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Fail to Learn & Learn to Succeed

How many times do we see a person becoming entrepreneur despite lacking a business background? It happens to be very rare and becomes unimaginable after getting to know that the same person used to get confused between letters b and d in childhood. Shwetank Dwivedi, the 26-year young entrepreneur of RB Tech, has proved to be an inspiration for thousands of aspiring entrepreneurs by his perseverance and will-power. Despite facing a number of obstacles, he never let go of the fighting spirit. In his teenage days, he would often get rebuked by his father. His father wanted him to be a doctor or engineer. But this never stopped his father to inspire Shwetank. He used to narrate a whole lot of inspiring stories of achievers across the globe.

He was an average student who would barely manage to get passing marks. Despite being weak in studies, he had deep enthusiasm for technology but was lacking in the know-how of career aspects attached to that. He scored below average in Board exams. This led to sudden decline in confidence. Somehow, he got himself admitted in Bachelor’s degree in the IT department.

Gradually, he became involved in co-curricular activities and fests which boosted his confidence. Now, everything seemed interesting to him. This had a positive effect on his love for computers that grew more and more after this. The activities helped him become a much confident person which helped him score a distinction first time in his life, in his final grades after the completion of graduation.

The Endless Struggle

But this hardly made any difference in his career as he did not get placement from any company. This incidence disappointed him badly because all his pears was getting jobs and proceeding to stable life. His parents and even he too became hopeless because of that. Worse, his search for job did not lend him a good one either.

Being an innovative person, he led his team during a college project and helped his team score highest in the entire colleges. His innovative project got appreciation from the all around. From there, he started enjoying the process and decided not to work on the same thing every day like everybody. He along with his mates started exploring the creativity as a startup prospect. In between, he got a job in Wipro but his enthusiasm for his own project stopped him from joining the company. Moreover, he got first project easily but one of his chums got a good job in Hyderabad. Now he was clueless about a few things which his friend had a good hold on. He was left with the project in hand which meant that he had to manage himself.

Never Stopped Learning

There were many substantial things to learn from a practical perspective. This was quite different from what he had learnt in his college. This made him learn the intricacies required for the Technology development. Moreover, he learnt how to make use of the theoretical know-how in the practical world. His enthusiasm for technology and love for his work motivated him to establish his own company ReBoot Technology which is now known as RB Tech Solutions. His curiosity to create new Technology, making people aware about Technology and providing services related to Technology was the moto behind the foundation of the company. All was set, but after the first project, there was no work and no client for a long time and the struggle continued.

Amid all this, one thing that kept him going was his patience and the support of his parents and friends. He never let go of the fighting spirit in him. From there on, he started getting many proposals for software development. Not only this, he began working on an application for his own company so that the functioning could be expedited. A group of freelancers helped him form a team of tech enthusiasts who devoted their time as per their convenience.

Moreover, he started getting funds to give wings to his vision of doing something out of the box. Somehow, things did not went as he had expected. The team could not work as per his expectations. So, he thought of gaining some insights of business so as to learn how to overcome failures. To that end, he enrolled for MBA in project management. In between, he kept getting small projects that were too good to be satiable. Finally came one of the milestone events of his career.

The Fruition Phase

The creative grey cells of Shwetank ideated ViralTube, a unique software for the purpose of using YouTube in the background without the need of watching video. This was one of a kind app in the world. It was downloaded for over 70 thousand times worldwide. The app was popular in Poland where it was in Top 100 and USA (in top 500). Unfortunately, the paid version of the same nature of applications from many developers across the world spoiled the game. Ultimately, his application was removed from the Play Store. Nevertheless, this proved to be a game changer for him.

In the later years, he looked for the opportunities of funding. He made himself a regular at many seminars, met numerous people and talked to them about his own new project LOKALAD. Finally, he got an investor who was willing to invest. He founded his fresh team with a new vigor and started working on new project. But sadly, the lack of experience ensured that the results were not up to the mark and he faced huge loss and learning from it. It was a yet another experience for him.

It is said that the Rome was not built in a day. Seeds of hard work may take a bit of time to fruit but one is bound to reap long term benefits. After going through the roller-coaster ride, he managed to come up with several new products that were meant to help man in the street. Shwetank could see the light of the day in the form of his new idea BookBungalows which is basically a rental-based home service. This helps a customer book room from its partners having 250+ bungalows. The business witnessed a sharp bend and was able to tap potential clients. Now, the turnover of the company has reached over 10 Million.

Apart from this, it went on to add many useful domestic and international clients in the portfolio of RB Tech Solutions with supportive team that is increasing day by day. Now the team is brainstorming about some of its new products.

It is visible from the recent events that his innovative skills have finally started reaping good results. One after the other, he is bringing new concepts that are revolutionary and catering to the needs of customers.


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