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Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd

Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd

An End to End Cyber Security Distribution House

The genesis of Satcom Infotech Pvt Ltd was in 2003 – a period when digitization was on the horizon, and the internet was shaping the way of life. Its influx in corporates, as well as personal life, was bringing the world closer, cutting across time and distance boundaries. And with these, the threats were not far behind. And Satcom envisaged that securing an IT infrastructure will be of paramount importance across all verticals, be it military, Govt, manufacturing, hospitality, education, retail, banking etc.

The scenario inspired Mr Vinod Kumar, the visionary behind Satcom, to launch an entrepreneurial venture to offer robust and technically sound software solutions. The Indian market was flooded with varieties of products and solutions, each working differently in each customer environment. It was perplexing and took a long time for partners and end-users to understand the product in order to test, install, and support it efficiently. Hence, Satcom decided to add value to its offerings for both – partners and customers by being the subject matter expert in that particular brand of solution.

Now, Satcom is a value-added distributor strategically tied with a dozen Non-competing and complimenting OEM’s. Its solutions secure the IT infra of corporates in one way or the other and make business processes easier, safer and more profitable for them. Its offerings cover the entire gamut of IT security, from general solutions, like Anti-Virus for endpoints and servers, firewalls, data leakage prevention, mail and web security to complex technologies like Encryption, Anti-ransomware, EDR and MTR services, Network Monitoring, Mobility and File Integrity Monitoring Solutions.

They have a well-defined Mission and Vision, which are communicated to all the internal people very clearly with a code of ethics. Their plans and strategies – are outlined in their Annual Business Plan at the beginning of the year. And they strive to be as dynamic as possible to tweak and change in regards to market circumstances.

There is an old saying, “If you want to go fast, go alone, but if you want to go far, go together”. Satcom’s lively work culture is a notable manifestation of this. Built upon a “Work as a team” culture, each and every person share responsibilities and KRAs as an individual, as well as a team member. Much of the workforce performs multiple responsibilities, with dual reporting to ensure that most people get an opportunity outside their job role and contribute in numerous other areas within Satcom. Most of their sales force comes from a technical background, while many of their technical resources, are groomed for sales.

The founder possesses delegative leadership that is benign for the Company and the team members too. He gives unbridled authority, along with the responsibility of decision making to his managers, who happen to be not only highly skilled but also highly conscientious. In other words, Satcom has an extremely harmonious work culture. It has built offices and resources in 8 locations, and each of them works independently without constant supervision.

The Company also prioritizes individual growth and encourage existing personnel to grow to middle and senior management while hiring only at junior levels. Employees are also subjected to continuous training and development, which is overseen by managers, and the L & D team. Apart from skill certifications, Satcom nurtures employees on soft skills as well as individual coaching when required.

Satcom distinguishes itself in bridging the gap between the vendor and partners and making the most efficient use of the technology available at the customer site. Its uniqueness resides in simplicity with a focus on technology and deliveryas a whole, thus, giving importance to solving the pain points of the customer, partner and OEM.

Seamlessly integrating into an eco-system that prioritises their customers, vendors and internal team gives them an edge and a successful business model. The Company spares no effort to stay abreast of the latest developments in the cybersecurity arena for possible future threats and simultaneously about upcoming solutions using futuristic technologies. This also helps in identifying potential solutions that can be introduced in the Indian market.

Satcom has accomplished many long term associations with the vendors they represent, marking its excellence in meeting client’s expectations consistently YOY. Many of their vendors have commemorated Satcom as the ‘Best Distributor’ and further conferred ‘Distributor of the year award’.

“Our engagement with our partners reflects on the level of service we have been able to provide to them. There is no award greater than repeat business which we have always been fortunate to receive”, opines Mr Vinod.

Sitting upon such reverence, Satcom has set higher goals for the coming year. It hopes to continue the compounded growth with a constant focus on customer retention and new customer acquisition. The pandemic is razing the world for a year, and companies are struggling with reduced Manpower. The scenario has opened a back door for hackers and vulnerabilities as all software is often not renewed or upgraded on time. But with disruptions, Satcom has become doubly vigilant and strives to pre-empt renewals of expired licenses.

Providing license extension with an additional layer of support to assist partners and customers in troubleshooting, Satcom is completely ready for all types of unprecedented breach. Lastly, they have a couple of exciting technologies, which are on the roadmap for this quarter, and hope to add a few more in the second half of this financial year.

All and above, Satcom is on an enthralling journey – starting from scratch and building it to a robust, growing and profitable company, having the respect of both external as well as internal employees. What kept the wheels moving, is being consistent towards the core vision, with lots of hard work, focus on the means as well as the end and understanding that building a team is crucial for long-term success.

“For a great dream always require a great team”, concludes the founder

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