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Top 10 Indian Street Foods that will make you fall in love with India 

Top 10 Indian Street Foods that will make you fall in love with India

Written By-Gulshan Parveen

When the word ‘Street Food’ hits the brain, pictures of crispy and spicy dishes start revolving around the eyes. Gone are the days when people standing and eating roadside were considered uncivilized and unauthentic. In present times, eating roadside is one of the prime methods of cultural exchange. And when the country is India, you would probably become fed up with eating! Yes, because we have tons of varieties in street foods. So, try to control your craving, and let’s just dive into the read.

  1. Gol-Gappa:
    Golgappa Chaat Recipe by Archana's Kitchen
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods | Aloo chaat | Credit Image: Archana’s Kitchen

    It is the most famous street food in India, especially in the North India region. It is also known as Phuchka, PaaniPuri, Paani-ke-bataashe in several parts of the country. The dish comprises a fried ball of flour or semolina filled with mashed potato, chickpeas, red chutney, green chutney, dipped in pudina flavored water. You can enjoy the delicious taste of Gol-Gappa in various regions of India, including Delhi, West Bengal, Maharashtra, Utter Pradesh, and other parts of the North.

  2. Aloo-Chaat:
    Aloo Chaat Recipe – Potato Chaat Recipe – Aloo Chat - Recipe In English
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods | Aloo chaat | Credit Image: Dishes Guru

    This is a street food originally invented in India and got spread in neighboring countries as well because of its unmatched taste. The dish is prepared by frying potatoes and adding different spices and chutneys that to make it a mouth-watering food. The creative and foodie brain of Indians makes the dish even better by adding stuff like sev, onion, green chilly in it. Aloo-Chaat is widely enjoyed in North-East parts of India such as Bihar, UP, West Bengal, etc.

  3. Samosa:
    Odisha style samosa Recipe by The Foodie With The Book - Cookpad
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods | Samosa | Credit Image:

    This is one of the most common street foods in India. It is generally a triangular pastry filled with spicy mashed potatoes, chickpeas, other veggies. Based on the taste and preferences, people also filled the Samosa with chicken, mutton, cheese, etc. The dish is enjoyed in almost all parts of the country and even outside it.

  4. Chhole-Bhature:

    Top-10 Indian Street Foods that will make you fall in love with India | Chole Bhatoore | Credit Image: YouTube
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods  | Chole Bhatoore | Credit Image: YouTube

    If you have ever been to Delhi or southern parts of Punjab, you must have tried the taste of this dish. The origin of Chhole-Bhature is from Punjab. Traditionally, Punjabis used to eat Chhole-Bhature with a huge glass of Lassi. But, the exceptional taste of the dish didn’t let it restricted to the boundaries of Punjab. At present, all across Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, and other parts of North India. The dish comprises Bhature, a fried bread made of white flour and curd, with Chhole, spicy- saucy chickpeas.

  5. Aloo-Tikki:
    Aloo Tikki - Marathi Recipe | Madhura's Recipe
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods  | Aloo Tikki | Credit Image: Madhura’s Recipe

    Originated from Indian subcontinents, Aloo-Tikki is a cutlet made of boiled mashed potatoes with spices. The dish is served with red chutney or green chutney. Other than India, Aloo-Tikki is widely enjoyed in Pakistan, Bangladesh, and other neighboring countries of India. The dish is widely spread as street food in northern and eastern parts of the country.

  6. Kachori:
    Matar ki Kachori - Swati's Kitchen
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods  | Kachori | Credit Image:

    The name would already have watered the mouths of our readers who have tasted it before. We are sure! Kachori is a fried round-shaped snack made of flour. It is filled with spicy pulses, peas, chickpeas, etc. As per taste, people also filled it with meat, gram flour, and other stuff of their preferences. The dish is famous for its taste and variety across Northern, Western and Eastern parts of the country.

  7. Chhole-Kulche:
    Lotan Ke Chole Kulche | Chawri Bazar | Old Delhi 6 | 90 Year
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods | Chole Kulche | Credit Image: RapidleaksIndia

    Again, a Punjabi dish! Chhole-Kulche is very much similar to Chhole-Bhature. The Kulcha is a fried long flatbread loaded with tons of butter on it. It is a very common dish in Punjab, Delhi, and other parts of India. Talking about the history of Kulcha, it was invented by the Nizams during the Mughal period. Initially, it was widely famous in Hyderabad and gradually spread in other parts of the country.

  8. Bhalla-Papdi:
    Bhalla Papdi Chaat | Bhalla Papdi Chaat at UPSC lane, Shah J… | Flickr
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods | Bhalla Papdi | Credit Image: Flickr

    This is the best dish for enjoying team time with family and friends. The dish has balls of pulses (Vada) with curd, chutney, papdi mixed. The dish is originated from the Northern parts of India. And widely eaten as street food in many parts of West and South India as well.

  9. Idli-Sambhar:
    Idli Sambar | History Of Idli Sambar | Instant Idli Recipe
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods | Idli Sambar | Credit Image: Food Historia

    This is originally a South Indian dish that has no match at all. Idli is a steam-baked ball of rice flour. And Sambhar is the curry of vegies and spices with sour chutneys in it. The taste of Idli-Sambhar is out of this world and widely eaten across South India and North India.

  10. Ghugni:
    Kolkata's street food Ghugni in a new avatar at these spots
    Top-10 Indian Street Foods | Ghugni | Credit Image: Get Bengal

    It is a spicy dish of chickpeas cooked with onion and green chilies. The dish is originated from West Bengal and eaten as a portion of prime street food in Bihar, Uttar Pradesh, and other parts of northeast India.

It is a fact that Indian street foods have no match. Because of the exceptional taste and varieties, they provide all across the country. The fun fact about Indian street foods is along with being tasty, they are also considered healthy. As they contain different healthy spices and veggies in them.

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