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There are so many different ways to see the world around and for some, their basic all-inclusive resort experience is just enough. Apart from luxuries, there is a world with diversity. Travelling is more about self-discovery than taking selfies and pictures, it’s more about creating new memories and encapturing thrilling experiences. With TravGrub you can knit a great experience whilst your journey.

“Travel is the only thing you buy, that makes you richer”.


“Live life with no excuses, travel with no regrets”~Oscar Wilde

Mr. Vikram Prabhu, founder of TravGrub Private limited, an eminent personality in the Travel Industry and an ardent food lover, having worked with some of the top brands in the country and in the Gulf, decided to take a plunge and set up his own company,which believes in selling experiences and providing viable solutions to holiday planning. With a humble beginning as a Travel Representation company established on 1st November 2017, Blue GlobeZ soon flourished making its mark in the travel representation business. The company then ventured into the business of B2C travel and into the food segment, all forming a part of one unified brand “TravGrub Private Limited”. TravGrub boasts of quality service from its experienced team and currently runs 3 successful businesses under its umbrella.

Blue GlobeZ Travel Representation Galleria

Blue GlobeZ revamped its operations, making it the new- age travel representation company and rebranded itself as ‘BlueGlobeZ Travel Representation Galleria’. The company functions with a novel online tool, that provides seamless transactions between travel agents and suppliers, by bringing them on the same platform, enabling them to interact directly, design packages and clinch deals. It provides an opportunity for its Destination Management Companies to showcase its products to all travel agents in the regions they serve, namely, India and the Gulf countries.

Currently, the company is associated with DMCs from Georgia, U.A.E, Azerbaijan, Armenia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Australia, New Zealand, and East Africa.

Holiday Saathi

Travelling is one of the most liberating experiences, unfortunately, holiday planning is not. As the brand name goes, they are your travel buddies that provide you with the most befitting travel options. They assist in curating holiday packages, operating group tours, booking flights and other travel-related services, bearing in mind the best interest of their customers. They walk with their customers at every step of their holiday planning and strive to make it a memorable experience.


We are in the era of ‘Customization and Personalization’. Today’s consumers don’t want the same old thing, rather they do their own thing. A surge in the demand for professional cakes for celebrations and an increased working population has resulted in increased spending on prepared food. Hence, to cater to such evolving consumer food preferences, TravGrub has recently entered into the business of customization, providing its clients with quality cakes, bakes, and snack boxes.


They are in a business that is undergoing rapid transformation, due to constant shifts in consumer trends. The company ceaselessly strives to stay ahead of the curve and was amongst the first to bet the ranch on unexplored destinations. Today, they proudly boast of generating the largest travel business to the Caucasus countries from India.


‘Happy employees are loyal employees’. Travel Grub believes in empowering its workforce and creating a ‘team-oriented environment’. Their job involves enormous stress, endless working hours trying to meet customer’s needs; hence, it is important to ensure that the enthusiasm & spirit of their team never dies. They learn, share ideas & encourage each other. ‘Open door policy’ is practiced for employees to share their concerns. Recognizing and rewarding achievements and grit, timely positive reinforcements, interactive sessions, clearly defining job roles and assistance to execute, is also provided. Above all, a sense of ‘belonging’ to the brand is practiced.


Innovation’ and ‘Trust’ are the pillars that hold up their business. They believe in reinventing themselves and looking beyond the obvious to be on top of their game.

They also consider every interaction, be it with their customer, trade partner, business associates, as an opportunity to build relationships and nurture trust. They have set standards and conduct themselves accordingly to ensure lasting bonds.


Today, the world has transitioned from ‘just a call away’ to ‘just a click away’. R & D is extremely important to understand the changing preferences of customers and to battle fierce competitions. It is a key strategic development factor for all the businesses of TravGrub. They believe in embracing technological advancements to develop their own digital strategies. They apply the acquired information to formulate new offerings as well as to improve existing ones to gain sustainable competitive advantage and develop efficient processes to function better.

In their line of business, they have been trendsetters in promoting destinations & food options that are gaining extreme popularity in recent times.


“A  journey of thousand miles begins with a single step”~Lao Tzu

TravGrub works at developing strategies to stay ahead of its times and has a few plans for greater market visibility and further strengthening its market position.

  • Introducing newer destinations in line with evolving customer preferences.
  • Investing in mobile software applications.
  • Engaging aggressively in social media activities, sponsoring/hosting events for greater brand visibility.
  • Setting up a ‘Quick Service Restaurant’ concept in India and Overseas.


With 2 years of opening its doors to the business, TravGrub today stands tall and has accomplished a great feat in conducting travel business like never before.

Listed below are some of their achievements:

  • Instrumental in introducing newer destinations and products that have become extremely popular.
  • Designed a futuristic online tool that is better equipped to handle the travel representation business.
  • 10 international trade associations across the globe.
  • One of the top market leaders for generating travel business to Georgia, Armenia & Azerbaijan from India.
  • Associated with Air Arabia Airlines to promote & boost sales to the Caucasus countries.
  • Developed a productive high performing business culture that recorded a staggering growth in the company’s offerings and significant earnings within a short span of time.

MESSAGE TO READERS: Meet the problem solver

Vikram Prabhu says, “Travel business is booming and will continue to do so, businesses need to rapidly innovate to sustain and stay competitive”.


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