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Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

By Jaya Pathak

If you are a sports lover who wants to stay updated with all the latest updates and news in the realm of sports, then you’re at the right place. In this blog, we will discover the top 10 sports magazine in India through which their readers are tuned about all the facts and information related to the sports industry.

Erbauliche Monaths Unterredungen was the first sports magazine published in 1663 in Germany. The first sports magazine in the USA was published in the year 1886. Over the period of time, magazines have undergone evolution. Due to their immense popularity, some of these magazines have emerged as the largest mass media. There are plenty of sports magazine in the modern era. In this blog, we shall discuss about the top 10 most popular sports magazines in India.

Take a look at the top sports magazines in India:

  1. Cricket Today:

Cricket today magazine | Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

As the name suggests, it is one of best sports magazine based on cricket. This cricket-centric magazine is published monthly in English. Since the magazine is dedicated to cricket only, it keeps its readers updated about every match detail either it is played in India or somewhere else in the globe.

It also updates its readers about the ‘cricket industry’ which include the personal as well as the professional life of the cricketers. There is also a specific section in the magazine which encompasses the history of cricket, players associated with it and the various thrilling matches associated with it which will certainly keep the readers engaged.

  1. Sportstar:

Latest Magazine News, Sports Magazine -  Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

It is an all-in-one sports magazine which was started in 1978. It covers a diverse range of sports including FIFA, Olympics, UEFA Euro and the World Cup. It also covers wide range of Indian sports like Formula One Grand Prix, cricket, football, tennis and many more.

Earlier the magazine was called The Sportstar, but in 2006 it’s name was changed to Sportstar. This magazine is also available as an e-magazine. It has become an important source of information which keeps its readers updated about all the sports news.

  1. Tennis:

Tennis magazine -  Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

This magazine is dedicated to tennis. The magazine was first published in August 1954 and very soon it gained a worldwide recognition through its news, facts and information about the game. In the present landscape, this magazine is being published 8 times in a year. It is available in print as well as online versions.

Tennis provides an inclusive insight at the game. Though it is a USA based magazine but it is equally popular in India. Miller Publishing Group owns this magazine. They boast a circulation of around 603,069 per month worldwide. It also guide its readers for a perfect lifestyle. The magazine covers the instructional tips as well as the reviews on racquets and apparels.

  1. Golf Digest India:Golf Digest India Magazine -  Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

It is a golf centred magazine which was launched in the year 1950 in the USA. This magazine is one of the popular sports magazines in India. It covers almost everything about golf. Either it is about national golf tournament or international match, the magazine covers everything along with the news, facts and latest updates regarding this sport.

Presently, the Editor-in-Chief and Publisher of the magazine is Ravi Narian who has won a gold medal in the Asian Games in the year 1982. The magazine not only shares the golf-related news but also organizes an annual India Golf Expo in which around 500 renowned figure from the golf industry show their remarkable presence.

  1. SportsBusiness:

SportzBusiness Magazine - Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

It is a unique magazine as it is a business-to-business sports magazine. It provides its services to various sports organization heads such as National Olympic Committee Members, Sports Associations, National Sports Federation, Gym Sports Authorities, academic state sports federations, manufacturers, equipment providers and sports services in the nation. If you are involved in the sports business, then this magazine is suitable for you. You may become more efficient by staying updated about all the incidents.

  1. ESPN the Magazine:

ESPN The Magazine -  Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

It is a USA-based inspiring biweekly sports magazine. This magazine is known for its treatment to the subjects unlike the other sports magazines. It was first issued on 11th March 1998 and in the present time, this magazine is published twice in a week by the ESPN Sports Network in Bristol, USA.

The magazine is under the supervision of Chad Millman as the Chief Editor and presently it has crossed over 2 million bi-weekly circulations worldwide. It honours the young athletes with the NEXT Athlete Award every single year. It majorly covers major sports events like NBA, NFA, MLB and NHL.

  1. La Polo International:

MAGAZINE | LA POLO -  Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

It is one of the first sports magazines in India which led emphasis on the game Polo. The magazine covers various sports events held at national and international levels. It also covers the lifestyle of the Polo players. It is considered as one of the best magazines for the facts and news related to Polo and the players associated with the game. It is among the top 10 popular sports magazines in India.

  1. Slam:

SLAM  |  Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

It is a basketball centred sports magazine. It is an America based sports magazine which was first published in 1994. The headquarter of the magazine is located in New York City, United States. It is owned by Source Interlink Media. The magazine has published 179 copies with various sports tycoons.

  1. Runner’s World:

Runner's World |  Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

It is one of the popular sports magazines. It was launched by Bob Anderson in the year 1966. It is a monthly magazine which motivates, advises and informs runners of all abilities and ages. David Willey is the Chief Editor of the magazine. The headquarter of the magazine is located in Pennsylvania, USA. IT has a monthly circulation of 710,618 across the globe. Additionally, the magazine has been nominated three times for the National Magazine Awards.

  1. World Soccer:

World Soccer |  Top 10 most popular sports magazines in India

World Soccer is the last name in the list of the top 10 popular sports magazine in India. It is a sports magazine which is centred on the sports of Soccer. It has a specific column dedicated to various tournaments of soccer and the players associated with it. The magazine has the team of excellent editors and writers who are specialised in the field of sports.

Thus, it is the list of the top ten popular sports magazines in the country. Though there are plenty of other magazines in India which are immensely popular. Some of the magazines are country based while others are popular globally. But they are equally popular in the nation.

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