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Sculp 3D

Sculp 3D: SOWING THE SEED 3D Printing in India

Additive Manufacturing Technology, commonly known as 3D Printing allows companies to build hardware prototypes easily and helps them in launching and testing products at a very rapid pace, compared to a decade ago. In India, the technology is already moving at a steady speed, with lots of service providers and manufacturers coming up, but still, there is a lot more to the technology in terms of the arenas it can impact.

Sculp 3D, a Gujarat based early-stage startup is one such company that provides all sorts of application-based prototyping services.

At present, we are at the brink of major technological revolutions such as the Internet of Things, Electric Vehicles, Drones, Portable Medical Devices and multiple others.  A common node amongst all these technologies is the hardware product design and development which takes time and effort. Each prototyping process has its own advantages and disadvantages; hence depending on the specific application, we suggest our client the best method that they should adopt for manufacturing. Our vision is to provide high-quality rapid prototyping service at an affordable price to the customers. says Pranav Pandey, founder of Sculp 3D.

Customized Services

Sculp 3D offers FDM, DLP and SLA 3D Printing service along with Metal Machining and 3D designing to the clients as per their specific requirements. Clients can share the concepts either in sketch form or a standard CAD file which is analyzed by the design team and with mutual consultation the prototyping is done.

It caters a broad segment of customers ranging from school students, startups, MSMEs, MNCs to turn any abstract concept to a physical form. The company’s customers include Engineering and Architecture Firms, Creative Professionals, Dentists, Jewelers, Students and Product based Startups.

It has built prototypes ranging from plastic spare parts, sand casting patterns, end-use components, change parts for machinery, dent cast, pre-surgical guides, pre-surgical models, custom gifting solutions in the form of miniatures, bobble heads, mementos, jewelry pattern, investment casting patterns, architecture scaled models, exhibition scaled models and many more.

“The Indian market is very price sensitive and also needs quality which is a challenge. So, our primary focus remains on customer satisfaction. We are in constant search for upcoming economical technology in the domain of 3D printing and design both in the Indian and international market. Technological trends keep changing but the primary requirement of the customer remains the same which is economical quality prototypes and products.” says Pranav Pandey.

Fathoming the needs of clients

The company is also coming to terms with the surging demand for 3D Printing Service, as more and more product manufacturers are deciding to outsource the process instead of 3D printing in house. The technology is bringing a revolution in engineering and manufacturing. The sheer variety of raw materials ranging from polymers, resins, wax to metal powders and numerous applications, clearly indicates the level of impact this technology will create.

Sculp 3D has in-house 3D Printers and CNC Machine that meet most of the prototyping demands. Also, it has actively partnered with a lot of local companies within Gujarat for 3D printing service and in case of surge in requirements often distribute the work to meet the client’s timelines.

We are seeking manufacturing partners in other states in India who have the ability to match our prototyping quality standards, pricing and would like to mutually partner with us.” says Pranav Pandey.

The company is about to start manufacturing a multi tool machine which can perform 3D Printing, CNC Milling and Laser Engraving with interchangeable tool heads. It has secured funding for the same from the Government of Gujarat and plans to launch its manufacturing setup in 6-8 months once the beta product is validated.

Going strong and setting new benchmarks

The company is a firm believer of serving society by means of providing education. It has very recently sponsored the enrollment of a child living in a rural areas into a primary school through save the children’s organization.

Education is a key through which we can bring about a change in our society. When it comes to 3D Printing we have sponsored school exhibitions for students and are currently sponsoring prototypes to a robotics team of leading universities for an international competition. Also, we are in talks with local social trusts for setting up of 3D Printing Lab for imparting vocational training to young minds coming from underprivileged backgrounds, so that when they go in the industry they can keep themselves at par with the technological trends.”, concludes Pranav Pandey.

iCreate which is an Incubation Centre set up under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Narendra Modi is backing Sculp 3D.

It is also a recognized startup under the Startup India program by the Department of Industrial Policy and Promotions. In a short span of 18 months of operations, it has prototyped thousands of parts for hundreds of customers and is targeting 10x growth this year compared to the first year of operation.

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