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Knowledge is power and has become an indispensable part of every modern business. Industries have changed radically since the COVID, but close inspection reveals that several linked forces have already had a long-standing impact on customer behavior, prices, and market practices.

Digitalization has become a generic goal, and given the market’s unpredictability, everyone seeks knowledge-based solutions. But it’s not an easy-to-achieve goal in today’s market. With an expanding base of digital service providers, it can be a challenge to know and knock on the right door.

Our captivating edition, “Company of the Year 2022,” strives to honour businesses that are overcoming obstacles, rivalry, and market instabilities to remain dedicated to their clients’ success. In this regard, Business Connect is happy to host Soft Minders. Established in Barasat, Kolkata, it’s a reputable digital marketing company with a broad range of services for all types of businesses to stay ahead of the game.

Mr. Aftab Mondal, Soft Minders’ founder, recently spoke with us about what sets it apart, be it culture, people, or services. The discussion is summarized below.

Aftab, an engineer by trade, had a natural passion for technology, which led him to work multiple jobs while still in college. By the time he completed his B.Tech from Sikkim Manipal University, where he was a batch topper, he had built a strong background in Web Development, App Development, and Customer Support.

Over the course of his tenure, he realized how critical the function of a technologist is in raising a firm above the opposition. He began thinking, “Why don’t I start my own IT company?” Little did he know, this would not be a walk in the park. In 2018, he took a risk and rented a small office with only space for two people. It was oppressive, but he persisted and started working as a freelancer.

After a year of contentious efforts, Aftab had amassed sufficient funds to hire a room with decor and assemble his staff. In 2021, he registered his endeavor as a private limited company, bringing Soft Minders under the spotlight. From there, the voyage has been progressing steadily towards a significant objective.

Soft Minders specializes in knowledge-based web design & app development and digital marketing, with additional services like e-Commerce Integration, PPC, and hosting. It stands out from competitors because of its emphasis on fostering customer relationships while using creativity to find original solutions to pressing business issues rather than copying others.

The Indian digital space is a vast and competitive sector influenced by interrelated variables. To win here, a company must have a focused strategy, diligently execute commitments, and remain engaged with its cohorts. By doing this, a business eventually positions itself as the go-to provider regardless of how fast or slow the economy grows. Soft Minders strives to impart a similar value to its clients. It is how the company remains steadfast, dependable and attracts stronger alliances even in the midst of crises.

Aftab, having spent a noteworthy period across the IT realm, is well aware of the market volatility. He has assembled a team of jewels whose mission and drive is to position Soft Minders at the forefront of the domain. They perform in-depth R&D to stay updated with technology and trends while keeping a keen eye on the increasing competition. With their support, the company has successfully developed over 6000 websites, incurring a high client satisfaction level. They had the privilege of serving many market leaders like HandpanWorlClean Image Mobile DetailingBrite DeckingBNJ Events, and so on.

Soft Minders is industry agnostic, and its clientele mostly includes notable figures from various fields. “After we started serving them, they never considered switching to another company.” This increases our confidence and motivates us to keep coming back,” says Aftab with pride. The company also has focused tactics to boost engagement. This primarily entails e-mail marketing, and they have foreign partners who collaborate to bring clients, and increase the clientele.

Soft Minders is an ecosystem of talented individuals working to make a mark on the global market. As strenuous as it is, Aftab has the support of a dynamic panel of leaders namely:

  • Sanjay Das, Production Manager: Every leader needs a trustworthy companion. This companion for Aftab has been Sanjay. He is a composed, cultivated, and jovial individual. But when it comes to his responsibilities and roles, he is unrivalled.
  • Shukla Saha, Marketing Team Manager: She oversees the marketing department planning, developing and implementing actionable strategies to increase overall business value. An arduous persona whose contribution is well regarded across the company.
  • Amrita Nath, Content Writing Team Manager: She is what Aftab refers to as the team’s “hyperactive ninja,” obviously in a good way. She is a young, vibrant person who makes sure the content team is running effectively.
  • MitaliMondal, SEO Team Manager: Aftab regards her as a business partner as her assistance have been critical to the company’s growth. She has been with the company from the start and has supported it in overcoming numerous challenges and uncertainties.
  • Dipankar Roy, Design & Development Team manager: One of the brightest minds in Soft Minders and a brother to Aftab, Dipankar oversees the designing department. He has an abundance of experience and a very creative mind.

Both Aftab and the panel follow the tenets of thought leadership. There is a sense of autonomy among the teammates rather than micromanaging. Aftab explains, “Whenever they feel down, I talk to them, give advice, and help them get back in shape.” Everyone is flexible, working cheerfully and comfortably. And there are always occasions to celebrate to break up the routine.”

With a cohort of amicable leaders and employees, it’s safe to infer that Soft Minders has a welcoming culture. They adhere to the notion that “Teamwork makes dreamwork” and are proud to maintain a politically neutral and healthy environment. Everyone on the team is spontaneous, has a go-get-it-done personality, and doesn’t believe in applying a one-size-fits-for-all approach.

With a multitude of experience, the team understands the distinct needs of clients and proposes solutions accordingly. “My team is made up of unique gems who know how to astonish clients with their diligence,” affirms Aftab.

Starting from a small, suffocating, rented enclosure to a 3000 sq. ft. fully decorated office and a committed team, Soft Minders has travelled quite an adventure. Its business network is spread across 130 countries. Even though market competition is taking its toll on its growth, Soft Minders is proud to have helped many businesses reach new heights in all aspects. In the years to come, the company aims to open more branches across the nation and launch its proprietary products. It’s all under wraps now, but the company is set to make great strides by the end of 2024.

“I think there is always a way if there is a will. I remained steadfast and am now making strides. Even though it could take years, never give up hope, courage, or the fire within of you that keeps telling you that you can become the next business mogul. Be your own harshest critic, own up to your mistakes, learn from them, and move on.”

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