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Steadfast: For athletes by athletes

Steadfast: For athletes by athletes

Steadfast Nutrition: Nutrition to match your body’s demanding needs.

With the aim to make a Nutritionally efficient Nation & To build Stronger and Healthier India, STEADFAST will keep its large focus on strengthening the foundation and core of the education on the principles of “WE UNDERSTAND ORGANS BETTER”, which will also enable, reinforce and foster Nation’s Objective, “SWASTHA BHARAT ABHIYAAN”

Why is Sports Nutrition So Important?
At the most basic level, nutrition is highly vital for athletes as it is a source of sustained energy needed for optimum performance. The food you consume impacts on how well you perform & recover while displaying your strength and how you feel from within. The proportions of vital elements like protein and carbohydrates you require will differ on the intensity and the kind of sports you play. Therefore it is very important to contact a qualified professional and stick to the right brand to help you with the process of maintaining the right balance. Steadfast Nutrition helps you with exactly the same cause for you to depict your best. Steadfast Nutrition is a premium sports and wellness nutrition division introduced to offer a high-quality supplement to professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts.

Steadfast Nutrition aims for a stronger India in the world of sports, therefore, presents the athletes the best products that are safe for long term usage and under the dietary compliances as per FSSAI. Steadfast Nutrition ensures that the ingredients used are of the highest quality, and the dosage and composition are quantified in a manner that it does not harm your organs in the long run. Every product at Steadfast undergoes rigorous and multiple lab testing from the best laboratories in India to make sure to deliver the best.

Mr. Aman Puri – Founder, Steadfast Nutrition Shares
We strongly believe in the concept of fair play, thus using safer ingredients. It gives us immense pride to assert that our products are steroids as well as heavy metals free and made with the idea of regular use for the best results and long term wellbeing of organs as “We Understand Organs Better

With the Galore of Opportunities, Ideas, Innovations taking place in the space of Nutraceutical over the Globe, Steadfast Nutrition has come up with unified purpose and objectives to support the young generation with its right offering to create a strong ecosystem with its objective to take India to the next level.

Steadfast Nutrition – Vision & Thoughts
Standing with a vision of thought and aiming to transform the sports, wellness and health industry. Noida Cycling Club which is amongst India’s Oldest Recreational Cycling Clubs was founded by Mr. Aman Puri’s which paved the way for the most premium sports nutrition in India – Steadfast Nutrition. As a dedicated sportsperson, Mr. Aman Puri thought to promote the idea of sports and fitness, and he did successfully.

This exceptional passion towards health, fitness and sports is as a legacy that he imbibed from his respected father Mr. Yogesh Puri (CEO – Steadfast MediShield Pvt. Ltd.). Aman is an enthusiastic visionary who aims to transform the world of sports, wellness and healthcare at a larger scale. He holds a strong foundation in health-related studies with a master’s degree along with specialisation in eating habits and health.

Also, aced certification in various sports curriculums like specialisation in sports nutrition, specialisation in fitness nutrition, specialisation in kid’s nutrition & as a coach of sleep science and sports psychology. From his learning experiences, he imbibed the patience to live a life with a disciple as a part of National Cadet Corps and managed to acquire the status of a commando by accomplishing the toughest training camps under the Indian Army.

We respect the dedication of an athlete who prepares for each of their competition, and therefore we assure the highest quality supplements that will not only enhance performance but also show immediate but long-lasting results as they are safe to use. We understand that performance matters more than the price when it comes to nutrition. We spend a lot of time, energy and money to ensure that we deliver the best to our customers and make sure that our products are free from harmful substances, chemicals, cheap ingredients and heavy metals.

The Inside Story
Steadfast began in 2008 with a few people in a small infrastructure, but with high hopes and vision towards positive growth. With our sincere efforts and honest attempts, we gradually captured the market & have grown to become a leading service provider in the pharmaceutical & nutraceutical market.

“Developing products for long term wellbeing as the highest consideration, and that is how we proudly say “WE UNDERSTAND ORGANS BETTER.” Coming from a medical background helps with the awareness of what and how to cater to masses. We believe in each of the claims made on the products as it puts forth our mantra for the life of healthy living. Thus, envisaging with a principle of “UNCOMPROMISED NUTRITION” for our consumers, we strive to deliver the best.” says Aman.

A Decade of Delivering Excellence, Steadfast has been built brick by brick on the foundation to exceed customer expectations and keep patient safety and quality as a key priority. The team is driven by this purpose – A purpose that is 12 years young, and it lies at the centre of all their thoughts and plans, driving their actions.

“We aim to revolutionise the world of sports nutrition in India with the objective of introducing high-quality supplements and to follow a unique vision of serving people of all age groups,” says Aman. “With several lab tests and a dedication to offer the best, we strive to develop the best and deliver superior products at your doorstep. As a core value, we look at actions and solutions that are sustainable and lead to conduct business in an ethical manner with the courage to do the right things, always strive to exceed customer expectations and keep patient safety and quality as a key priority.”

The team researches and tests each of the products first on themselves before providing it to anyone else to ensure what they give is the best. Steadfast Nutrition approaches the renowned labs in India to get the products tested, verified and certified before launching them in the market. “We know the efforts an athlete puts in to win a race or a competition, says Aman. “ We understand what it takes to reach the finish line time after time.

We understand the meaning of performance and the role of nutrition to get the best out of you. We have done our homework well, and we did so to help you reach the finish line with that satisfaction and smile.”

Awards & Accolades Earned by Steadfast Nutrition

  1. Heal Foundation CSR Initiative of the Year awarded to Steadfast Medishield
  2. Heal Foundation Innovation In Food Supplementation awarded to HerbFizz
  3. Presenting Partner for IHFF for the year 2020, 2021 & 2022.
  4. Nutrition partner for HASTAPA MTB Shimla & MTB Himalaya from last 2 years.
  5. Nutrition partner for Delhi International Triathlon.
  6. Nutrition partner for Piku Sports Monsoon Run.
  7. Nutrition partner for Adobe Marathon, Noida.
  8. Nutrition partner for Noida Grand Marathon for the last 4 years.

Last but not the least, Perseverance is the key to success. Obstacles and roadblocks are part of every process, if there aren’t any hurdles there is no way to the mountain top. No failure or hurdle should bring the spirits down, instead of fuel more spark to achieve the set goals. Any inception of an idea can be a wonderful project no one thought about ever. Be raw, believe in your ideas and do your best.




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