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Stay Sharp While Social Distancing with This Deal on Rosetta Stone, Microbooks, and More

Stay Sharp While Social Distancing with This Deal on Rosetta Stone, Microbooks, and More

COVID-19 pandemic has become World’s largest major threat at the moment. In order to prevent the Coronavirus from spreading, all over the world are fully engaged in social distancing. For a lot of people, it’s still business as usual, just with more phone calls and a zoom call. But nonetheless, it is very likely to get a bit boring even so often.

In extra time, you must be thinking that what should I do. So, if you want to utilize any extra time, then I would suggest you use some online sources or applications to learn something new or enhance knowledge. We all can take this socially distancing lifestyle in a positive way.

Today I am going to introduce a few apps and online sources that can help you to build new skills and protect your device as well. So, without further due, let’s talk about them.

Rosetta Stone
Rosetta Stone, no need any further introduction. It is a language learning technology that has been used by more than 30 companies, including NASA, BEST BUY, and Axisdeniml. An entrepreneur should be bi or multilinguistic, which can boost up you many opportunities. We often use the traditional method to learn a new language like a student who has to remember every single word and grammar. But this traditional method takes so much time and eventually, you get frustrated and give up.

In order to learn in a smart way, you need a better technology that can help you to start speaking intuitively. This app is an award-winning language learning platform that has 28 languages. The app is apricated by CNN and called “The gold standard”. The app teaches you the language through images, text, and sound. It is completely different from textbooks.

In a hectic life, we really have less time to learn something new and know about something else. In such kind of situation, sitting in a chair and reading a big fat book, it is hard for all of us. I know some people like to stay and read all the time. But An entrepreneur cannot spend the entire time reading big books, so here 12 mins digital book library can help you.

This Microbooks technology has a collection of all books that allow users to read an entire book in 12 mins. Now you must say how the hack is possible? Well, the Microbook has basically summarized versions of all books collection that come in form of audio and text format. The app covers all important topics which you really need to know.

You can read any books without an internet connection like sport-related, business-related, and many more. Every month, you will get 30 new suggestions. In case if you don’t like any suggestion, there is an option to choose whatever you like to read and the teams will convert them into short and complete micro books. You can download this app from google play store and App store.

These two apps are very important for entrepreneurs, but in case you don’t like them, you can buy some courses from different famous websites like Coursera or Udemy and other educational sites. I want you to be productive even you are in isolation.

VPN Unlimited
Finally, we are talking about a VPN. -This technology isn’t for learning skills but it could be very crucial for everyone since we are spending so much time on the internet. VPN (Virtual Private Network) secures your private network traffic over a public network like the internet. According to the official website, VPN has several commonest like VPN servers, protocols, and encryption.

This security mixture provides complete protection from hackers while you are sending data or receiving one. By having them, you can get several more advantages such as protect your WIFI Connection, avoid monitoring, tracking, and throating, offering a necessary tool for travelers, get a fast-uninterrupted gameplay and many more. The VPN is made for every device, it doesn’t matter what operating system or browser you are using it.

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