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Sotefin Parking Private Limited



Sotefin Parking Private Limited is now one of the market leaders of India in the Design, Manufacture and Installation of Mechanized Car Parking Systems. Although it started very late in India, it has made quite a name for itself in a short time.

Sotefin Parking Pvt. Ltd was established in the year 2012 as an Indian arm of Sotefin SA. The journey towards its success in India started after successful completion of 900 cars fully underground Automatic Parking at Kamla Nagar, Delhi by Sotefin SA. Sotefin India is the perfect blend of such technology operated by the Specialized Technocrats of India, thus designing and manufacturing the Best Customized Mechanized Car Parking Solutions of every possible type:

  • Fully Automatic Silomat Car Parking
  • Tower Parking System: Pallet and Comb type
  • Puzzle Type Car Parking System

Also, they undertake Turnkey solutions including civil construction of parking structure, which they have accomplished for the Ministry of Surface Transport and the Pune Cantonment Board.

Sotefin SA, Switzerland, founded in 1956, is a world leader in the design and construction of computer-controlled fully automated car parking systems.  Sotefin SA began its activity by patenting (1959) and developing a trolley for

the automated parking transfer of vehicles which proved to be extremely reliable and accurate over time, to the extent that some systems are still operational today.

Over the last 25 years, Sotefin SA has installed an increasing number of automated parking systems overseas and currently, there are installations in over 20 countries.

The technology developed by Sotefin Parking has been designed for the purpose of resolving the parking menace of the recent and future years. The huge increase in the number of vehicles with the minimum availability of space for them to be parked has become a matter of huge concern. Hence, the creation of the various parking solutions are based on the latest needs of the market only.

With its unique technology, Sotefin is capable of transforming a base area to its maximum utility with Customized Mechanized Car Parking Solutions to satisfy every possible parking need.

  • High Product Versatility allowing it to be Custom/ Tailor-made to meet customers’ requirements. They never give their dimensional requirements; instead, they take customer requirements and provide solutions.
  • The maximum number of project realization in public parking where “zero downtime” is maintained for greater redundancy and superior quality of the product.
  • 360-degree assistance including turnkey project execution.
  • Post-warranty, Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC) entered with the customer for providing round-the-clock service at a very nominal cost.

Sotefin Parking is an “Ultimate Guide to Parking Solutions” and its technology can be defined as “Technology-Enabled with Thought”, that sets them further apart from their competitors.


Like any infrastructure project, Mechanized Car Parking also needs capital investment. Their specialized technology needs a specialized understanding among investors as well as the customers to fund and adopt. Sotefin Parking had faced challenges in creating such awareness of the necessity of its design criteria both to their investors and the desirable customers. Their unique skill of presentation of diligently designed project reports with its every possible intricate details accompanied by the critical financial analysis of the project sufficed to win over their leads and to create the required awareness within them so as to make them realize that Sotefin Parking would stand out to be the Only Best Solution to their space utilization.

To procure compatible human resources for execution of its specialized Project skills efficiently and perfectly was also one of its biggest challenges, but by constant training and up-gradation of the technical capabilities of its human resources, they conquered this challenge, too.

Sotefin Parking never compromises with the quality of its products. It stands ready to sacrifice its crock of gold than to compromise with its quality. This very ethos of Sotefin Parking has set it as an exemplar in its arena of business and has been successful in attracting renowned clients for its reliability, durability and world-class quality of its customized product range.


Sotefin Parking values its human resources the most. It believes that opportunities and fair treatment provided to them contribute to the success of the organization. The skillful management of this resource has helped the organization to achieve its ideas and ace its business plan.

The workforce is the pillar of any organization. Satisfied workers lead to success. A healthy work environment and remuneration schemes are the two basic mottoes to keep the team motivated and energized.

Also, Sotefin Parking has developed a forum through which employees can share their grievances directly with the management. The management takes serious steps to

resolve such issues so as to keep its employees satisfied and happy. Besides, the company provides funds to its team from time to time for arranging various social activities.


Thorough Research and Development is the pillar of success for Sotefin Parking. Extensive research is mainly being carried out at their parent company in Switzerland. The specialized engineers of SotefinIndia diligently participate in such research works so as to upgrade themselves thus contributing in improving upon the quality of its products from “Better to Best” every time.

Sotefin Parking makes it a point to always adopt the latest technology, spend money on development with a budgetary provision, and follow International Standards in all aspects. Some of their methods to keep up with the changing technology are:

  • Continuous up-gradation of their software
  • Analyzing the customer need and selecting the technology/system with respect to applications.
  • Continual maintenance of awareness of quality and operational parameters among its customers.


With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT), applications have become smarter and connected devices give rise to their exploitation in all aspects of a modern city and modern parking. As the volume of the collected data increases, AI techniques are applied to further enhance the intelligence and the capabilities of an application.

Sotefin Parking utilizes information and communication technologies so that it enhances the quality and performance of their systems such as energy and retrieval time so that there’s a reduction in resource consumption, wastage, and overall costs.

The aim of Sotefin Parking is to achieve 100.00 crores in the next two years. They plan to install public parking in many cities all over India showing the efficiency of the system and increasing public awareness on the same.

They are looking to the future of their Specialized Parking Solutions by:

  • Providing Induction Based Wireless Charging of Electric Cars when they are parked
  • Providing Parking Solutions for heavy vehicles or buses
  • Export to the USA and Europe. They have already taken their first step towards it by undertaking the process of installation of the Automated Parking System in the USA on behalf of their parent company.

By delivering their commitment, Sotefine Parking has ensured the faith of their clients in the company. They do what they say and that is the reason behind their fresh clients being mostly referrals of their existing clients. The satisfaction of their existing clients leads to the generation of more clientele through them, increasing their success exponentially through the years.

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