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The Manoj Tandon & Co One-stop solution to all the SMEs needs
The Sedan of Indian economy is dependent and being run on four tyres of Service sector, Agriculture, Manufacturing and SME (Small and Medium Enterprises). Every sector has its own significance. But when it comes to providing employment, in last couple of decades, SME sector has emerged as the most important source of employment. The best part is that it provides employment opportunities at quite lower capital than large industries. Apart from this, it also helps in industrialization of rural and backward areas that helps in creating regional balance. People no more need to rely upon urban areas for their needs. But here is a catch? What if the owner of a SME is stuck midway in his or her entrepreneurial journey? What if the person becomes clueless about the solution of complicated obstacles?
These were some of the questions whose answers were being prepared by a veteran having experience of three decades in the IT sector. The person was none other than Mr Manoj Tandon himself. He has been a man of letters throughout his career. Right since graduating from the premier IIT to completing PGDM from yet another top notch B-school IIM, it has been a child’s play for a genius like him to sow the seed of a 360 degree consulting company dedicated to SME companies. His deep enthusiasm aimed at helping troubled SME owners with apt solutions paved the way for The Manoj Tandon & Company. It was started in the year 2013. After working in the corporate world for more than 30 years in various countries like US, UK, Europe and India, he wanted to utilise his knowledge, background and experience for helping the young entrepreneurs of today in making their dreams a reality. With that vision, he decided to start this boutique consulting company. The focus of this consulting company has always been to help SMEs in their growth journey.

The grasp of the moot point
We are aware that Start-ups or small companies face a unique set of problems. There are many SMEs in India who start very well and then after an initial period of growth get stuck since the owner CEOs are not able to understand what should they do to maintain the momentum. While they have the passion to succeed and realise their dreams but unfortunately they don’t have the experience to make it a reality. They cannot afford to engage experienced people who can help them in converting their passion and dreams into reality. They also cannot engage the large consulting companies because they are unaffordable for a Small and Medium Enterprise.
Keeping the above barriers in mind, Mr Tandon decided to fill this gap by offering affordable consulting services to SMEs and help them in achieving their vision. It requires a deep insight of the segment to provide consulting companies. You are going to play a changemaker in a queer fish so you need to be extra cautious. TMTC is quite aware of this fact and makes sure to bring resolution that fits into the exact need of its clients.
The uniqueness of TMTC’s consulting is that it not only consults them but also work with the Leadership team (on a close operative basis) to enable them to develop skills, capability, methods and processes required to succeed. It works with them from concept to implementation and success. The only thing that counts for the company is real end result.

Breaking the stereotypes
Many of the SMEs approaching it comes with notion that predominantly includes brokering for them. It takes the company a while to explain to them that even if it brokers some deal for them or arrange a investor; that in itself will not ensure long term sustainability or success. Despite such initial hiccups, the company has learnt to come up with elucidation that satisfies the customers. The company, by means of seasoned expertise of its founder, leaves no stone unturned to make SMEs bloom.
Gradually, the change can be seen in the mindset of the people that it meets. The realisation that SME industry needs a different kind of strategy than what large companies need is beginning to dawn in the industry. Agility, hands on mentoring and nimble footedness is the key to success besides other things. New companies are beginning to understand the difference and after seeing some of its success stories, they are beginning to appreciate what it is saying. There are essentially 3 ways on which it works to gain maximum traction. One method is pure retainership, second is retainership added with a very small share in the revenue and third is the medley of retainership and equity. During its association with clients, the company works with them in the trenches and does not believe in giving empty advise.

Achievements & Ambitions
Close to 25 % of its clients have now moved out of SME segment. They are now well on their way to bigger markets. Also, around 10 % of its clients who were next to sick companies have been successfully turned around by them.
It plans to go international with its value proposition. It has done some work in Dubai and Africa. It is aspiring to get into Europe also. It wants to go international with tie ups with global consulting companies.

Meet the ace in the field
Mr Manoj Tandon holds a B.Tech degree from IIT Kanpur and completed his MBA from IIM Lucknow. He gained leadership skills by working for more than a decade in some of the top-drawer small and medium sized software organizations. He was the Managing Partner of Metamor US based out of California. Moreover, he has been a member of the European President’s Executive Committee of CSC ‘s Financial Services Group.
He is an avid writer having written for newspapers and publications like Economic Times, Business Standard etc. Manoj also has been involved in Academics for quite some time. As a guest faculty he has taught at IIM, IIT, IMT Ghaziabad, and many other institutes. He also has been a member of the Academic Advisory Board of many institutes like LBSIM, ITS, IMT etc.



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