of web platforms and technologies, like–

• Front End: Angular, React JS, Vue.js
• Back End: Node.js, Laravel
• DB: MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase
• Deployment: AWS, Azure

In its quest for top-notch mobile app solutions, Rainboo Softmate works on the best platforms for mobile apps, like Flutter, Android, and iOS. The company also champions the use of UX/UI design platforms like Adobe XD, Figma, Photoshop, and Illustrator.

Further, the company specializes in delivering services for entertainment and e-commerce. It also takes care of content distribution for telecommunication companies, from games to video content, digital marketing, SEO, software, and telecommunications value-added services.

Team Rainboo Softmate

Rainboo Softmate has a diversified workforce made up of youthful brains and seasoned industry professionals who are committed to innovation. Together, they strive to exceed the client’s expectations by offering the best possible solutions.

“Because of the team’s combined experience and knowledge in VAS and e-commerce, we can deliver the best industry solutions,” quoted the leading man.

A Vision of Charting a Niche in the Telecom VAS

Rainboo aims to carve a niche in the telecom VAS sector and aspires to become a premier MBVS company in India and around the globe. The company is working on its the mission to emerge as a leading customer-centric VAS provider. The founders’ strong desire to support India’s economic development was the key motivation for Rainboo’s establishment.

What Lies Ahead for Rainboo Softmate?

The company plans to cater to the growing need for value-added mobile services. They aim to extend their business in Europe, the US, Australia, and New Zealand shortly. Their core focus remains on delivering exceptional services to telecommunications companies to accelerate their growth.

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