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The Golden Age of Satyug is on its way

The Golden Age of Satyug is on its way

Here, Dr Ramon has shed some light on the huge change that is happening in the planet in terms of consciousness. She claims that a phenomenal event is occurring after 26000 years since the evolution of mother Earth. With this event, there is an open invitation to each and every being on the planet to upgrade our vibrations. For instance, she explained that in 2012, mother Earth raised her vibrational frequencies and shifted the axis of her magnetic grid from 3.0Hz to 12Hz- a significant difference!

And in terms of dimensional existence, the planet has managed to alter its frequencies from 3D to 5D. Now, it’s quite mandatory for all living creatures and especially human beings to align or resonate with this shift in frequency. In case of any misalignment, the human body goes through immense turmoil like insomnia, depression, anxiety, etc- this is why the percentage of mental disorders has risen rapidly since 2012.

This surge of energy movement was very subtle till 2019 and it was a golden opportunity for mankind to uplift its level of consciousness. However, I have trained several people to make a transitional movement from 3D to 4D and eventually 5D. And the year 2020 was a mandate for the human race to align with the 5th dimension where those who failed to do so, left the planet to be reincarnated yet again from a cleaner slate in the multidimensional space.

“This 5th Dimension has some adamant thumb-rule principle emphasising on integrity and authenticity. Hence, who had not been in line with their purpose of life were forced to leave the path they were into and chose the path to show authenticity to their soul. Meaningful life of purpose is what this new-fangled dimension eradicates the need of survival from the human species offering them abundance. Time(a fixed 3D structure that is just an illusion) is not a constraint in this dimension where there will be a lot of fluidity and space is quite malleable.
Here, when people will see time just running by, they will begin questioning their spirituality.

This poses an opportunity where peace, harmony and oneness comes effortlessly but we should know how to access it in the first place. And why is it important? Our non-physical body or spiritual aspect has 99.9999% existential reality whereas our physical existence is only 0.00001%. Thereby, making adjustments to our nonphysical form is imperative to bring abundance to our physical form,” enunciated Dr Ramon.

She proceeded to explain that 3D is a limited matrix where humans have several boundaries such as karma- creating one’s present or future reality compared to 5D matrix that offers infinite possibilities.

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