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TraCoHive Talent Solutions

TraCoHive Talent Solutions

Re-imagining Talent Solutions

Written By: Sandhya Agrawal

Think, Learn, Innovate
is a Learning and Development organization, founded in 2020. It specializes in building and delivering long term, sustainable, accessible, and affordable learning plans for businesses, individuals, and institutions of all sizes.

TraCoHive has teamed up with subject matter experts in every field to provide their clients with the highest quality of training modules. Whether one is using the online system or coming directly to the client’s location for live instructor-led training, TraCoHive feels obligated to provide only the best.

TraCoHive deals in services, and it can be broadly classified into three categories: Organization Excellence, Institutional Excellence, and Individual Excellence. Further, it deals with Business Communication & Etiquette Workshops, Personal Effectiveness Workshops, Managerial Effectiveness Workshops, Selling Skills Workshops, Leadership Development Workshops, Stress Management Workshops, College to Corporate Program, Employability Training Program, Faculty Effectiveness Workshops, Guest Lectures, Parenting Workshops, Counselling & Positive Life, Life Coaching, Career Coach, and Change Management.

The Mind Behind TraCoHive
Mr Nihar Ranjan Mahapatra, Founder & Managing Director at TraCoHive, recalls that as a child, he hardly got any career-related guidance. Still, somehow, he could manage his interest in management field which gave him a scope to join BBA (Bachelors in Business Administration) and then MBA (Masters of Business Administration in HR & Media). But the story began when he started his career as HR, and he used to travel across the country to different educational institutions and got a chance to meet other students with a distant hope. Still, their aspiration, interests and education had a huge gap for which many students couldn’t get desired results in their career. That was the time when he started TraCoHive, which provides all career guidance.

The Mission of TraCoHive is to promote and foster individual and organizational effectiveness by developing and offering an array of innovative and diverse programs in support of the organization’s commitment to development, partnerships, and corporate enrichment. Moreover, the vision is to accomplish the mission by focusing to provide quality, cost-effective training designed to increase individual and organizational productivity and enrichment as well as provide development opportunities that enhance knowledge, develop skills, and enrich the organization.

Mr Nihar Ranjan Mahapatra’s TraCoHive was launched during the pandemic. The Founder incorporated the company, completing all set of legal documents, and building the prospectus for customer details so that post-COVID the operations could quickly start. He adds that this pandemic is a learning opportunity for him.

TraCoHive caters to the training industry with a focus on the educational institution, corporate house, and individuals. Here, they follow the assessment and customized model of business. Right now, they are entirely online, but the post-COVID situation, TraCoHive will even start its in-house training studio in a different city.

Work At TraCoHive
Technology is an addition, not a replacement for learning & development at TraCoHive. It leverages and enables the training capability and maximizes the availability of resources. The company is on the verge of developing Artificial Intelligence based on real-time learning app & assessment profiling.   

Quality service is a fundamental element at TraCoHive. Mr Mahapatra’s philosophy says that if his employee is motivated, then his customers are also feeling satisfied.  For ensuring quality services, TraCoHive designs all their modules as per the customer feedback, and they do consult the clients at regular intervals. It handles clients from educational institutions, corporate houses, and individuals.

As per the expertise of Mr Mahapatra, he has always believed in extensive market research. In small businesses, R&D tends to focus more on service improvement because of a limited budget. Here, R&D helps to develop more efficient processes and new ways of delivering services, and R&D always results in a long-term profit.

Mr Mahapatra always has an inner priority list for his daily activity, and he performs accordingly. He doesn’t believe in overtime as it still fails your work life. He acclaims that he has a perfectly balanced and happy life.

Meanwhile, TraCoHive has lined up all its CSR activities and is going to start them shortly.

Mr Mahapatra feels that to have the edge over your peers, one must, do what they love, be realistic and be able to manage their mind, and take breaks.

Currently, TraCoHive is undergoing with their personalized Gamification activity on their customized module. Mr Mahapatra says that to increase the productivity of his co-workers, he always communicates effectively and transparently as per their capability and strength. He even delegates responsibility which gives him a positive result, and he always tries his best to eliminate excuses.

Mr Mahapatra says that “At TraCoHive, the work culture allows everyone to share their ideas and the working environment is very much friendly”. He adds that he never feels as if he is the boss; everybody works on the same plate. Mr Mahapatra always believes in appreciation and recognition at the workplace. For recreational activities, TraCoHive conducts fun Friday, but he considers fun at the workplace doesn’t necessarily have to be on Friday. Other recreational activities include the celebration of special occasions, flexible work timings, recognition and awards, respecting every idea, and team activities.

Mr Mahapatra adds that this lockdown allowed him to rethink on his plan and re-making the strategy. He said that since last 5-years he was planning for this setup, but time factor was the boundary. During this lockdown, he was able to reach different key persons over video conference for ideation and implementation which helped him in the incorporation to achieve and deliver the TraCoHive’s service to 100 happy clients in 30 days, which is a milestone in itself.

Mr Mahapatra is always keen to guide the aspiring entrepreneurs in future by helping them list the majority of the roadblocks and pitfalls to avoid while commencing a business venture.

TraCoHive‘s future endeavour is a big plan, and it lies in three phases:
In phase 1, TraCoHive is dealing with the skill and personality enhancement and giving the right platform through their customized training module.

In Phase 2, TraCoHive will be coming up with Artificial intelligence-based real-time learning app & assessment profiling.

In phase 3, TraCoHive would be coming up with a unique setup to make a connection between students and recruiters.


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