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The Importance of the ‘Right’ Beginning

The Importance of the ‘Right’ Beginning

There are a lot of discussions around the importance of building your career well. However, not many people talk about the importance of beginning right – or what it means to start your career well with a company that cares about its employees, treats them right, and respects them.

Probably the biggest difference this makes is that it sets the tone for your career path. When you understand the value of being treated right, you never sell yourself short. You make informed decisions, choose good companies, grow professionally and personally, and do not compromise on respect.

We at HiDocDr. follow a simple strategy for our new recruits – we believe in the saying by Betty Bender – “When people go to work, they shouldn’t have to leave their hearts at home

Sharmila Magdum, from the Human Resources department, echoes this when she shares, “HiDocDr. is a great platform to start your career from the ground level. This is the right place for hard workers and learners. Many companies do not provide you with much scope in your work, making it a mundane experience. But in this organization, you always have something to look forward to.HiDocDr. also provides you with various benefits like attendance bonuses, free food Fridays, birthday and work anniversary celebrations, and reimbursement policies. You feel valued and celebrated.”

The things you learn at your first job, or during the first few days in your new job, tend to stay with you since that’s the most impressionable time for a worker. From the Technical Team, Swathi reiterates, “My experience at HiDochas been wonderful since I am learning so many new things which help me improve my skills and intellectual aspects. Moreover, the content team is very supportive and if I have any doubts they don’t mind even if I ask them multiple times to clarify. So, the overall experience here has been great and I’m hoping to learn more as my tenure progresses.”

Only when older employees are appreciated for their work, do they go the extra mile to make newcomers feel welcome. Employees who are happy and secure in their jobs do not hesitate to build a solid succession line.

It has been a similar experience for Rahil Shaikh from the Medical Content Writing team. He says, “The company has a great working environment, and the seniors are very helpful. Even the Managers and Team Leads are generous in their appreciation of the work done. Most importantly all the teams are highly welcoming of the new employees.” Murtaza Madarwala, another recruit in the Content and Graphics Team, agrees, “This is a really good team. They are very supportive, the work is goal-oriented, and I feel honored to be a part of this company.”

Working in an environment that encourages newcomers helps build their confidence and they become better workers. It also helps them break out of their shell, making them want to contribute to the growth of the company. That is always a good sign. For Harshada Patil from the Sales and Marketing team, her journey with HiDocDr. has been a confidence booster.

She mentions, “It’s my pleasure to work with this organization as in these last few months I’ve evolved massively as an individual. HiDocDr.allowed me to step out of my comfort zone and become an independent woman which increased my faith in myself. Our company’s office culture has helped me learn a bunch of different things and I’m glad to be a part of this company.”

Another great thing that an employee-friendly workplace can bring is an inspiration to the workforce. A happy workforce works better, is mentally healthy, and is less stressed, thus being productive most times. Arnav Bhattacharya from the Technical Team echoes exactly this sentiment when he says,

“I enjoy the work culture at HiDocDr. Working with a young and talented team keeps me motivated and inspires me to achieve better.  The management is very helpful. Internal communication among different teams is very clear and transparent. This is a great start-up and an excellent platform to learn new skills and work in an energetic and competitive environment. It helps us churn out great work even at very short notice.”

Since 2017, HiDocDr. has followed simple steps to become one of the most preferred companies that youngsters want to start their careers with. They believe in treating their employees as well as they would treat their best customers.

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