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With the world inclining more and more to technology, Smart solutions have become the stepping stone for every industry. The Hospitality industry is no exception. With time, not only in practice, but the industry has led the change in technology implementation as well. If we go to an established hotel, we will find Smart tools for Energy Management, Predictive Maintenance, Guest Experiences, Reserved Parking, and the list goes on. But, the situation is quite the opposite for Mid-Scale, Lower Mid-scale businesses. These ventures are actuated by passionate entrepreneurs, and the proper support and resources can elevate their game.

Coming to a more recent phenomenon, the hospitality sector, particularly hotels, took a significant hit from the COVID-19. And even after a year, the sector is still recovering steadily. Hotels are a key driver of economic growth. And they need adaptive technologies and solutions to emerge and grow. SYSOTEL is a one-stop-shop for such solutions. Headquartered in Odisha, the Company is capable of turning the tide of any hotel business.

offers comprehensive SaaS technologies for revenue management in the hospitality industry. The Company serves all sizes of hospitality groups from small to large. But, primarily, it focuses on scaling growth of Mid-Scale, Lower Mid-scale ventures. The hospitality industry has a lot of scope for technology implementation, especially for automation. And it is wildly prominent for small and mid-sized ventures to grow their potential.

SYSOTEL stands proud for offering ‘User-friendly’‘Insightful’‘Affordable’ & ‘Profitable’ technology to help them reach their ultimate goals. The Company is gauging its journey with like-minded people with proven success in multiple organizational operations and scaled-up case studies in the hospitality vertical. SYSOTEL serves Independent Hotels, Homestays, Boutique Hotels, Chain hotels, which needs branding, as well as star classified hotels.

SYSOTEL took its first step as an individual company in 2021, but the excursion started in 2014 as a partnership deed. The concept for this enterprise was ideated by Raj Sahu, a seasoned leader who saw profitability and creativity in the mundane. He has over two decades of experience in hospitality, working with renowned brands such as Royal Orchid, ISTA and Cambay. Over this stint, he saw the scope for advanced technological support in the working model of hotels.

The existing framework had several gaps, and he believed it can be reworked with technology. In 2014, he started it as an initiative to rectify the existing model. Fortunately, it solidified into a venture for offering new-age hospitality tech solutions. Moreover, as his partner Mr Kiran Suthar came on board, the Venture hardened to the core. They founded SYSOTEL, stitching together 16 years of experience in India and overseas.

Born in the aftermath of the pandemic, SYSOTEL is focused on accelerating the recovery of the Hospitality Industry. It aims to help the sector rise from the ashes and increase its productivity. And judging from its inputs, SYSOTEL has made great strides in a few months. Its products are laced with over four decades of combined knowledge and case studies, and it has received excellent industry response. Maintaining this trajectory, helping the industry fly high with the wings of technology, there is a realization that the journey has come a long way, overpowering trial and error phases before consolidating as a hospitality- tech company.

“The setbacks only sharpened our focus and added to our learning to create a prosperous start-up”, says RajSYSOTEL is constantly striving to create a strong presence in the hospitality sector. It’s offering advanced tech products, like AR based Hotel website developer, Simple and UI-friendly RMS & Powerful hotel channel manager.

Experience blended with skills drives quality, and it’s one of the driving forces of SYSOTEL. The current market scenario is cut-throat, and only the fittest and adaptive will emerge. SYSOTEL hails from a niche sector, and it strives to break ground through its product portfolio. “Our mission is to deploy best-in-class products that amplify growth possibilities for both our clients and us,” adds Raj. The hotel sector is still recovering from its concussions, and SYSOTEL aims to exercise innovation and novelty to assist in every means. For this, the Company engages in in-depth R&D practices. It helps in developing and re-developing its existing portfolio for future deployments.

The Company has already taken a big step towards this with its flagship product SYSIRMS. It’s a fine illustration of research and hard work. The platform is an AI-powered revenue management solution with a user-friendly UI that allows independent owners, revenue managers, e-Commerce managers, property managers, and general managers to run their businesses smoothly and scale their performance with minimal oversight. In short, the AI platform can automate and streamline all volumes of operation. On the other hand, it has deployed some of the remarkable solutions that earned it great client reviews. Its products speak for its competence and give them an edge over peers.


“Adding manpower to a late software project makes it better”, Fedrick P Brooks

SYSOTEL was found to revamp the prevailing model of the hotel business. And such a mission demands a passionate leader and similar brains. Raj is a serial entrepreneur with multiple qualities. His deep passion for the Hotel business, coupled with his inimitable style, of speaking makes him attractive in the coup. He’s a turnaround expert who’s helped organisations in the areas of operations, sales, and asset management achieve new heights. He also co-founded Rev Matrix, GoXplore, and, all of which bring strategic elevation to the hospitality industry on a large scale.

With such a leader on board, SYSOTEL has established an open culture that can keep everyone motivated even on the worst days. Everyone puts effort to establish and sustain connections and stay motivated at all times. Moreover, the CEO has a knack for people’s development; hence, the company conducts timely training and sessions with industry-specific experts.

In a short period, SYSOTEL has laid resounding milestones. It has launch-ready products with the capacity to run 5000+ hotels. Moreover, it has already added a prestigious accolade on its shelf. It was awarded the “Best Smart Automation Services” at the Future of Facility Innovation & Tech Awards 2021.

These achievements act as a stepping stone for SYSOTEL. The Company envisages being at the forefront of technology for the hotel business. “We AIM to be a market leader in Affordable, well Synced, AI-based & hospitality technology solutions”, concludes Raj.

“Never Lose Focus and learn from your deeds. It will lead you to next door and finally to the door of your Success. Keep working and find solutions which are sustainable.” – Raj Sahu, Founder & CEO, SYSOTEL

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