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Breaking the mold with efficient issue resolution…

This narrative showcases the spectacular journey of an innovative and forward-thinking EPC-based company that is revolutionizing the industry. With a strong foundation built on the expertise and entrepreneurial spirit of founders Arun Borse and Rahul Kumar, Squad Synergy Pvt. Ltd. is committed to delivering exceptional services to clients across various industries.

The whole story has been intertwined with the insights shared by the visionaries and the excerpts of the conversation held with them via the virtual meet. We hope our global aficionado would find this read relatable offering them tons of information into the subject and something out of the box to learn about.

The company profile

Arun Borse and Rahul Kumar embarked on an entrepreneurial journey by establishing Squad Synergy Pvt. Ltd., an EPC-based company, a year and a half ago. The company’s primary objective is to cater to various industries through its comprehensive services. Both founders have always had a strong inclination towards entrepreneurial ventures, and for over a decade, they worked as EPC contractors, gaining valuable experience in designing, constructing, and procuring turnkey solutions.

Driven by their desire to be their own bosses and utilize their expertise in engineering, procurement, construction, and project management, Arun and Rahul decided to establish their own company. They wanted to channel their corporate experience into a business that focused on delivering exceptional services while adhering to client expectations.

At Squad Synergy Pvt. Ltd., the founders adopt a client-centric approach, prioritizing the needs and requirements of their clients. They understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to meet client expectations to the best of their abilities. By combining their technical expertise, industry knowledge, and project management skills, Arun and Rahul aim to provide top-notch services to their clients, ensuring optimal satisfaction and successful project outcomes.

Moreover, in regards to their mission, they strive to achieve a revenue target of 51 Crores within the next two years for which they have curated a well-defined roadmap. Aligned with the Government of India’s visionary initiatives to promote stadium infrastructure, Squad Synergy Pvt. Ltd.

aims to spearhead the construction and establishment of state-of-the-art sports stadium complexes in every district nationwide in the years to come. With a focus on efficiency and excellence, these stadium complexes will serve as catalysts for sporting development, fostering a vibrant sports culture throughout the country. By undertaking this ambitious endeavor, Squad Synergy is committed to creating world-class sporting facilities that will provide athletes, spectators, and communities with unparalleled experiences and opportunities for growth.

What is it they are offering as the USP?

When asked to shine some light on the factors that lend them an edge in the industry, the founders walked us through the intricacies of the offerings they are ensuring towards the betterment of the society via their ventures. According to Rahul, one of the major drawbacks in the industry was the slow resolution of issues, primarily caused by a hierarchical approach to decision-making and problem-solving. This approach hindered the prompt delivery of solutions to clients, resulting in delayed outcomes. Recognizing this gap in the market, Rahul and Arun made a strategic decision to establish an organization that would break away from the traditional hierarchical layers of functioning.

Their vision was to create an agile and efficient system where decision-making and issue resolution could occur swiftly, without the unnecessary delays imposed by hierarchical structures. By eliminating layers of bureaucracy, Squad Synergy Pvt. Ltd. aimed to offer clients rapid and effective solutions.

The founders believed that this non-hierarchical approach would not only expedite problem-solving but also enhance overall operational efficiency. It would empower employees at all levels to contribute their expertise, ideas, and insights to the decision-making process, fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment.

By adopting this innovative organizational structure, Rahul and Arun aimed to differentiate their company from competitors and provide clients with a unique value proposition. They believed that by offering swift solutions, they could enhance client satisfaction, build long-term relationships, and position Squad Synergy Pvt. Ltd. as a reliable and efficient partner in the industry.

Tech inclusion

Squad Synergy Pvt. Ltd. is leading the way in embracing tech inclusivity to drive impactful projects. With a focus on utilizing the latest technological advancements, the company is poised to address the pressing need for potable water supply in remote Indian regions. In an upcoming project, they are introducing automated digging processes that significantly enhance cable and pipe laying efficiency, ensuring access to clean water for over 30,000 households.

To further optimize this initiative, Squad Synergy will incorporate automated solar pumps that efficiently extract underground water and distribute it through an extensive network of channels. Additionally, in their electricity projects, the company is committed to leveraging automation tools that streamline operations and enhance overall efficiency. By embracing these technologies, Squad Synergy aims to make a meaningful impact while delivering seamless and sustainable solutions to the communities they serve.

Leadership philosophy

At Squad Synergy, the leadership philosophy revolves around fostering gender equality and driving innovation in the affordable green energy segment, all while prioritizing industry and infrastructure development. The co-founders firmly believe that diversity and inclusivity are essential for a thriving and progressive organization.

“In our pursuit of gender equality, we strive to create a work environment that values and empowers women. We actively promote equal opportunities for career growth and ensure that our recruitment and promotion processes are free from any gender biases. By nurturing a culture of respect, inclusivity, and equal representation, we aim to harness the collective talents and perspectives of our diverse workforce.

With a keen focus on the affordable green energy segment, we are committed to driving positive change in the renewable energy industry. We recognize the urgent need to transition towards sustainable energy sources, and we embrace innovation as a means to achieve this goal. Our team actively explores cutting-edge technologies, leverages renewable resources, and develops innovative solutions that make clean and affordable energy accessible to all,” reveals Arun.

“In line with our dedication to industry and infrastructure development, we constantly seek opportunities to contribute to the growth and progress of the communities we serve. Through our projects, we aim to create sustainable infrastructure that promotes economic development, improves living standards, and enhances connectivity. Our focus on innovation ensures that we deliver efficient and future-ready solutions that align with the evolving needs of industries and communities.

At Squad Synergy, we believe that leadership goes hand in hand with responsibility. By championing gender equality, driving innovation in the affordable green energy segment, and focusing on industry and infrastructure development, we strive to make a positive and lasting impact while shattering the hierarchical systems that create the sense of inequality in the workplaces and communities,” asserts Rahul.

The impact

The establishment stands out as a promising startup in its targeted market due to its unique combination of factors. With a leadership philosophy that emphasizes gender equality, a keen focus on the affordable green energy segment, and a commitment to industry, innovation, and infrastructure, the company demonstrates its dedication to social responsibility and sustainability which is quite rare to see.

By nurturing diversity, driving innovation in renewable energy, and contributing to community development, Squad Synergy has positioned itself as a forward-thinking organization poised to make a significant impact with its state-of-the-art service portfolio and commitment to serve the nation.

Fuelled by the dedication of a talented team, a client-centric approach, and a drive for excellence, the startup is well-positioned to disrupt the market, deliver exceptional services, and achieve sustainable growth in the future while changing lives at ground level.

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