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Vandana Seth: The Guiding Light For RV Solutions Championing The Change In The ICT Industry

Women Entrepreneur Award 2024

We all live in a land where patriarchal traditions and gender stereotypes have long dictated the social fabric. Indeed, there is a remarkable cohort of female leaders and entrepreneurs rewriting the success narrative of the modern business landscape.

Instead of just being players in the economy, these female leaders know how to unleash a flow of promise and empowerment. The vibrant MD and CEO of RV Solutions Pvt. Ltd., Vandana Seth, is one such inspirational businesswoman. She is a living example of the changing face of conventional business practices, as we showcase her success story in this edition. Her path combines professional skill with a strong social consciousness, all while maintaining an unwavering commitment.

Vandana’s experience in business leadership is a masterclass in balancing ambition with humility. She has spearheaded RV Solutions to new heights, proving that success is not just about profit margins but also about making a meaningful difference in society. You know why we find her story worth publishing here?

Well, she holds the position of a beacon for several aspiring female entrepreneurs. She is a leader who portrays that dreams are worth chasing, irrespective of the obstacles one faces. Driven by a crystal clear vision and a steady promise to her endeavours, Vandana Seth has not only driven her company to unprecedented success but has also inspired a generation of women to lead with courage and conviction.

In doing so, she is reshaping the workplace and society at large, proving that the power of women knows no bounds. We truly believe that her story has the potential to inspire many people who strive to become leaders. Hence, dive into this exceptional read to explore various facets of her leadership style and the operational roadmap of her venture.


The spectacular journey of RV Solutions began in 2008. At the beginning, it set out to transform the way businesses engage with and benefit from technological services and solutions. Specialising in end-to-end offerings, the company excels in mobility, telecommunication, IT software, and IT hardware across diverse industry sectors.

Over the years, RV Solutions has earned a stellar reputation as the go-to provider for all IT hardware and network solution needs. Based on this reputation, it has cultivated an inclusive and collaborative environment for its team members.

With a turnover exceeding INC 100+ Crores, RV Solutions now boasts a robust PAN India presence. In a nutshell, the company’s journey demonstrates its significant impact and growth in the tech industry.

By expanding its presence in the service business domain, the company has significantly enhanced its capabilities through the following initiatives:

• Establishment of a 30,000 square foot Hi-Tech & Improved Repair Excellence Centre (Lab), Noida. • Launch of a multi-branded walk-in service center in Noida.

• Strategic partnership with Contec, a renowned Japanese company specializing in high-performance industrial computers, AI, M2M-IIoT, and DAQ products.

• Empanelment with NICSI to provide modern software and e-governance solutions.


Leaders such as Vandana must have sufficient motivation to gain prominence. However, her path was greatly affected by her family’s support and personal ethics. She hails from quite a modest family and was born and raised in Delhi.

By profession, Vandana is an engineer and a driven, aspirational leader. She started out in her career as a team leader in 2001. With RV Solutions, she began her entrepreneurial career sixteen years ago. Vandana has demonstrated a strong dedication to innovation and quality throughout her career. Under her leadership, RV Solutions has achieved several

noteworthy benchmarks and emerged as a prominent success story within the sector under her leadership. Her capacity to surmount challenges and steer the company in the direction of growth has been remarkable.

Owing to her dedicated zeal to make a mark in her targeted industry, Vandana Seth has successfully created a space for herself in the woman entrepreneur list with RV Solutions, an innovative endeavour in her own right.


Proven Track Record: Established in 2008, RV Solutions has a long history of transforming the way businesses engage with and benefit from technological services and solutions.


Specializing in end-to-end solutions, RV Solutions excels in mobility, telecommunication, IT software, and IT hardware across diverse industry sectors. State-of-the-Art Facilities: The company has established a 30,000-square-foot Hi-Tech & Improved Repair Excellence Centre (Lab) and a multi-branded walk-in service center in Noida.


RV Solutions has formed a key partnership with Contec, a renowned Japanese company specializing in high-performance industrial computers, AI, M2M-IIoT, and DAQ products.


Empanelled with NICSI, RV Solutions provides cutting-edge software and e-governance solutions, ensuring modern and efficient public service delivery.


With a turnover exceeding INR 100+ Crores, RV Solutions boasts a robust PAN India presence, demonstrating financial stability and extensive reach.


Led by CEO Vandana Seth, the company is driven by a team of over 800 highly skilled professionals committed to exceptional customer service and continuous improvement, fostering an inclusive and collaborative work environment.


As a proud CEO, Vandana Seth is enthusiastic about and dedicated to giving her clients exceptional services. More than 800 highly skilled people with extensive industry knowledge make up the RV Solutions team.

She drives RV Solutions so that they retain employee enthusiasm and are always searching for ways to improve the workplace so that everyone has an equal opportunity for progress, in addition to providing the finest customer service available.

”We can create cutting-edge technological solutions because of the support of our teams. Hence, the team is a crucial part of our growth,” said Vandana Seth. RV Solutions has been flourishing under her leadership because she sets ambitious targets for herself as well as the company and thrives to achieve them with her team.

The leading lady is always open to new ideas and experiments. She believes in putting her best foot forward and driving the team towards organisational goals.


We find Vandana as a magnificent woman leader who has shattered glass ceilings and entered a male-dominated ICT industry. Calling her the “wonder woman” won’t be an exaggeration. Certainly, other aspiring leaders can draw inspiration from her strategies and business journey.

Her commitment to innovation, mentorship, and philanthropy has brought her prestigious awards and positioned RV Solutions at the forefront of information technology, telecom, system integration, and after-sales services.

• On International Women’s Day 2022, in New Delhi, she received the prestigious “Mahila Vishisht Ratna Samman 2022” from Union Minister Smriti Irani. The ceremony was hosted by the Confederation of All India Traders (CAIT).

• The District Commissioner of Meerut honoured Vandana the “Women Entrepreneur Award—Meerut Division” on Women’s Day in 2024.

• She was also honoured the Indian Achiever Forum’s “Women of Excellence Award” in 2023.

• Business publications like Business Connect and Mobility India have recognised her contributions to nation-building and the technology services industry. Additionally, she is an active member of MAIT and FICCI FLO.


When asked to share her thoughts on women’s participation in the entrepreneurial realm, Vandana shared her opinion quite vividly. Women are taking the lead in the corporate landscape, especially in the tech realm, from founding startups and companies to holding executive roles such as CEO, COO, and CTO. A rising percentage of women are taking the lead in technology startups, using their skills in manufacturing, services, data analytics, software development, and design to create profitable businesses.

Shattering stereotypes in a male-dominated industry, Vandana Seth, the unwavering leader of RV Solutions, has emerged as a formidable force in the ICT industry. She has scaled her enterprise to a PAN India presence that grows annually, providing comprehensive tech solutions.


“For any developed economy, women should have equal participation in all forms of business. RV Solutions itself has many women in leadership roles,” quoted Vandana. She believes that companies greatly benefit from increasing employment and leadership opportunities for women, which eventually increases organisational effectiveness and growth.

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