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Redknot Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Redknot Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd.: Creates Engaging Brand Stories to Provide Phenomenal Customer Experience

In this contemporary era, brands need innovative and exemplary marketing strategies to catch the attention of the targeted audience. With aid to these, the aim is to provide exceptional and exquisite customer experience, so that brands can be trusted by many. Headquartered in Delhi, Redknot Marketing Solutions Pvt. Ltd. is one of the top-notch Marketing Agencies, which creates engaging brand stories to escalate its demand among users.

Redknot Marketing Solutions are masters in the art and science of creating bold brand stories and consumer experiences, driven by the best of ideas. Apart from executing world-class events, promotions and product launches, they specialize in creating and delivering impactful, memorable consumer-facing experiential brand activations.


“In terms of experiential marketing, in the last decade, there are no other agencies in India that dared to dream what we have already accomplished. “~Gaurav Arora

As an organization, they are an Integrated marketing agency, partnering with brands to develop and create effective marketing campaigns that expand beyond traditional tactics and focus on consumer engagement and brand strategy. Their philosophy begins with a deep respect for their client’s brand and audience. Every idea, emotion, innovation and execution is built on that foundation. Their insistence on best-in-class execution ensures ‘no surprises’ during any event/promotion.

How it was started

Redknot was born in 2012, when four professionals decided to quit their high paying stable jobs, to chase their dreams. Having experienced the industry, it was apparent to the team that things needed a refreshing start and they were ready for it. With a hunger for success, the thirst to prove that there are no limits and courage in heart to go the extra mile, Redknot was formed. They wanted to create an environment where they are directly involved. Gaurav Arora says,We could do better if we just take all of this out and make a smaller compact working machine rather than a big large engine, pulling a lot of boogies.”

The Company’s philosophy was to make an impact by working ‘with’ clients rather than ‘for’ them. Over time they did just that, and they understood early that the most important part of what they create is a long-term relationship with their clients who like them and have an incredible story to tell. That’s why they talk straight, work hard, laugh a lot and are damn good at what they do.

About the Services

 The experience is everything. You know it and so does your consumer. That’s why they approach every project from an experiential perspective, keeping in mind that it should always reflect your story and passion. Their team creates a customized concept for every project which focuses on delivering a unique user experience that elevates your brand. By utilizing data-driven insights and cultural behavior, they ensure that your brand reaches its objectives and drive conversions.

Covering a vast clientele, Redknot has served a broad category of customers like Citibank, Toyota, Google, Microsoft, Adidas, Coca Cola, Honda, Kolkata Knight Riders, etc.

Keeping abreast of the Market Trends

With the outbreak of digitization and the latest advancements in Technology, Redknot makes sure to be aligned with them and keeps a close eye on what others are doing. The team of Redknot consists of young minds who vigorously put all their energy to expand the dimensions of their knowledge with the current updates.

Research & Development is the most crucial process for any business or system. Redknot pays great heed towards it to know the intricacies of the market so that it can excel in the entrepreneurial space. On the same notion, Gaurav says, If you are not evolving, you would cease to exist, so R&D is the core.”

The Team

Redknot’s team consists of young professionals and experts, who do not have a lack of any kind of motivation, that’s why they are associated with the Company from the very beginning, which is something to boast of. The team size currently is of 23 employees on the payroll and would have anything close to 700-800 contractual employees at any given point during the year running multiple projects across India.

To rejuvenate the spirits of employees, Redknot organizes team lunches, trips and movies.

Future Plans

Being ambitious, Redknot has recently launched a Music Company called KaGaz, which has already released its 1st music video. Sooner, they envision to foray into Online Content business.

Talking about the achievement, Redknot has achieved 65-70% growth, every year in the past 3 years.

Message to the entrepreneurs

To inspire and kindle the flame of optimism amongst the emerging entrepreneurs, Gaurav Arora says, “These are the hard times for those who want to run alone. Collaboration is the next thing to do. Don’t give up. If you think you’re falling then summon yourself and stand up again. Hence, don’t give up because when you think it’s end, from there you actually start.”

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