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The Indian economy is bouncing back strongly, and it’s shown in the rising exports and increasing FDIs. Domestic consumption is also increasing, so is industrial production through reforms implemented by the Govt. to fillip the business community. However, there is still a visible shortage of energy supply. Despite being one of the highest energy producers in the world, India still cannot fulfill the energy requirement of its people. Most of the country’s energy requirements are met with coal. According to surveys by media and research institutes, coal reserves in the country won’t last beyond 2050.

However, the scenario can change with the use of renewable energy. Amongst the various energy sources, Solar has a huge potential in India. But getting a solar project off-ground can be tough. It requires adaptability for new technologies, policies & regulatory frameworks. The scenario connotes skilled firms with tailored solutions, dispelling the myth that solar is an expensive investment. Introducing Solarium Green Energy, a one-stop solar technology and solutions firm for both residential and commercial projects. With significant cross-functional experience, differentiated technologies, and a deep understanding of the renewable energy sector, the company contributes to sustainable growth by providing sustainable products.

In 2017, Ankit Garg, a Mining Machinery Engineer from IIT Dhanbad, sought to redefine the solar industry in India. He was particularly irritated by a lack of quality control at the raw material level, as well as foreign manufacturers dominating the market and China supplying 90% of PV modules. Taking a bold step, he founded Solarium Green Energy, which became a leader in next-gen solar technology. What makes it different is its integrated business model comprising Smart solar PV modules, EPC, and O&M expertise–encased in a commitment to deliver world-class quality.

Unlike its peers, which sources products and solutions from other companies, Solarium has an in-house manufacturing unit of Solar PV Modules in Gujarat. The facility is dedicated to satiating the ever-growing demand for qualified solutions through eco-friendly means.

The products are built upon knowledge, experience and innovation with in-depth R&D across the entire Solar Value Chain. It also has a multi-channel distribution pipeline spread across 40 cities in India, which aids deliver what’s promised in the shortest time. Solarium stays with its client in every step from ordering, installation, licensing/leasing through proper regulations, all of which are coming at fewer prices compared to its competitors. Solarium has completed over 9000 residential installations within 2 years, which shows its conviction and commitment to quality.

Solarium’s leadership existence and growth complement its focus on innovations, perfection, integrity, and in house talents. These are the values and guiding principles that form its foundation. Solarium has a well-equipped production facility with Solar Cell Tabber and Stringer, Laminator, and Quality Control equipment to develop PV Modules that meet international standards. The operational staff is well-versed in developing Poly/Mono/PERC Crystalline Solar Modules under BIS, IEC, and MNRE standards.

The raw materials are sourced through qualified supply chains to ensure a sustainable value in the finished products. This strategy has contributed to scaling higher efficiencies while lowering operating costs. From system design to customer support, Solarium delivers turnkey projects across the value chain, ensuring clients find bankable solutions. Its wide range of bespoke solutions is a testament to its focus on qualitative and quantitative optimization.

Solarium’s technical expertise and quality also reflect its extensive R&D. “It’s one of the major factors behind our rapid progress as well,” adds Ankit. Solarium has its R&D facility and a dedicated team for improving its products’ reliability twice as much. It has been developing eco-friendly off-grid systems with increased capacity and software that synchronises customers’ PV Modules with their existing diesel generator (lowering generator power consumption) since 2019.

Lithium-ion batteries and energy storage solutions are also a recent addition to the portfolio. Alongside, R&D keeps them aligned to modern manufacturing practices. The Company has upgraded its manufacturing capacity to 250 Mega Watts. Ankit also shares that they recently upgraded three of their solar modules to match current demands. Putting it simply, R&D is the stepping stone to their success. This also shows that Solarium constantly synchronizes with the fast-moving industry, be it innovations or practices.

With an ecosystem built on ideas and innovations, Solarium has created a team of dynamic nature. It began with only a few people but now has 100 passionate professionals striving to excel in the solar industry. Solarium works with people known for their unwavering commitment to quality and integrity. It is joining hands that value simplicity, adaptability, and dependability while striving for greatness. It’s continually thinking of ways to encourage transparency, communication, and professional ethics while ensuring employee safety and social responsibility.

Simultaneously, Solarium also takes good care of its employees’ growth. Ankit, seasoned in a variety of leadership positions before Solarium, is well aware of the challenges that employees face. Solarium has a distinct department that manages employee content and ensures that the company’s culture is in line with its policies. This helps employees manage work and personal lives, allowing the organisation to retain and ensure employee loyalty.

The unified culture helped them push through COVID-19. They suffered the first six months terribly, but in the second half, they turned the tide. Solarium accomplished over 100 residential projects amid turbulence, which clearly shows its forte and resilience

Despite all the highs and lows over the previous two years, Solarium’s mission to “Solarize the Future” has earned it both wealth and growth. In F.Y. 2018- 19, the company achieved a turnover of INR 4 Cr, which quadrupled to INR 24 Cr in the following year. In F.Y. 2019-20, Solarium attained a turnover of INR 44 Cr. And in F.Y. 2020-21, the company had a whooping turnover of INR 122 Cr.

Saying this, the company aims to achieve a turnover of INR 150 Cr by the end of this year. The industry and the media have widely recognised Solarium’s chronoscopic trajectory. Distinguished media platforms such as Silicon India in its ‘Top 10 Energy Solutions Provider in 2019’ and The CEO Insights in ‘Top 10 Leaders in Manufacturing in 2021’, among others, have featured Ankit and his brainchild.

Solarium remains focused on its purpose, even after achieving so many milestones, and is poised to discover new opportunities. However, it will concentrate on addressing the country’s rising electrical consumption. With various applications under one roof, especially in the residential sector, the rate of consumption is substantially higher than it was a few years ago. Ankit believes that Solar can address this rapid consumption rate with Solar.

Although it has a very distributed market, it’s a sustainable and clean energy source. Being trusted for complete solar solutions, Solarium aims to be the apex in its domain for residential installations. It has already set a record with 9000 home installations, outnumbering many of its competitors.

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