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Taxi Ride Game | How to Play and Features Explained

Taxi Ride Game | How to Play and Features Explained

The longer you travel in a taxi, the more you can win with Taxi Ride. Yes, you read it right! Taxi Ride is slowly growing into one of the best casino games. It is a casino crash game where huge rewards await casino gaming enthusiasts.

How to Play Taxi Ride?

Taxi Ride is an exciting casino game combining skills and strategy. The game’s objective is to get off in time before the taxi crashes and collect your winnings. It is a ride towards big rewards that await online casino players. While most of the crash games have an object flying, Taxi Rider has someone hopping on a taxi and getting out of it before it crashes.

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Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to play this crash game:

  1. Before the game starts, you must choose the stake amount. Put the amount manually, or click the + or button to adjust your bet size. You can select the option of Quick Stake as well. It has options ₹20, ₹50, and ₹100.
  2. Click on the Play button.
  3. The taxi ride begins after the countdown is over.
  4. The goal is to jump out and cash out the winnings before the taxi crashes.
  5. The payout is the bet amount multiplied by the multiplier coefficient.

Let us look at the two types of betting available in the game:

  • Standard Betting
  • Advanced Betting

Standard Betting:

You can manually enter the stake amount in standard betting. You must add the bet amount in the Stake (INR) In each game round, you need to enter the betting amount.

Advanced Betting

Advanced betting is the best option for players who prefer to avoid placing bets manually in every round. This betting type is about placing bets and cashing out winnings automatically. You can set the number of rounds to bet the same amount by enabling the Auto option. The Auto Escape button allows you to escape the taxi before the crash. You can set a fixed multiplier, and once the coefficient reaches that number, winnings are automatically withdrawn.

Let us look at a few features separating Taxi Ride from other crash games.

Features of Taxi Ride

Taxi Ride is one of the few crash games with a central character that doesn’t fly. That itself makes the game more engaging for online casino gaming enthusiasts.
Here are a few features of the Taxi Ride game:

  • The game comes with Auto Play and Auto Escape buttons where you can automatically place bets and cashout winnings before the taxi crashes.
  • You can see your past bets through the Bet History.
  • The multipliers from previous rounds of Taxi Ride are available.
  • The session Stats option allows you to see the percentage of bets, wins, and losses.
  • Live Chat option is available, and using this feature, you can interact with other Taxi Ride players.

These features make the game more entertaining for all kinds of online casino players.

Concluding Thoughts

Taxi Ride is a thrilling casino game that provides you with an immersive experience as they go on a ride, eyeing bigger winnings. Sounds good, right? Play Now & enjoy the Taxi Ride excitement.

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