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Alicia Carroll, Delivering Holistic, Integrative and Complementary to Global App Solutions at Tech Innovation Global Incorporated

Entrepreneurs get to lay the foundation of innovative solutions and initiate fresh strategies. Counted among these inspiring stars is Alicia Carroll. Ms. Carroll is an award-winning technologist of 20 years with consultants located in Alabama, India and abroad. Her company, Tech Innovation Global Incorporated invested $1.5 Million at globally collaborates with experts, scientific organizations and 44 foreign chambers to flatten the curve in performing data analysis, supply capabilities analysis with cross-references in medical, dental, hospital to outpatient equipment, independent data analysis for reopening in 2020, COVID-19 screening symptoms and reviews.

To slow the spread of SARS-CoV-2, wear a mask when you cannot remain safe distance apart; wash hands for at least 20 seconds; test; incoluate and consult health department to keep communities safe, workplaces safe, businesses healthy, and perform skill gap analysis to workflow assessments.  Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s planning and notifications February 2020 to June 2020 included 64 informational specialized training sessions including data analysis reviews, 25 live webinars for the public and companies’ using resources with experts, Legal Benefits for Success, Healthy Habits, and several others.

WOSB Alicia Carroll also collaborates with Dr. Navjot Singh in India with COVID-19 Special Update license from Harvard Medical School and Mechanical Ventilation training for COVID-19 Harvard Medical School.

Creating Economic Development with Countries to Rural India
As we bring economic development to rural areas in 2022 across the globe including India, Tech Innovation Global Inc. announces Fund Series A for $200 Million for skill development, create new profiles for job creation, innovation and subscriptions to Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s  app services in 2022 for smartphone you can receive workforce assessments, upload training videos, products, images, health recommendations/requirements, fitness, metrics and more. Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s Fund Series A is backed by a Global Foundation to countries’ venture capitalists (Angel investors).

To participate you can pay at You can invest, purchase products or services by equity-stock, BPA, purchase request, sales quote, or credit card for analysis, product development, mental health, financial planners, nutrition services, translations, training to workforce development, and vendor products for your companies today at You can also feature your company beginning September 24, 2021 at Magazine & Newsletters – Tech Innovation Global Incorporated.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s app Fund A Series is in association with “Business Connect”,  “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards”,  VewNow® and Designistic®, co-powered by The Web.  Your payment options to Tech Innovation Global Inc. WOSB Alicia Carroll and companies are the following (NET 30 days):

Payment Options

Public-Equity/BPA/Sales Quote (Invoice)/Purchase Order/Check/Credit Card VISA, Mastercard

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PayPal, PayTm, Pockets,  Apple Pay, Google Pay, Samsung Pay

The leading lady has been honored with several awards in engineering management and business since 2010 and 2002 for more than 20 years before serving the world’s leaders and countries. In December 2021, she received the prestigious Honorary Doctoral of the University, New Mexico that is a lifetime achievement based on excellent data analysis 2020, global coordination, professional specialized training, publications, awards and meeting the needs of practitioners in a variety of disciplines and technical communication.

Inspiration behind the Inspiration to Become an Entrepreneur
WOSB Alicia Carroll is on the list for Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 for her achievements in foreign and breaking barriers in spaces as you can plan for what you can achieve as an entrepreneur with organizations, Business Connect and Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s tool. Along this journey, the key motivation behind Alicia Carroll becoming an entrepreneur are consultants close to her working together in performance of initiatives. They have planned since 7 years (2014) new initiatives, training, improve businesses and communities, which are very important standards.

Further, Alicia apprised, “The reason Tech Innovation Global Incorporated entered the industry of engineering management is for app tool services, products and technology with companies to improve your daily life.  Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s tool helps you plan to reach goals with life’s changes.  Organizations and countries contributing to Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s success include Chambers, the British Chamber and the University of New Mexico for their work in health, CPEs and Healthy Habits”.

Tech Innovation Global Inc. is a global managing partner where companies receive recognition and can contract with the Global foundation magazines to fund phenomenal work.

Entrepreneurial Streak
Alicia became one of the most influential and inspiring people to break barriers; a Small Business owner in the WOSB program, management and business for decades, community service for 21 years, improvements, charity and overall well-being.  She enjoyed making a difference.

Today, Alicia Carroll is an award-winning technologist of the “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” with a Honorary Doctoral of University, New Mexico, Florida Institute of Technology in M.S. Project Management, Professional Master’s of Business Administration (PMBA) and a degree in Mechanical Engineering. Several of her previous vocations involved processing millions in value as she performed reviews, approval and planning for scientific initiatives, technology, project management, and business administration. This means, organizations should utilize experts to improve resources in his/her community or initiatives to achieve success and wellness.

Exclusive Service Portfolio
Tech Innovation Global Incorporated, a company founded for virtual connections; community initiatives, COVID-19 analysis data analysis adjusted reopening April 13, 2020 to May/June; and included mandatory mask recommendations. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated includes services in the environments’ biodiversity to connect science to earth and community. She is one of the most influential and inspiring persons to break barriers. Services in the portfolio include pre-order app subscription, data assessments, products, recruitment, online training resource, tech information, charities and connecting consumers.

Tech Innovation Global Incorporated is an approved WOSB based on training, executive to management with USFCR global and you receive sale quotes (invoices), purchase orders to contracts include legal and experts with more than 30 years of experience in local, online, interactive, community, blogs, forums, business directory, schools, churches, non-profits and registered in health. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s 2020 documentary is with countries as a Global Managing business. Tech Innovation Global Inc. also have three books for pre-order in work with experts, consultants and business owners:

  1. Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® BUSINESS · COMMUNITY · TECHNOLOGY ISBN-13- 978-1-7344654-2-6 $43, available for pre-order at
  2. Daily Life Business & Careers by Tech Daily Life®
    ISBN-13 978-1-7344654-1-9 $43 available now for
    pre-order at
    Barnes & Noble and more.
  3. The ABC’s of Life Development & Illustrations for Kids
    ISBN 978-1-7344654-4-0 USD $14.95 available now for
    pre-order at
    Barnes & Noble and more.

Tech Innovation’s Mission, Vision & Goal
One is working with communities and developmental workforce activities, two, providing post-COVID assistance and three, working with different social economic industries for your skills required, data analysis, science and environmental research to help individuals, families, establishments, and businesses. Innovation consists of for example, 35% Product development, Sales Marketing 25%, Finance 15%, Talent training 10%, IT 8% and Customer Quality Assurance 7%.  It is also very important to safeguard consumers information and/or offer products in IT security.

Key USPs of  Tech Innovation
Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s unique selling proposition (USP) is a high benefit of service with several countries and organizations with solutions that have an excellent past performance in dealing with businesses, and enabling businesses in communities to perform services at an economical cost. Tech Innovation Global Inc. is backed by Chambers including India’s Chamber and Mr. Vashal Kalra with experience of daily operating successful businesses.  Tech Innovation Global Inc. consultants former police officer/magistrate W. Culver and several additional chief executives officials on low crime and reform.

Milestones & Awards

  • “Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® announces collaboration with COVID-19 Screening Services” 2020
  • Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® Services, Science to Earth, and Wellness with Treva Garcia, RDN Tech Innovation Global Incorporated® Services, Science to Earth, and Wellness with Treva Garcia, RDN ( November 18, 2020
  • British Chamber of Commerce “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” December 23, 2021
  • The 10 Most Inspiring Business Women Making a Difference, 2021″ March 2021
  • Influential Women in Tech, 2021” March 2021
  • World’s Who’s Who: Tech Innovation Global Incorporated
  • “2021 Corporate Excellence Awards” December 2021

Alicia’s Perception of Success
Her perception of success is helping others to be successful. Not one or two people, but sectors of communities with safe environments. World countries exhibit high GDP, equitable housing, manufacturing, trade; freedom to travel and without this a country cannot sustain economic prosperity for growth.

Future Roadmap
“We have a $200 Million fund goal 2021 to 2031 for opportunities in tech initiatives, seerletics (, collaborate in aquaponics  in Enviro Culture™  and new technology initiatives, products to marketplace in private industry on various socio-economic sectors, portals and platforms local to global to bring businesses to community”, asserted Alicia Carroll.  We are also collaborating with Ministry of Health and Wellness, Department of Telecom (DoT) and others in additional licenses globally for products and services.  Tech Innovation Global Incorporated’s Alicia Carroll is a Global Managing Partner and app services will be available for download in 2022 for many sectors, you can pay for services provided or invest at

A Piece of Advice to Readers
Surround yourself with a great team and resources to be successful. Practice additional safety to stop the spread of COVID-19. You can contact us at 1-888-214-1033 with public-equity or for a sales quote followed by invoice, contract, or collaborate to fill services and products. We are announcing Fund Series A investment for the Tech Innovation Global Inc.’s app which is currently web-based for your company as we reached the globe.

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